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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Merry Christmas!

I am SOO in the Christmas spirit now. I have a little lapse in my work schedule due to it being end of month, and I can't complete my closes until I get the last days of the month's work, so I took the morning off and wrapped all the Christmas gifts that I've already purchased.

This allowed me to see what I had left to buy, which was only for about 7 people, so I went out tonight and went shopping!

I can now say that I, Tanya, am DONE with my Christmas shopping on 12/1. NICE.

In fact, I've even already shipped out two packages! P.J. and Jennifer...they're on their way!! Lorrie, Mom, Corrie and Dad, I will ship them before I leave on the cruise.

Speaking of which, WOW, what a hectic schedule this month.

Bill and I will be going out to tie one on tommorow night, with our best friends Tammy and Willard. Mukwrm from RGP has recently been transferred out here in Kingman for 3 months for a job, and although I gave him my phone number, he STILL hasn't called. Come on Marco, call me. If you can, I'll take you out with us Friday night and show you the Kingman nightlife. (Ha ha ha ha)

I go to Vegas next weekend (planning to leave on Thursday) for the Kelly Clarkson concert with Cherissa, and I leave from there (Vegas) on Saturday night, arriving in Orlando, FL Sunday AM for the cruise that departs at 5pm.

I will then return on 12/18 (with an awesome trip report, of course!) and then the very next weekend is Christmas. We've decided to go away this year, so we rented a cabin in the White Mountain area, about a 4-5 hour drive, praying that there will be snow just so that we can have a white Christmas, since we're not used to that. We plan on getting there on Friday, which will allow us time to get a small tree, decorate it with nature's givings (pine cones decorated, popcorn and cranberry garland, etc. etc. I'm not taking a single decoration up with me.) and then go grocery shopping so I can cook a nice, homecooked, Christmas dinner. The cabin we rented has a fully stocked kitchen (dishes, etc, NOT food, lol) so I'm actually really looking forward to this little family trip.

We come home on Tuesday, then the following weekend is New Year's Eve. I've received an invitation from River Palms in Laughlin for the weekend, so we're thinking about going out there to celebrate. This way we can party, and not have to worry about driving home or anything. The River Palms is even having a "Hang Over" Brunch Buffet on Sunday, serving Bloody Mary's. NICE.

If we don't do that, then we'll just stay in town and hang out at the bowling alley, I'm sure.

Not much poker going on lately, although I did play 4 tournaments last night. For some reason, maybe because of all the goings on and everything, I'm just not interested in online poker anymore. I LOVE playing live though, and live for the weekends when I can get away to Vegas or Laughlin to play live. I seem to be doing better live then online right now, and last year it was the opposite, go figure.

I have realized though, that the reason why I haven't won a MTT since Aug/Sep. It's because of the DAMN WPT satellites on PS. I've been playing those like they're going out of style and I STILL haven't won my seat. To be quite honest, with my going on this cruise and all the traveling I've been doing lately, I've decided to NOT go to Atlantis, therefore, I will no longer be playing those satellites. Anyways, they took my time away from the CASH MTT's, and thus, not allowing me to win thousands and thousands of dollars. I have a track record of winning a MTT about once every other month, and cashing high (1-2K) every month, but the last few months have been dry.

DUH, if you DON'T play them, you CAN'T win. What a maroon I am. I think once December is over, I may be back to my online ways and hopefully can pull out a nice win. I remember this time last year, I won my way from 4 STEP one's on PartyPoker to STEP 5 and cashed in 3 of them. That made for a nice year end bonus, if you ask me.

It's also almost my one year anniversay for having this blog, WOW, where DOES the time go? It's interesting to see how many readers I've gained in the last year and I'm sure we all know the main reason is because I'm one of the rare female poker player/bloggers out there. I guess men like to look in on a woman's mind or something? Things that make you go Hmmmm. (Hey Peach, you remember that??? What a concert!)

OK, enough rambling. I have a few tasks to do tomorrow in regards to work, but more than likely I see myself taking the morning off again to wrap the gifts I bought tonight, this way I can finish shipping what needs to be shipped and be DONE with Christmas. At least until 12/23 when we leave for the cabin.

Have a good week everyone, I'll post after this weekends Vegas trip, but you're probably looking at only 3-4 more posts before the year is over. I'm just too damn busy!!

Oh yeah, and on another note, I signed another client today. This makes 6 offices, but 11 physicians. Yay, me!! (So what, so I'm proud, sue me) ; )


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