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Thursday, April 14, 2005

A Nice Win...

Well, after Laughlin's win last night of $735, I wasn't planning on winning again so soon...BUT...

My buddy uber_scoob from PS emailed me and talked me into joining him in the $5/$.50 R NLHE tourney on PS around 11:30am. I signed up, rebought twice and did the add on, so spent $20.50, 439 players.

Didn't really do anything spectacular or NOTICABLE until late in the tourney, I think there were about 50-60 players left, top 36 got paid, I forgot the details on the blinds and such but anywho, here's the big "controversial" hand:

I am dealt K, Q os in MP. Player goes all in before me, I have him covered easily, I decide to just call. The BB decides to move all in for another 80K. I have him covered, and I called for time. Here's my thought process.

1. Why did he do that??? We want to get this player out, he should have just checked/called and seen the flop, that moved pissed me off!!

2. If I call, and I lose, I will still have about the average stack in chips left, but if I call and win, I'll be in 1-3 place in chips.

3. I'm sure he has me beat, but maybe I can outdraw him.

I called. Sure enough the 1st all in had Kc9c, and the BB had A, A. Oh lordy, the railbirds were out in full force and when they saw my K,Q, they laughed and started ridiculing me.

Oh, but wait, what's that on the flop?? K, Q, x you say?? Hmmmm seems my 2nd best hand is now in 1st place. Turn BLANK...river BLANK...I win and am in wonderful chip position. I get harrassed for the rest of the tournament with that call. However, I stand by my call and feel that the REWARD outweighed the RISK. This is what having CAJONES means in NL HE. Stupid move had I lost? Maybe. However, I truly feel that to be a great NL Tournament player, RISKS have to be taken. You have to be willing to make moves and hope to get lucky. Noone can win a tournament without SOME luck and I firmly believe in this. Of course, I had to defend myself for the remaining two hours, but nonetheless...

I ended up in 3rd place and netted $1031.00. My second big win in two days, and I get to keep it ALL for my poker bankroll. I'm ecstatic!!

I will be playing some more tonight on PS, and have been granted permission to go to Laughlin tomorrow to play in the tournament that I won an entry for last night. I have my first official OB appointment tomorrow at 11:30 AM, so we will take seperate cars and I will just head over the bridge into Laughlin once the appointment is over. I will report tonight if I do anything great on PS, otherwise, I will post next over the weekend to recap Fridays tournament and the BIG RGP WSOP qualifier being played on Sunday.

Have a great weekend all!!


Blogger Irongirl01 said...

Agreed MissT..

You have to be able to make the gutsy calls in order to win. I actually heard one of the pros say that in an interview. My quote is chance favors the prepared mind. I believe you put yourself into a position to create the luck. You can do the math, play the cards and postion but sometimes you just have to go with your gut..

Great job girl.

3:34 PM  

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