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Monday, February 05, 2007

SuperBowl XLI

So for some reason, I have made it a habit to turn SuperBowl Sunday into a "big" thing for me. I have made it a point to watch it for the past 6 years, even though I don't watch (for the most part) any football during regular season, except for College.

So, I headed to the store Sunday AM, got the makings for my chili-cheese dip, chips, pretzels, and fixings for a big spaghetti dinner.

Read a book and watched movies until Kick off Time, then decided to go into the kitchen and make a plate of my dip with chips and proceeded to drop the plate on the counter when I heard "...and he's on the 30!!!" coming from the living room from the kick off. Sigh. I did make it into the living room just in time to see him step into the endzone. What a run and I missed it, that sucked. Of course, reruns, but it's just not the same!!

Anywho, my tradition consists mostly of watching the commercials and the halftime show. My favorite halftime show, by far, is Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, I LOVED it! The controversy! The denials! Pulease, it was obviously planned IMO and I'm OK with that as it was meant to cause a reaction and that's what it did, it made my jaw drop down!!

However, I absolutely LOVE Prince and was very eager to see the show. I will admit to being slightly disappointed in the performance, but I think it's because I expected too much, kind of like my first cruise. LOL. I kept waiting for him or one of his twin dancers to slip and fall due to the rain, but amazingly, they kept their balance the entire time. I was also waiting for him to get electrocuted with his guitars, but that didn't happen either. Bummer. Now, THAT would have made for interesting TV, LOL.

Now, my comments on the commercials as posted on ITH:


Loved the Blockbuster Mouse one even though I detest Blockbuster and have been running a boycott on them for the past 5 years.

The beard combover was funny at first, then flopped, however I've always enjoyed the Sierra Mist commercials, very funny and cute.

I absolutely loved the Oprah Winfrey/David Letterman promo, anyone who watches David would appreciate that one, I was tickled about it.

There was one that made my heart stop, a truck commercial (Ford, Chevy...who knows??) Where they clock him going from 0-70 in 4 seconds or something, with two doors closing, which he barely makes it through and then has to stop on a dime or go over the edge. The reason why it made my heart stop was because they had a disclaimer at the bottom that actually said "Real test performed" or something to that effect when it's usually "Stunt man on closed course, do not attempt". Only saw it once though, but it made me sit up and pay attention.

All in all, pretty disappointed. I can't even remember ones that I laughed out loud with, except of course the beer commercials (again, what brand...who knows??) bunch of different ones.

Oh, I did LOL to the Taco Bell commercial with the 2 lions and the one trying to teach the other to roll his "R's". LOL

SECOND POST (After darvon posted a link: ):

Thanks for the link, it helped refresh my memory.

1st Quarter:

The Doritos commercial, LOVED it, I was rolling.

The Budweiser Rock, Paper, Scissor, I LOL'd.

The one I mentioned above was the Toyota Tundra: Ramp. Ohhh, good one, but I've always been partial to ones that made me laugh.

Very disappointed in, they usually have good ones but this years was hardly racey at all.

2nd Quarter:

Again, the Doritos, very funny.

The Chevy Car Wash was cute to me but because at the very end they show a very old guy wearing a wrestling type underpants only, carrying a guitar, and I met him in Vegas. He's the worlds oldest known male strip dancer. Kinda cool to see him in the commercial.

The Coca Cola Timeline was heartwarming and I liked it due to the significance of the coaching staff in today's event.

All others...>Bleh, but I'll admit I missed the Sierra Mist Hospital one, I probably would have liked that one.

3rd quarter:

The FedEx Shipping one was stupid, IMO.

I liked the Bud LIght Great Apes.

YES! The Taco Bell Lions one, that was the best.

The Bud Light: Movie; "But he has an axe!!" "But he has Bud Light!" that was funny.

Nothing else in that quarter.

4th quarter:

Not a single one. However, I will admit to losing interest in the game, I mean the Bears got slaughtered! (Yes, that's who I was rooting for, I just despise the Colts uniforms, way too ugly to cheer for them) So I started reading again but upon reviewing the website, I still didn't see one I particulary cared for.

Ohhh...not sure what quarter, but the Kevin Federline commercial was HILARIOUS, I love someone who can make fun of their self, shows confidence, IMO, and I never liked him or disliked him before.

So that's it, my SuperBowl report and now it's Monday so back to work!


Blogger EC said...

I missed the K-fed commercial but I heard it was funny. My 3 favorite which were on your list, the rock paper scissors - hysterical! Then the lions was next - totally funny, and the blockbuster mouse one - I did LOL on that one.

Glad you had fun though!

Ok - I know you haven't mentioned it, but I'm dying to know how your clothing business is going?????

1:57 PM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...


It's going OK, not as well as I had hoped, it's starting off slowly, however, we are breaking even and did even the first month, so that should be a blessing, but I don't want to break even, I want to make money! LOL

Although most businesses take 6 months to show profit, so I just have to be patient. : )

2:04 PM  
Blogger Danny said...

The one commercial that I thought was really funny was with the Mexican comedian. I am failing to remember his name. I think his last name is Menendez. Anyway, he is in a class room teaching a "students" what to say when asking for a bud light. The part I liked best was at the end when he said, "What do you say when someone asks YOU for a bud light?" " I dont speak english". I loved all of the bud commercials. The other bud commercial was a mutt that was all white. Nobody seemed to like him. Then he gets splashed with mud and looks like the Dalmation fire dog. So then the parade comes through and he is on the fire truck getting recognition like the other dogs do. Very cute stuff. The game completely sucked. I was rooting for the bears as I am originally from Illinois and Peyton Manning gets way too much credit for winning that game. What a joke. He was NOT the MVP.

7:27 AM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

Ahh yes, the classroom..that WAS pretty funny, I liked that one. The one with the dog, I didn't really care for it too much, it was almost boring to me, I mean, Cute, but just boring. Yes, the game did suck. I distinctly remember the last few years being really good games, on the edge of your seat all the way through the whole 4th quarter. This game...pfft, I started reading a book in the 4th quarter, the game was technically over in my mind.


7:58 AM  

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