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Thursday, December 15, 2005

B.T.R. #3

Tuesday night, after working so damn hard all night long, found me back at the club/bar that's been the happening spot on the ship. It's called The Dragon's Lair. Had a blast, again, of course. The poker room seemed to break down around 2am as all of a sudden, the dance floor was filled with poker players. What a great bunch of people these are, and we all had a very, very good time.

After the club closed, 3am, we weren't ready to leave yet. We were about to go up to the jacuzzi but then the word got out that the acoustic guitar player on board was downstairs in the poker room and playing for tips. So we arrived there, and as I walked in, I'm greeted by about 15 poker players singing "Sweet Caroline" to the guitar. It was awesome! I joined in with about 5 more people that were with me and we all stayed there until about 5:30am singing our asses off. I woke up the next day with my voice gone, LOL. It's gotten better so far, but I'm still talking in that sexy, raspy voice. (That's what I'm calling it!! LOL)

Yesterday, Wednesday, had us at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. I slept in until about 1-2pm, then floated around the ship until I decided to go ahead and get off to do a little shopping. Bought a gift for Bill and Cherissa and came right back on board. I was a little moody yesterday due to the comment section of my last blog, so I hung out with Neal, my favorite bartender and shot the shit with him for a few hours, then went to work.

Last night was the Main Event, not as many players as we would have liked, but I think it was still a good turn out. I had over 90K in front of me while registering, so I had the biggest, toughest dealer sitting behind me as bodyguard, lol. I ended up working until 2am due to night shift having the night off last night, and then played a little 4/8 until a group of us went hot tubbing. I did stay awake long enough to see the sun coming up in the bahamas, and then I crashed around 6am, waking up at noon.

Today we are in St. Maartens, but since I'll be here in April, I am not going to get off the ship. I heard there is a hamburger joint on the 12th deck, Johnny Rockets, you have to pay for it, but I'm on my way now for some grub!

Tonight I will register for an added event, and then will play in it myself. I plan on taking this down tonight, I had a good feeling about it yesterday when it was announced, and I'm still feeling good. I've had a few people talk to me about a few leaks that they see from me at the table, so instead of being stubborn, I'm going to listen to them and see if I can squeak out a win tonight.

Gotta run, ciao!


Blogger Falstaff said...

Good luck tonight - I'm trying to learn to listen to people telling me about leaks in my game, too. But I have so many to choose from it's tough some times.

Wish we'd gotten to chat at the WPBT, I second TeamScott's demand that you come south for Bradoween.'

Re: comments from other post. Screw 'em. I spent 6 months in AA trying to figure out my problem with drinking before I realized that I have no problem with drinking, I have a problem with people whining to me about drinking, using their jealousy of my good time to mask their own feelings of inadequacy and self doubt.

So once again, screw 'em. Life live, love life, watch Gigli. Win a tourney and down a Kamikaze shot in our honor!

2:11 PM  
Blogger Mom said...

I think I know Tanya better than anyone since I'm her mother. They say the apple does not fall far from the tree well Tanya is my daughter what more can I say. We both have the philosophy that you work hard and you play hard. Now I can play with the best of them but I am getting older and when I go party with Tanya she beats me by about 3 hours...but I'm trying to keep up. Tanya enjoys life, has a good time but never neglects her responsibilities....that is how she chooses to live her life and as her mother I support her. Tanya sweeie, to hell with everyone who judges you...that usually is just a sign of jealousy. Oh and by the way people, I am a Substance Abuse Councelor in Arizona,...don't you think I'd know if my daughter was an alcoholic?

Have a great time Tanya and I'm looking forward to New Years Eve...together in Vegas!

Love You....

7:01 AM  

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