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Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving and More


We arrived in Phoenix around 11:30am, in time for Bill's family's Thanksgiving dinner. I was in charge of the rolls, butter, and jams/jellies. There was about 45 people there, it was held at one of his step-brother's church's Fellowship Hall which allowed us ample room. Everyone brings something to contribute so going down the list of what was on the table is way to hard. Needless to say, we were stuffed when we left.

We stayed there until about 2:30pm and then headed out to the other side of town, even past Apache Junction for those that know Phoenix area. It took an hour just to get there, this was for my side of the family's dinner which was scheduled for around 4pm. We ate again, but just not as much. Then had dessert with them while my sisters and I scoured the ads in order to go shopping Friday at 4am. I will admit to being disappointed this year, not much on sale worth getting up for at 4am, but due to tradition, we went anyways. I'll talk about that later.

So, it's about 8pm by this time and Eric, Lorrie's husband, brings out the poker set, sets up the poker table, gets his brother Kevin and Kevin's girlfriend, along with Lorrie and myself and we play a $10 tournament, winner take all. I promised Lorrie I would blog about this "event" as it was one of the most stupidest "event" I have ever, EVER played in my poker life. They were calling EVERY single hand. NOTHING was ever folded, it was insane.

I busted out Kevin when I flopped the K high flush, I checked, Eric checked, he bet, I raised all in (Yes, that's a check raise folks) Eric folded, and Kevin thinks for awhile. He finally says "What the hell" and calls and shows 2nd pair on the board. Turn is a blank and he's drawing dead. Woot, Tanya doubles up in this game from HELL.

Anywho, the last hand was with 3 players left, I was in the BB and I look down to A,9 os. Both Lorrie and Eric limped for the BB and so I made a move and moved all in. (Eric had both Lorrie and I covered)Well, as soon as I moved all in, Lorrie says, "I'm all in" almost immediantly. Then Eric debates for about 5 seconds, and says "I'm all in too". So we all flip our cards over. Lorrie has 3,3 and Eric has A,7. Of course, the 7 comes on the flop, but oh no, let's give him another 7 on the turn. No 3 came for Lorrie, so we were both out and Eric won the $50.

However, he gave it to Lorrie, then Lorrie paid for our breakfast on Friday morning after shopping, so I still got a good deal out of it. ; )

We debated about heading to Casino AZ after we were done playing, but we knew that the drive was just too long, then there would probably be an hour or more wait, so we vetoed it. Watched Star Wars III until I fell asleep around midnight.


Woke up around 3:30 am, wasn't suppose to get up until 4:15am, but I had left the TV on and that stupid game show "The Match Game" came on and they have the most obnoxious theme music/song, so I was woken up by it. My sisters, Lorrie and Jennifer and I were in the car by 4:30 am and headed for the first stop, Target.

BY THE WAY: Shame of the week to our sister Corrie who bailed out on us. Apparantly last year's disaster at KB Toy Stores had more mental affect on her then we thought. She refused to go with us again this year, after about 6 years of tradition. What a bitch. ; )

So, we get to Target an hour before the doors opened and we strategized. I was to go to the electronic department for games, Lorrie was going to the Toy department and Jennifer was going to the Sports department. I was in an out of my area with all items requested in 5 mins. It helped that I didn't have a cart! Lorrie was also in and out of her dept, so we met up at the registers and checked out in 3 mins flat. Jennifer had a little bit more of a problem and checked out a few minutes after us, but because I didn't find her in time, I paid for her game that she requested and for some reason, that set her off into a huff. Apparantly she wanted receipts for everything bought and so totally bitched me out for not waiting for her to check out.

The game was $10.88. Give me a fucking break. I told her that I would just give the game as a gift then and she can forget about worrying about a reciept. Anyways, her attitude got worse.

We leave Target and the plan was to go to Linen's 'N Things. After getting the packages in the car from Target, we get in the car and Lorrie makes a joke to Jennifer about how we need to kiss and make up since Jennifer and I were irritated with each other. ALL OF A SUDDEN the girl just goes off (Jennifer). I have never, ever heard her scream like that and it was so out of the blue and unexpected that Lorrie and I just stared at her with our jaws dropped open and wondering what the hell had happened.

Anyways, I won't bore with the details, and I know she doesn't read my blog, she doesn't even know the link. Anywho, I think something else is going on in her life and she must be unhappy about something because no way no how someone goes off like that out of the blue for no reason. We all made up by the time we escaped Linens.

Next stop was EB Games, then we tried to go to Best Buy, but the line was sooooo long and we only wanted a few games, so we left. Then we tried to go to Ulta Cosmetics, but again, the line was toooo long for the 2 items I wanted, so then we said screw it and went to breakfast at Coco's.

I then called Bill and had him pick me up at the restaurant, since it was on the way out of town, then we headed to Heather's house (his step daughter) and visited with her for a few moments. Then we started for Vegas for the weekend. We decided to stop at home in Kingman for a few minutes before getting to Vegas and then ended up staying for 2 hours so that Bill could take a nap and I went over to KMart to do some more shopping.

We finally left for Vegas around 5pm, planning on getting to Vegas at 6pm, since they were an hour behind us. Well, we got stuck on Hoover Dam for about 1 1/2 hours, so we didn't get to the bed and breakfast we stay at until about 7:30pm.

I decided to surprise Bill with dinner plans, so I took him over to Binion's and we ate at Binion's Ranch Steakhouse on the 25th floor. We had a corner table with a most excellent view, and the dinner was divine. He enjoyed it tremendously as he had just watched a documentary on Vegas and the Steakhouse was mentioned as THE place that all the old timers used to hang out at. He's very big into Vegas history and quite enjoyed it.

Afterwards, we headed over to the Plaza to check out the UPC action, but by then the final table had already been decided, so there was nothing to see. We almost stopped at a strip club, but I needed more cash to get him his lap dances, but by the time we got to the ATM and had another martini with Bobby at the Sports Book at Binions, we decided to just go home and go to bed early (for Vegas) with the intentions of seeing if we could wake up for the 2am tourney at Binions. (NO, lol).


I had made a deal with Bill that I would go to ANY movie he wanted to see, if he would just play poker with me. We made this deal while driving up to Vegas on Friday, and I gave him a quick lesson on how to play LHE, and then how to play it while drunk. I wanted him to experience Vegas with me, how I do, by playing 2/4 LHE while doing shots and getting drunk off our asses.

So anyways, when we woke up we had a wonderful breakfast (as always) served by our hostess, then I went to Binions to play the 10am tourney at Binions, then I would be back home around 2-3pm. Bill was going to stay home, read, relax and maybe jacuzzi. The weather prevented the jacuzzi though as it was miserable. Cold and windy like you would not believe, it was icky.

So, I headed to Binion's and ended up busting out around 11:45am, so I headed over to the Plaza where I realized that they had their last $500 event starting in 10 mins. Oh lordy, I wanted to register for this event SOOO badly. I knew though, that if I did, and if I ended up going the distance, then it would take away what was suppose to be our anniversary weekend, so I left quickly before I could talk myself into playing.

I then headed back home to Bill and we ended up reading and napping the afternoon away, after stopping at RIO to get our tickets to the Penn & Teller show for that night.

We decided to go back to Binion's Ranch Steakhouse for dinner, since we enjoyed it the first night so much, then headed over to RIO aftewards for the show.

Penn & Teller: It started out very good, I was laughing and really enjoying it, then it just went to hell. It wasn't BAD persay, but it wasn't GOOD and I'm just glad the tickets were comped.

After that, we headed downtown for some poker. We went to the Plaza where we sat at a 2/4 game and Bill played his first hand of poker, EVER, in his life. I was quite proud when he turned over his 3,5 os to beat A,J s when the board read 5,7,9,10,4. LOL. The game ended up busting way too early and we were out of the game in about 20 minutes with me -$87 and Bill +$11. LMAO. I was so proud of him and was thrilled that he agreed to actually sit and play with me. He even said later that he was disappointed that it lasted so short, and that he would have played a lot longer if the game hadn't broken.

This was right around midnight, so I sent Bill home (willingly) and I stayed and played the midnight tourney at Plaza and then the 2 am tourney at Binions, then got home around 4:30am.


We woke up for breakfast around 9am, and then I went back to bed until about 1pm. We then got dressed and packed and headed over to Boulder Station to watch that movie that I had promised Bill. Turns out, all the movies started around 12pm and the next ones weren't until 3pm and since we had to pick up Cherissa from the airport at 4:30pm, we had to forego the movie. I apologized to Bill, as I felt that it was my fault since I slept in so late, since I was out so late the night before, he didn't agree though and felt it was no big deal.

So, we had lunch at the Mexican restuarant at Boulder, then headed to the airport. Read a book for the 2 hours we were there hanging around waiting for Cherissa's delayed plane, then once we got her, we headed home, arriving around 8:30pm.

So, THAT was my weekend, and now it's Monday and it's back to work! Plus, the end of month is coming up so busy, busy, busy.


Blogger Mom said...

I would like it to be known that me the mother started this Day after Thanksgiving Shopping Tradition about 10 years ago. Yes it was me that taught my daughters how to read the ads, plan the stops, and then the strategies of how to complete a 5 to 6 store shopping spree in less than 4 hours. However, this year I was banished by my daughters and NOT ALLOWED TO GO!!! I was not given a reason but was told I was not allowed. Now those of you that have read this blog and think I am such a great mom, please give feed back as to what you think of my lovely daughters for not allowing their mother to spend quality time with them? And Tanya, you better not delete this...LOL

1:46 PM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

I didn't know that you were "banished" until you mentioned it, and at that time I understood it to be because the tradition has evolved into being a "Sister" event vs. "Mother/Daughter" event.

I see my sisters about 2 times a year, and so that's how it evolved, IMO.

LOVE you MOM. ; )

2:05 PM  
Blogger Corrie said...

I must depend being the "Shame of The Week". The only reason to step foot outside of the house on "Black Friday" morning at 4:30am is for a great deal and well since there were no great deals that caught my attention why bother. You see on "Black Friday" for me it is not a day to shop for other people but to shop for myself and well there was nothing out there. Why get up to fight the crowds and be crabby the rest of the day cause your tired when there is nothing to buy. I am bummed that I missed the fight. There was fighting the whole whole two days that I was around. Lorrie says that people were staring. What is up with that? Never a dull moment in this family.

This has not been a total sister bonding thing for six years either if it was I was not there for all of them!!! So Just Get Over Your Bad Self!!!

5:23 PM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

PFFT....get over MYSELF?? LOL, we missed you is all.

BY THE WAY....Kelly Clarkson is taken care of, if you see this, my email to you bounced, so I guess I don't have a current email for you.

8:13 PM  
Blogger sarahbellum said...

Banishing mom from the tradition that she started? That's not very nice.

9:28 PM  
Blogger Mom said...

Thank you Sara you're right. I didn't know that Corrie did not go until after reading the blog so it's not like I was singled out but still it would have been nice to be invited and included. Tanya says she sees her sisters twice a year...well this was the FIRST time I had all my daughters together in OVER A YEAR!!! so what about mother/daughter bonding??? I mean Tanya has already told me I can't go on the cruise with her and I started that fantasy as well...I cruise every year. Okay Okay...enough And Corrie I agree...according to Lorrie was a great fight and I missed it as well. Some things never change. Love you Guys!

10:00 AM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

Quit hi-jacking my blog, Mom.

It's over, it's done with, it won't happen again for another year.

At this rate, who knows if we'll ever go again due to everyone bitching so god damn much.

Bill read a book where psychologists state that this is the worse time of the year for family fights and the number one reason for this is because family members don't treat each other the way they would treat a friend.

That's our problem. We have fights every single damn family event because we're "too comfortable" with each other. If we actually STOPPED and treated each other the way we treat our friends, then it would make for much calmer family visits.

10:13 AM  
Blogger Mom said...

Tanya....I'm not hijacking your blog and I hope you were kidding. However, being that I am a therapist, Bill is right. If we treated each other as we do our friends there would be no arguing only helping each other and enjoying our precious time together. So lets plan a Mother / Daughter weekend....what do you think?

1:57 PM  
Blogger Welshman said...

Imagine leaving mom out, tsk tsk.

Anyway kudos to Bill for giving this poker thing a go, just a pity you didn't get to a movie, maybe next time.

4:10 PM  

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