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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I truly wish you and your family the very best of this holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving.

Of course, what turkey meal would be complete without the 4am shopping the next day? A family tradition with my mom and sisters that I am looking forward too, in the worse way. I LOVE shopping!!


Sorry I haven't updated the blog in awhile. I was out of town, then while I was gone, my computer crashed. I stayed an extra day in Vegas in order to buy a new one, then when I got home it took almost a full day to get back online after moving over all the junk on my old hard drive.

The best news: Nothing was lost!!! I was lucky enough to be able to rescue everything from the old hard drive, so then I just had to go through the icky task of re-downloading all my poker sites.

Couldn't remember some of my passwords, what a pain in the ass!!


I received my anniversary gift from my husband, I wrote about it on RGP, but it's from Susie Isaacs Collection, and I absolutely adore it. For all you poker playing men that have poker playing women in your lives, this is the place to go. Even if her website is kind of sucky right now. Of course, when Bill ordered, they talked about it so I wouldn't be surprised if Bill ends up doing a new website for Susie once her two new books are done.

I called her after opening the gift to let her know how much I loved it, Bill gave it to me early because he thought I wouldn't like it, thus I could exchange it while in Vegas this weekend.

This is what I got last night:



So, after Thanksgiving dinner (TWO of them, one with each family) and after my early morning shopping trip, Bill and I will be headed to Vegas for the weekend to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary.

We plan on seeing the Penn & Teller show at RIO on Saturday night, and hopefully I'll have a chance to play a few tourneys at Binions to try and get into the TOC being held next weekend.

Just a weekend of relaxation as we are staying in our normal bed and breakfast that has a fantastic jacuzzi on the back patio, and our own private entrance right to it. We love staying there, and have recommended it to a few friends.

Turns out B&B's are illegal in Vegas, so we keep the information we have on the downlow. Damn casinos, scared of a little competition, as if they all don't have enough with all the other casinos, they have to be scared of B&B's being in town. What morons.


Nothing much on the poker scene, I'm having a dry spell with online poker. Hopefully that will change soon. I haven't won an MTT in almost 2 months. I've won several (45??) of the 650W$ from PS, but nothing BIG. I'm starting to get a little down about it.

That usually happens though, and then I win one, I get all excited and then the dry spell starts again. I guess the dry spell is just part of the poker cycle that I have to really, really get used to. However, I've been having more luck playing live lately then online. Go figure.


So, that's it, have it. All you whiners about my not updating my blog. LOL. Also, I had to get rid of the constant spamming so I added the "enter-in-the-word-in-the-box" thingy. Sorry, had to do it.

Again, have a Happy Thanksgiving and see you all next week!!


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