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Monday, July 18, 2005

First Annual ITH Convention

What a blast. I have attended many private poker tournaments in the past and don't think I've ever had as much fun.

The people who make up ITH are incredible. Each person has their own personality that just seems to mix well with all the others and makes up a very nice little family.

I can honestly say that there wasn't a single person there that I did NOT like, and that's rare for me because although I'm a people person, in a large group, I seem to be able to single out at least a few that I don't like, for whatever reason, just as I'm sure there's always a time when someone singles ME out as that person for them. (make sense?) Anywho...there just wasn't one! I loved them all!

It's hard going to these private tournaments because I know them as their screen name on the forum, and not as their real name, so even while I'm there and I get to know their real name, I NEVER remember it. I remember them by their screen name only and then call them by that all weekend long. It's also hard to remember each one's name (for me that is) as there were so many, and they're mostly guys, and it's hard to remember the faces and names to all 60 different guys, but easy to remember the 10 women. (Actually, most of the wives that played were knows as "Such and Such's wife" not by their own name, lol)

It was an honour to arrange the convention and I was pleased that it went so well. There wasn't a single mishap and everything went according to plan, if not better!

Obviously, you notice I'm not actually mentioning the tournaments we had, but that's because the best I placed was 14th in one of the LHE events, and then zip...nothing else.

I did get busted in the Main NLHE event when I flopped a straight, he flopped trips, we moved all in and it came runner runner A, giving him a boat. Sigh...that's poker!

I made so many wonderful friends and I cherish the memories.

Thanks ITH!!!


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