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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

WSOP/BPC Trip Report #1

Left Friday after taking Cherissa to her orthodontist appointment, got her on the plane to Aunt PJ in Phoenix and then headed off to RIO after first dropping off 2 guys I had met at the airport at Harrah's. The taxi line at the airport was about a 1 1/2 hour wait and I felt it would bring me good karma to do a good deed for the day.

WOW. RIO was/is one MAJOR clusterfuck. Good lord, I can't understand how they (Harrah's) could have this golden egg on their plate (WSOP) and fuck it up every year. EVERYTHING was different, where to play single table satellites, where to play cash games, how the registration lines worked, it was horrid to see all the people standing in line for literally 4-5 hours just to register for an event. I moseyed around for a little bit, ran into a few old friends (Hi Foldem!) and met my friend GoPhish from PS for the first time. I commiserated with him while he stood in line. Tried to sneak him into the Diamond line (the ONLY thing I will like about the WSOP IF I play anything there) but to no avail.

So I left and headed over to Binions. Ran into some friends there, don't recall if I played anything...certainly no tournaments, but did end up going over to Polly Esthers, the dance club at Stratosphere I enjoy, for about an hour before heading home to the RIO and crashing, after a scrumptious shrimp cocktail at the All American Grill. (LOVE them, I eat 1 of those every day)

Saturday had me heading to Binions and arriving in time to play in the normal 10am event. Didn't do anything worth mentioning, but the goal is to have it finish by 1:30pm, so it's a turbo style with no rebuys. Played a little Video Poker, ran into some friends, just got reacquaited with Vegas basically before the 4pm BPC event. I didn't last much longer then an hour in that event, so I hung around until the 8pm normal event which I ended up chopping 5 (or was it 6?) ways, with all of them getting 2300 and my getting 4K. I was MAJOR chip leader and DRUNK off my ass, as normal, so they were wise to ask me what I wanted just so that I wouldn't knock them out, since I had knocked out everyone else so far at the final table at that point with horrid cards but LUCK was on my side as it usually is. Not a bad start to my first weekend in Vegas!! I also won the seat into the TOC event being held on 7/1, but gave the Tshirt to a tourist from England.

Sunday AM had me back at Binions and playing some more video poker where I hit my first 4 Aces of the weekend, no kicker, but still good for $800. Played in the 10 am and the 4pm BPC with no positive results. My Dad was in town with his new girlfriend, so I got to hang out with them for about an hour and had a few drinks before the 10am started. It was great seeing him again and he seems very happy with his new love. After the tournaments, I ran into some ITH'rs (Pauli, Nside, and KrazyTxn!!) so we decided to play the 8pm at Golden Nugget, where I ended up winning the last longer, but still couldn't make it to the final table. We headed off for a meal at the cafe there, which I adore, and then I played some Crazy 4 Card Poker before calling it a night.

Monday AM had me back at Binions and playing some more video poker where I hit another 4 Aces, then quads 3 times and so I cashed out with my $1200 profit and played the 10am normal tourney, then the 2pm BPC, where I ran into Felicia and Glenn. They stayed with us at the RIO that night, but Felicia forgot her seat cushion and was in so much pain, they decided to call it a trip and left for home on Tuesday, although they'll be back, especially for Stud which Felicia ROCKS at. This was my last day/night in Vegas, so although I started off slow, I ended up getting toasted again and found myself running around Vegas at 1am trying to find my damn spaghetti and meatballs. Finally found it at the 3rd casino I stopped at, Caesars, and after my yummy meal, went to bed and crashed. I was supposed to meet Dad and Colleen for dinner, but we couldn't set up a proper time so I ended up just playing Crazy 4 Card Poker before my 4th meal (which in reality was my 2nd meal as I always seem to forget to eat in vegas, or would rather be playing instead of eating, or drinking instead of eating, etc etc etc). I bought in for $200 and left with $2400. Another good session!

Of course, as a gambler and with the amount of tourneys I played in, I gave a lot back and I couldn't have won a lot that I won if I hadn't been gambling, but after arriving in Vegas with only $500 and leaving with $4400, I was very pleased and hope to win at least one tourney or good gambling session a trip.

I leave again on Friday and will only be there until Sunday night, when I pick up Cherissa from the airport around 8pm and head on home for another week of work, then leave again. This month will be a constant going back and forth traveling road trip for me, but I look forward to it. Boy, do I ever. : )

I know I probably leave a lot out, and I can't always remember everything, especially when I go for 3+ days and they all start blending in together, but I will try my best to give sordid details and post funny anectdotes when I can. I'm starting to think this might just be another boring blog entry, so I will have to work on my debauchery so you all can live vicariously through me. LOL


Blogger babylamb said...

Great job on winning... You are so lucky Eric and I went to the Casino this weekend Eric came out even but of course bombed...
Glad you got to see dad and Colleen.
I can't wait for your next post

5:46 PM  
Blogger Gary said...

Thanks for the report. If not for your post on RGP, I wouldn't know about BPC, which will save me some entry fee money next week. Please elaborate about the Diamond line -- I'm a Diamond card holder, how much faster are those lines at the WSOP cage? For satellites, too? Thanks.

7:47 PM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...


There is a seperate line for Diamon and 7 Star members, the difference is PHENOMENAL. 4-5 hours in the "regular" line and probably 20 mins in the Diamond line. I almost wanted to play just to take advantage of the damn line, but forget it, the rest is still a clusterfuck. The Diamond line is inside, around the corner of the "regular" line, closest to the final table stage. HUGE banners single it out, you should be able to find it no problem.

As far as satellites, I've STILL yet to figure that out and walked out in disgust and headed to Binions. One thing is for sure Binions or Venetian can really take crowds away from RIO if RIO doesn't straighten out, or even attempt to CARE to straighten it out.

7:51 PM  
Blogger EC said...

Well it sounds as if you had a great (and profitable) time! Glad to hear it :) Too bad RIO isn't as well put together as they should be by this time!!

9:09 PM  

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