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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Good News Overshadowed....

I had a really good day today with online poker, I'll talk about that later. For now though, it seems funny talking about good news when you've received bad news.

Jim Morris is a Physician's Assistant who works for and with one of my clients. He is also the P.A. that I normally see at the office when I need to see a doctor. Lately he has been having health problems and was about to start kidney dialysis in a month or so.

I received a phone call around 10:15pm that he was killed in a motorcycle accident on the way home to Kingman from Tucson around 9pm tonight.

It never ceases to amaze me how short life can be and how you just simply never know when it will be your turn to go. I believe very strongly that you should live your life to the fullest, have fun, enjoy yourself, enjoy your never know when it will be over.

As far as poker news goes, I entered the last $11/R Turbo satellite this AM for the Sunday Million, and ended up winning a seat. I was going to cash out the T$ and not play since my stomach has been bothering me and I wasn't feeling very well. However, I was getting antsy just sitting on the living room couch, so I jumped in and played.

And play, did I ever!! 5375 players and yours truly came in 116th place, good for a cool $1505 plus $25 from EstebanAA with a last longer. I was a little disappointed as I was chip leader and in the top 10 from about 500 players down to 150, then I just couldn't seem to get anything going. I will say that I received pocket aces no less then 7 times in this event and I believe they helped me get as far as I did. Of course, so did the 4 major suck outs that I recall getting. : )

It's off to bed now and tomorrow being Monday, I pray that my client and their office staff have the strength to endure what they are about to go through, what with the handling and notifying of all of Jim's patient's.

Rest in Peace Jim, you will be missed.


Blogger FellKnight said...

R.I.P. Indeed...

Life is too short.


1:29 PM  

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