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Sunday, June 19, 2005

WSOP Trip Report #3

Where to start...where to start....

Decided to go to Vegas early Thursday AM in order to play the LHE Shootout, played two satellites before, no good so I bought in directly with the intentions of winning a satellite later to offset the cost.

Drew a table with only two mentionables: Mark Seif and Perry Friedman. What a fun table. The event ended up starting 26 minutes late which made me lose the over/under of 12:30pm with Perry. At one point Perry started clapping, the slow methodical clapping, that then gets know what I'm talking about? He says "let's get this started", I oblige. It's only us two, NO ONE else at the table does it, even after I say, "Come on guys, join in!" however the tables around us take part and the next thing you know, the entire field is clapping, the TD's are smiling and ignoring us and then it's over and we still wait 15 mins to play.

HORRIBLE hands. I only won ONE pot. I had J,J, I 3 bet it preflop, 4 players in the pot. Flop comes 7, Q, 4 I bet, they all call, well of them must have a queen, so we all check the turn and the river and I win a mediocre pot that I missed 2 bets on. Sigh. Absolutely nothing else panned through for me. I would get pocket pairs galore, and then never, ever hit. It was depressing.

However, I did win the over/under bet with Mark Seif of our table losing more then 2 players by end of 2nd level. I took the under as it was a tight table, not much capping going on, unless it was just Mark and Perry in the hand and they would just go to war with each other. So, I took the bet....loser buys winner a drink, Mark says "2 drinks" I say "Ok, but only if the winner drinks WITH the loser" he immediantly agrees. Makes no sense, I know, but I enjoyed him and the banter.

My views on Mark....he actually had me write down my blog address while he was in the 2nd (3rd?) round and said he would visit, I said he better because I was definantly writing about him. I never met him before, but knew who he was. I always thought of him as being a dork. A dweeb. I don't know why since I never met the guy, but there you have it. Turns out I was WAY off base. The guy is hilarious. He made me laugh so much, we were having fun, and with Perry mixed in (whom I have always liked/admired since my first WSOP when he let me, a nobody, hang out with him and some of the TiltBoys for DAYS) the table was fun if nothing else. Due to my card deadness, and the cost of the buy in, I finally said Screw it....if I'm paying $1,500 for the tournament, I'm having a good time if nothing else, and ordered a Captain Morgan and pineapple. Mark jumped in and had one with me, which I graciously offered to buy for him, so in essence, he owes me 3 drinks now as I did win the over/under bet with exactly 2 people being knocked out by end of 2nd level, me being the 2nd one. 9th place, wow, what a showing. Sigh.

I wasn't able to congratulate him on the bracelet win since it lasted so long into the morning, but Mark...if you read this, congratulations, a better man couldn't have won it. Your the best. (And since you did win, you owe me 4 drinks now buddy).

Next, Friday. NL Shootout. I drew a table that was great, IMO, since I talked with a few friends who had tables from HELL. Fellknight, Matthew Hilger....their tables SUCKED (meaning PRO'S) I only got KrazyKanuck and some chick that everyone seemed to know, but I didn't. I ended up knocking her out when I flopped a set of 3's, but unfortunately, she was already short stacked so I didn't get much from her. I played great the first hour, my raises were respected, and I took down a lot of pots. I actually took down quite a few from KK, but I will honestly say that I never really bluffed him....I had a semi-decent hand, just hoping he didn't have one better and it seems like he never did. We hardly ever went to show down, as he would fold to my betting. I don't remember much of what happened to cause my demise, but I ended up out in 8th place. VERY disappointing for me, as I truly felt that the table wasn't that difficult, and I could have gotten a worse draw.

Sidenote: I didn't know it was KK until the CardPlayer guy came over and said something to him quietly, he responded with "Yeah, but you always spell my name wrong, it's K-A-N-U-C-K, and no space" so I knew who he was, I'm no fishy...and I ask him if he's KrazyKanuck, he replies in the affirmative, and I lean over and shake his hand, saying "Hi, I'm MissT74" he makes the appropriate noises as if he knows who I am (who are WE kidding?) and I tell him that I'm glad Harrah's did the right thing with their decision and that RGP was pulling for him. He said Thanks and that they just made him sweat it out for 2 days. (Note: I got home and noticed he posted on RGP after our event, so I think my comment got him to go there to read what we've all been saying about the debacle.)

Soooooo.....the NL event is over and now it's on to satellites for the rest of the trip. And what trip report is complete without "The Drunk Lady" 's adventures??

We start off with the heroine (um, that's me) being consoled by FellKnight (Jordan Davenport) and vice versa as we head off to dinner together.

WAIT....Interruption: So FellKnight and I had arrangements to meet for breakfast/brunch the day of the 6/3 event, after I realized he was standing me up, I ate with another RGP'r instead. MY DEEPEST APOLOGIES: but I can't remember who that was...step up and remind me. It's been a whirlwind 3 weeks and I am clueless with the name...CRS (Can't Remember Shit) is my disease right now.

Anyways, so we had planned to try again, meeting for breakfast at 9am on Friday before the NL Shootout. At 9:05 am Friday AM, I get woken up by a phone call from my daughter.....think "Oh, Shit!!" and immediantly jump in the shower, get dolled up and arrived at Rio around 9:45 AM. I'm looking everywhere for him, can't find him so decided to dine alone around 10:15 am. I'm done eating, and who should happen to walk by but Jordan. He immediantly goes into apologetic mode and I give him shit for awhile, but then finally give in and let him know that I showed up late too and what the HELL were we, two gamblers, thinking agreeing to meet at 9AM?????

OK, so back to dinner...we dine finely at the buffet....Hey, with about 273 $10 off coupons, I figure I should eat there at least ONCE, right?? We decided to take a break from poker and spent the rest of the evening getting drunk at Let It Ride. After we figured out it was -EV in terms of cost of drinks vs. what we were spending, we jumped on the nickel slots and found out that you can get the SAME drinks there and only spend .00005% of what your spending on Let It Ride. Ok, Ok, we already KNEW that, we just needed to REALIZE it, lol.

As I'm typing this, I realize that that is the extent of The Drunk Lady's trip report, we did not go to the poker room at all, inebriated, so the only people who really got to enjoy The Drunk Lady on this trip were the pit dealers, the cocktail waitresses, Jordan, and other degenerate gamblers playing Let It Ride and 3-5-7. However, I'll let Jordan give his version of The Drunk Lady...I think I was a blast, but I'm biased. : )

Saturday, wake up around noon, headed over to Rio's and play satellites all night long, after shopping all day long for Bill for Father's Day. I decided not to sleep and just leave Vegas around 4:30AM in order to get home in time to cook breakfast for Bill.

I rocked. I kicked butt, I was winning (chopping) a lot of tourneys, and ended up taking 5/9 or something like that. I didn't think it was THAT good as I always expect to win/chop them all, but everyone I mentioned it too seemed to be impressed and would make comments like "Holy Shit!!! That MANY??" Anywho, got to finally run into Dr. Pauly from who personally thanked me for pimping his blog on RGP, and if you all haven't been there yet, what are you waiting for? His WSOP reporting is one of the best and he's so damn funny. Love that guy.

I talked a lot with Marcel Luske, he was hanging around the satellite table all night too, and he's such a great guy, I just forgot to mention to him that I knew he had called Charlie, a blogger with end stage cancer, and how classy that was of him.

OH...before I forget! Let's talk about my little "run in" with Chris Hinchcliffe. This is the young chap who won his way onto the PartyPoker Million III, and ended up taking 3rd place for $441,463. We won't mention the fact that he got to the final table with $1,765,000 chips vs. 2nd place chip leader of $595,000 and then bled his chips to death ending in 3rd, but we will mention his table presence.

This boy, and I do say "Boy", has only been playing poker for 1 1/2 years and now think's his you-know-what doesn't stink. Just couldn't believe it when someone called his all in move with him holding 7-7, and the other guy had A-10 (and berated the guy for so long, that they almost got in a fist fight, talk about calling security was in the air) because he conveniently forgot to mention HIS over-the-top all in move to my all in move of A-10 to my Ah5h (I got berated too, but in my defense (although I really don't need one) I was short stacked, I had 400 left, blinds were 50-100, you do the math, and didn't even HESITATE to think of what I might have.) and proceeded to whine and talk bad about me to the guy to his left because I was playing "Slot Machine Poker".

You know what........ I won't go on. I don't want to air people's dirty laundry, and "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" but I simply have to say that Chris, did well in PPMIII, I don't begrudge that at all, and GOOD for you, I say. However, let's try to be more like Howard Lederer or Chris Ferguson then Phil Hellmuth, OK? Let's start showing a little bit more class and maybe you'll get a little bit more respect from nobodies like myself.

Turns out, I apparently played with him as The Drunk Lady last weekend and had no clue, he then seemed insulted that I didn't remember playing with him, I told him "Some people just don't make or leave impressions with me". Then he got mad at me when I wouldn't give him a $120 cash save with my having 6000 chips, other guy has 3600, and he has 400. Sure, Chris, let me just GIVE you $120. Um, I don't think so. I think the thing that really bothered me about him was his condescending attitude, SPECIFICALLY, towards me. Was it because I'm female? I don't know....I do know that he didn't give crap to other players, just "picked" on the girl. However, I had the last laugh as we busted him and then proceeded to immediantly chop as he walked away.

Ahhhh...good times, good times. This concludes my trip report, and I would like to leave on a note of Thanks to FellKnight for helping me shop for my husband for Father's Day (He LOVED the booklight...I knew he would! He loved everything else too!) and a special thanks and love to my husband, Bill, who came into my child's life and gave her the love that a real father should. I am so lucky to have him. OK, enough mushy mushy, but hey, in the words of Annie Duke "I guess I'm just a girl"


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