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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pure Poker Post

Played on PokerStars tonight for about 7 hours.

1. Played the $10/$1, 1 RB, 1 AO. I paid for both the rebuy and the addon, 1020 players, placed money. Hand that crippled me: I had K,Qos in the SB and the button raised 3X, I called and the flop came 4, Q, 8. I moved all in, he thought about it and then called and showed 4, 8. BLEH...he was trying to steal, and look at that flop for him. Blech. The hand that killed me: I had K,10 moved all in, he called with J, 10 and a J came on the flop. Sigh. Total spent: $31.00

2. Played the $2, RB, AO Turbo satellite for the $30/$3 WSOP qualifier that started 3 hours later. 538 players, 100 places paid (with seats). I ended up winning, but there is a player on PS that I am calling out now: Royalsparks. Complete idiot, not a fish, just an idiot and a moron. I can say this now because I don't know who he is and I doubt he'll ever read this blog. LOL. hand that really, really got my adrenaline going: We're down to 106 players, top 100 get seats, I get A,A. I raise 4x, and he calls me. The flop came 7, 6, K. He moves ALL IN. OMG...what the hell am I suppose to do? 6 players to lose, I have enough to coast..this is one of those: When do you fold pocket aces? scenarios, however I KNOW this idiot, I've had to endure him for the past hour and I just couldn't put him on a better hand. I had him covered, but I would be severely crippled and could result in a possible bubble finish. I decided to bite the bullet and I called. He showed K, Q. NO Q came and I ended up taking the pot and placing in the top 100. Total spent: $8.00

3. Played the $3, RB, AO Satellite for the $350K guaranteed Sunday tourney. This tourney lasted over 4 hours, 666 players, top 31st places get seat to tomorrows event. This was a very tiring tournament, and I was short stacked about midway through tourney but was able to double up a few times and then I was sitting in first place for a long time when there was about 90 down to 50 players. I then coasted into winning this event in about 11th place. WOO HOO!! I decided to unregister for the event and am taking the $215 for tournament play. Hopefully, I can turn that $215 into something more, but I'll sure get a lot more play out of that in SNG's and smaller buy in events vs. just one event that's tomorrow. Besides, this event has 700+ already registered. Total spent: $12.00

4. Played the $30/$3, RB, AO WSOP Satellite. 1 seat guaranteed, freerolled into this event from earlier win. I ended up lucking out and not having to rebuy, but I did do the add-on. 388 players, 2 seats were being awarded, final table would receive prize award. I just couldn't get any hands in this event. I would go up and down like a yo-yo and ended up staying just below average almost the whole way. I decided to make a move with my Q, Q and moved all in. I was called by K, K and no help to me so IGHN in 85th place. Total spent: $30.00

All in all, I'm quite pleased with today's play. Even though I only "won" 2 events, I was able to place quite high in all the events I played in, OH...except for the private tourney. $10/$1, 24 players, and I bombed out in 21st place. In my defense though, I was playing the WSOP and the $350K satellite at the same time so I wasn't as sharp in this event as I could have been.

Now, it's bedtime!


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