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Thursday, April 14, 2005

LIVE Once Again!!

I had a meeting with Tom Thomas, Event Cordinator at River Palms in Laughlin tonight to speak with him about a project I'm working on. Had a lovely dinner in The Lodge, where appetizers cost $15-$20 and entrees start at $20. What a way to be wined and dined!

I then stayed (well, I was 1/2 hour late, but since I was already there..... ) for the Wednesday night NLHE tourney, $20 buy in, $10 rebuys 1st 2 levels, $20 rebuys 3rd and 4th levels, and then a $30 addon at break. There were 68 entrants (down from last week) and yours truly made yet another final table.

This time, however, I was able to make it to a victory and when we got down to heads up, we decided to chop evenly for $785 each and he graciously gave me the $115 seat that goes to the winner for an entry into Friday nights event. I tipped the dealers $40 and came home with a cool $745....Bill was happy, and I think making the money really helped him over any ill will he had towards me staying. Now, I just have to see if he'll be OK with me going back to Laughlin on Friday to play in the event. If not, I will be giving the seat to a local player that I know and taking 50% of his action. I really hope I get to play though, of course!

I feel very proud about tonights win, I feel that I am really improving with my live play as I seem to make the final table more than 50% of the time, and this is the truth!

I failed to report about last nights events on PS, so here it is in a nutshell:

1. I played a $3R qualifier for the Sunday $650 WSOP event, 277 players, ended up in 59th place, spent $9.

2. I played a $5R qualifier for a $160 DS WSOP event, 339 players, left in 266th place as I wasn't "feeling" this event and didn't want to do any more rebuys then I already had, spent $20.

3. I played a $5 Turbo MTT, NLHE, 1392 players, ended up in 72nd place which netted me a cool $13.65, profit of $8.65, woo frickin hoo. LOL

4. I played a $3R qualifier to Saturday's (or is it Sunday??) $350K event, I left in 333rd place, I wasn't "feeling" this event either and didn't want to do any more rebuys, spent $15.00

5. Ahhh...the final one to talk about. I played a $11R Turbo qualifier to Saturday's $350K event, top 21st places would receive a seat OR $215 T money. This is the one I've won twice in the past 2 weeks, and I ALMOST won again. Yours truly busted out in 24th place...damn near the bubble if you ask me. There was no way to stall, I wouldn't make it past the blinds, I had no choices and no help and BAM...out in 24th. Ugh.

So that's it for now, tomorrow is Thursday and I'll be playing online at PS, and I'll be able to report on what I've done and if I'm going to be playing live on Friday in Laughlin. Sunday is the RGP WSOP satellite, and I'm really looking forward to that. Speaking of which...

I am going to try and run satellites either in my home or at River Palms for the WSOP. The casino cannot run the satellites due to Harrah's not allowing them use of the name "WSOP", but River Palms will allow me, personally, to run my own private tournaments where "my" players will know what the prize is, but it will not be announced or broadcast to tourists or people just "curious". Only people who sign up through me will be able to play. This will be people I know personally, or someone who knows someone I know. I will either run these at River Palms, or in my home. If ran in my home, people will sign up and pay in advance, and no cash will be kept at the house, but rather in a safe deposit box. I'm going to work it like RGP is working it and set up satellites for smaller buy in events, instead of just the main event, but as well as the main event if there is interest. Just have to talk to Bill about this and see if he's OK with my hosting poker nights here. It's funny though, because as I type this I have a feeling of de ja vu and I'm wondering if I've posted this, my idea, what I want to do, before. Oh well. I guess that means it's something I really want to do and should get moving on it! I read somewhere the other day that there is only 10 weeks until the WSOP. I better get moving!!


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