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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Saturday, 7/22, RAZZ

Well, as you may have heard by now, I busted out kinda on the bubble in the WSOP Razz event. Top 40 got paid, I ended up in 44th place.

When we were down to 46-48 players, I was about 9k in chips, nothing too bad, but I wasn't trying to "get into the money", I wanted chips. I wanted a stack.

There are 3 hands to talk about.

While I am a VERY aggressive Razz player, I did slow down when we got close to the money, but I wasn't going to through away good hands that I could potentially get chips on.

So the first hand I'm dealt A, 3 underneath with 2 showing. I complete, I'm called. 4th street is another low, I believe 8, I bet, he calls. Then what do I get but brick after brick after brick and end up folding the hand on 6th street. I'm hurt, but not crippled.

2nd hand, I get A showing with 3,5 underneath, I complete and get one caller. 4th street is a 9, ok I'll call 1 time. 5th steet is another 9. Sigh. Now I'm crippled. I had about 3K left, I have to pick a hand and go with it.

The hand I choose gives me a 6 showing with 8, 4 underneath. I'm all in by 5th street and I am ahead with a 10-8, he has J-8. 6th street gives us both nothing and on the river, that DAMN river, he gets a 2 to have an 8-7 low and I get another 10 so I'm out in 44th place.

It was a great ride and I am, of course, extremely disappointed. I'm not on "tilt" or anything like that, just a little bummed and more determined then EVER to cash deep in the next event, Stud H/L on Monday.

CardPlayer only started covering me when I told them too. They did ignore me pretty much until then and only after I bitched to them and let them know that RGP was following me did they finally start. I've learned this from the past, and it's probably my own fault for not going up to them sooner, I won't make that mistake again.

Yesterday was a roller coaster and while I'm proud of my finish, I'm also upset that I couldn't wait at least 4 more players to at least give my backers back their money. I ended up selling 21 shares of myself, which I would have been able to pay back almost 100% if I just ended up "in the money". Of course, my goals have always been to never just "make it" but rather build up my stack to make it "further". However, that did set on my mind that maybe there was something I could have done to try and squeak into the money for the backers.

Today is Sunday and I will be hanging out downtown at Binion's until it's time to go to RIO for some satellites and then meet up with a few RGP'rs for some dinner and fun tonight.

Tomorrow Stud H/L....LOOK OUT WCP'rs!!!


Blogger Felicia :) said...

Oy, so far, so close. I feel your pain.

You're getting better all the time. What happened to that constant all-in NLO8 tournament girl in Laughlin? Remember, Cyndy started serious poker in Laughlin, too (she never fails to remind me of that whenever we are seated together).

Soon it's going to be: Cyndy Violette, Laughlin WCP. Tanya Peck, Laughlin WCP. Felicia Dyer, Laughlin WCP. Maybe we'll even let Glenn join our all-female club.

Do you have a seat for the ME event? I can't remember if you're even interested. If you want though, call us at MGM starting the 27th. Also look for Glenn's results online, see if he's still in after day one.

Bagrowski. Young, Polish, blonde stud, lol ;)

1:49 PM  
Blogger Ignatious said...

damn. helluva try misst!

5:25 PM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...


That would be SO cool to have a "Laughlin" group, LMFAO.

I do not have a seat to the Main Event, nor do I want one at this time. If I WAS to win my way in, OK, no problem, I'll rearrange my schedule, but for now, I'm content with what I AM going to do and what I AM doing and leave it at that.

I am in the process of moving right now, and then starting 8/10 I have the ITH private convention, then BARGE, then the WPS in Costa Rica. Busy, Busy.

SO MUCH GL to Glenn though, I'm glad you got it resolved with PP which is what it sounds like you did.

Talk to you soon.

6:28 PM  
Blogger cracknaces said...

It was good to play with you MissT. I just busted one from the final table to Mr Jonny Bax. I got 234, he got A34, all the money went in and he made it and I didn't.... RAZZ is rigged!!! Good luck the rest of the way

9:56 PM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

It was great meeting you too aces, and I'm sorry I wasn't there to cheer you on at the final table, I didn't even know you made it!! I wasn't there at RIO until there were about 3 players left.

CONGRATS to you!!!

12:04 PM  

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