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Monday, April 04, 2005

Another Day, Another Dollar

This past weekend I got an email from Pokertropolis stating that I had $20 free money in my account. Cool. So I downloaded the site, played a $10/$1 MTT, 26 players, ended in 11th place. Played a little $1/$2 and $.50/$1 and basically lost the $20 in about 2 hours. Hey, free play is free play. I would have liked to have won some cash (of course) but I gave it a go and what can I say, it didn't work for me. I found the players at this site to be very friendly, and if they had a better tournament selection I would probably even make a deposit, but the selection is horrible, so it has already been deleted from my desktop.

So off to Full Tilt for the RGP Challenge, $10/$1 NL HE, I can't remember how many players but I know I busted out pretty early, with probably only 7 players beating me out. Thanks to PMJackson for the loan for tonight, I didn't have time to make a deposit as I am waiting for my Neteller Instacash to be approved.

Next, it's off to PS where I make the stupid mistake of using my W dollars for the $30/$3 R WSOP qualifier. I spent $123 of my hard earned $160 W dollars foolishly as I finished in 100th place out of 261 players. Oh well, live and learn. I have $37 W dollars left and will use it ONLY for a $3 or $5 satellite.

I then played a $3 R for the $350K Sunday tourney. 678 players, I end up in 245th place when my Q,K (hey, I was short stacked) was called by A, 10 and I got no help.

So I decided to play some Turbo SNG's only. Not too bad, I'm thinking this may be where I need to stay right now in order to build up my bankroll to cover the costs of the higher MTT buy ins.

1. $15/$1, Turbo, 9 player: 1st place, $67.50

2. $15/$1, Turbo, 9 player: 4th place, $0.00

3. $25/$2, Turbo, 9 player: 3rd place, $45.00

4. $12/$1, Turbo, 6 player: 4th place, $0.00

So, that's 2 out of 4, 50% success rate, I'll take it! This leaves me with the following summary:

T $: $0.00
W$: $37.00
Real $: $154.20

So, it's a loss for today due to the $30 WSOP disaster, but I still feel like I've won something tonight since I won the two SNG's, so all is right in the world tonight.


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