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Thursday, September 08, 2005

WCOOP #4 PLHE 6 Player

I had previously won an entry into this event, but broke down and un-registered in order to play WCOOP Event #2.

Soooo...I bought into a $11R Turbo 2 hours before the event yesterday, no luck. I then decided to give it a go at a $27 SNG and ended up making a 3:1 outchipped comeback to win my seat.

Due to it being end of month in my work, I was working (doing data entry) while I was playing and didn't really pay TOO much attention to the game until about the 4th break. Then I realized that I should probably put the work aside and concentrate on trying to win.

I had a very, very good run where I was down to about 8000T with 300 left, ended up making my way up to #2 in chips and stayed in the top 4 for quite some time. I never made it to the #1 spot, unless it was so brief that I didn't see it.

At one point I was moved to Tom McEvoy's table and was lucky enough to bust him out, can't remember the exact hand, but he basically raised pot committing him to the hand, and I decided to oblige and reraise, thus making him call all in and he showed Q rag, and I had A rag. Bye Tom!!!

Next, Jennicide and Micon joined the table so the railbirds were out in full force. They were already out for Tom, but this just added fuel. Plus, I had my fair share of railbirds as well, so all in all, it was a pretty talkative table.

When there was about 160 people left, I started yo-yo'ing. Up and down, continuously. Got down to #25, then back up to #6, then back down to #23, then back up to #4, etc. etc.

The final hand for me was extrememly heartbreaking, I'm over it, don't get me wrong, but DAMN that spade!!!

I had QhKh, which a select group of my peers have started calling "Da MissT". (See all my previous posts regarding this hand and how I WAY overplay it, yet it almost always seems to win for me, thus the name) Player Micon (Brian Micon of might not be the exact name, but I know you all know who I'm talking about) had raised preflop to 5555. He likes to be odd numbers, it must tickle him. I simply called EVEN though I wanted to pop it back up pot due to my hand, however, I digress.

Flop came both beautiful and ugly. 9, 10, J. ALL spades. Micon bet out 8888, I raised pot to 30K or something like that. I TOLD him with my bet, I have it. Whatever "it" may be construed as. Trips, flush, 2 pair, straight....etc. Your AA is NO good Micon.

He thought about it for quite awhile. I know that he knew I had him, however he did in fact have A,A and one of them was the spade. Thus, he decided to gamble and reraised, putting me all in, I called very quickly.

Spade on the turn.

Out in 96th place out of 2345 players, good for a $703.50 payday.

I was very disappointed, as I had overcome a huge chip deficiency to get to where I was, I felt I was playing extremely well, and that I could have gone much further.

However, I do feel and believe that I played the hand correctly and just got outdrawn, such is poker.

Thank you ALL for the support and railbirding, I always enjoy that.

So, what's next? Well, I'm not playing today, it's the NLHE w/ rebuys, I'm not doing THAT. Tomorrow is the LHE, and while I would like to play that, I have a meeting at 8pm with a client so why even bother playing if I have to leave? Saturday and Sunday I will be in Vegas...I bought Kelly Clarkson concert tickets for Cherissa for an early birthday present and will be surprising her Saturday night with them. She thinks we're going to Vegas for ink and office supplies.

Then, next week, I am leaving for Seattle for a consulting job, which means that as far as the WCOOP goes, I do believe I am done. I can't play next Tues due to 2 client meetings before I depart. Monday, I may be able to play, but it's Stud and that is without a doubt, my weakest game. I would have liked to have played more WCOOP events, but my schedule simply does not permit it. I wish luck to all those that do play in them.


As pointed out to me by one of my most anal readers, the hand that busted Tom McEvoy was daMissT. Apparantly, he had ME dominated with A6, I had QK, and if I recall correctly, he got an A on the flop, along with a Q for me, and then another Q fell on the turn or river. I THINK. Anywho...who really cares? Bottom line: I knocked his ass OUT. ; )


As pointed out to me, once again, by the same anal reader. A6 does not "dominate" KQ, however, he did have the best hand pre-flop. Also, I caught a Q on the flop, whereas Tom did NOT get an Ace at all, and I won with one pair. NOW, if this does not satisfy this particular reader, then I will have to seriously hurt you. (de)


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