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Monday, June 13, 2005

Brief MJ Interruption

The verdict is in, I know you've all heard it.

Not Guilty on ALL 10 counts.

That is one lucky dude.

Lucky, because the American Justice System actually worked for him.

"Innocent Until PROVEN Guilty"

I don't know if he did it or not, I wasn't there, I have no opinion, I wasn't involved, my family wasn't involved, it has nothing to do with me at all.

However, I do have an opinion on the family of the accusor, and with all the lies and switching stories and taking of money years ago, etc. etc. How can I, if I was a juror, possibly believe them and take their word for PROOF of MJ's guilt?

I can't, and therefore, according to the law, I must find MJ not guilty and agree with the verdict.

I know most don't, and won't, but that's my opinion. We weren't there, we have no idea if it actually happened or not and unless there is adequate proof, we have to find him not guilty, it's in our country's bylaws.

Would one of us have been found not guilty if we were in MJ's exact position, with the exact same testimony? More than likely not, and I admit that, but that is also the American way, and we (as Americans and being "Star Fu**ers") did it to ourselves. The rich and famous will always be treated differently, and that's simply just the way it is. Again, IMO.


Blogger Easycure said...

It's an unfortunate but necessary component of a successful democratic judiciary system. The burden of proof is rightly on the accuser. With that being said, I get annoyed when TV reporters say that people have been found innocent. That's not correct. They were found not guilty of the charges, but that is by no means innocence. The fact is that Michael Jackson has admitted to sleeping with adolescent boys, whether or not he actually molested them has not been proven. That is a sickness all in itself, and I hope (with zero confidence) that he seeks help.

Great post, especially considering the poker you are trying to play....

1:06 PM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

Excellent point...

Found "Not Guilty", not Innocent. However, I must point out again, that we don't know if he has innocence or not. Sure, it's funky and sure, it's bizarre, but I blame THE PARENTS...who the HELL let's their child sleep with a man? Doesn't happen in the real world unless pockets are being lined.

12:39 AM  
Blogger Alexander Knopf said...

i have to agree with what has been said

MJ has said that he went to bed and sometimes a child followed him.

but then again, with the mother being a scammer who tried that deal before .... i don't think that i would have been found guilty.

either way, i don't have to give MJ the benefit of the doubt since i have seen not a single bit of evidence that proves, or puts the thought in my mind that he is guilty.

i think that it was a really important verdict too, will at least make it harder for people to sue someone without a bit of proof. at least it will make people stop attempting to sue someone for money twice .....

-end rant

10:42 PM  

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