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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ohhhhh BTW......

I met Trishelle this past weekend in The American Grill at RIO. For those that are in the know, she's the gorgeous blonde from Real World - Las Vegas, which is currently airing on MTV, at least the Reunion show is. She was very nice and after she told me that her boyfriend made it to Day 2 in a WSOP event, I pretty much ignored her and just talked poker with him. Of course, I was buzzed/drunk? at the time, but I think it was pretty cool.


What the FUCK is wrong with the court system to let Paris Hilton out of jail after 24 hours???? Oh sure they SAY she was in fro 3 days, but she didn't turn herself in until midnight, so they gave her credit for the whole day and then she left last night at midnight, giving her credit for today. There is NO way in HELL you or myself would EVER get that treatment. A fucking ankle bracelet for home arrest due to a medical condition, give me a fucking break.

(But then again on the other hand, if I was rich and famous, I would want that treatment too. ; )

OK, off to Vegas! Next trip report coming on Sunday or Monday. Have a great weekend!!


Blogger EC said...

I'm sorry, I couldn't read past the "Trishelle, the gorgeous blond"

You must have been REAL drunk ;)

8:00 AM  

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