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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Friday 7/21/06 in Vegas

I am going to try my best to do daily blog updates from the FullTilt Suite, otherwise, I might forget everything that happens. LOL

Yesterday afternoon had me arriving in Vegas around 2:30pm, I entered the 2pm tourney at Binions, $70 buy in, 1 $40 rebuy.
Only one hand that really sticks out and that's the hand that just seemed to take me to the end where I chopped heads up for $1700.

I was holding 4s,4h in MP, 1 limper in front of me, I limp, button raises. The original limper calls, I call as well, just trying to hit a flop. The flop came 10s, 7s, 9s. The original limper checked, I checked and the button took about a full minute before he decided to move all in, the 1st guy folds and I think.

I honestly put him on one of two hands, either high pocket pair with no spade, or high face cards with 1 spade. I decided to gamble and called (Hey, I still had a rebuy) I really thought that either my spade would be good IF another spade hit, or possibly my pair would be good if another spade didn't hit. He showed 10,10 for a flopped set and a spade came on the river. Go me. LOL He gave me shit about that call for the rest of the tourney.

I then moved over to the RIO, it was about 8pm at this time and I met Alex from RGP, more of a lurker then anything, but one of my backers, so he paid up and we played a satellite together where I then continued my streak from Binions and ended up chopping heads up for $500 each. (It was a $125 satty)

By this time I had introduced Alex to shots and so we were on our way to getting toasted. We took a taxi over to Plaza and played the midnight event where I ended up chopping 4 ways for $400 or something (I forgot really, I was way past toasted at this point) each and then it was off to bed.

Yesterday (Friday) was a great day, I am 3/3 and now I just pray that my luck and great playing holds up for the "important" events. I feel good and am on my way into the room to play Razz at 2pm. Wish me luck!


Blogger Slim1Der said...

Allright girl. 3 for 3 cashes is great, keep it going. Im going to be living my WSOP though you, so make it a good one for me :o)

Good luck to you, play solid and suck out if you must!!!

Have fun!


3:35 PM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

Thank you!!! Check RGP for updates throughout the tourney, I have Fellknight posting live updates on breaks and stuff.

2nd break of Razz right now, seriously in trouble, but I can get lucky, right???

: )

6:54 PM  

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