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Monday, December 12, 2005

Vegas/Bahamas Trip Report #1

I'm on the internet cafe on the cruise ship, so I'll make this short, but sweet.

Thursday: Cherissa and I went to Vegas, I played the Binion's 2am and took down first for $1100, making a $500 profit for the day, then proceeded to donk off most of it, but that's gambling. I still made sure to have enough bankroll on me for the cruise.

Friday: Cherissa and I walked the strip, got blisters, shopped with her, had some excellent mother-daughter time and had a wonderful non-gambling day in Vegas.

Saturday: Played the WBPT event (Bloggers Unite!!!) Got drunk off my ass with Scott, my Kamikaze drinking buddy and proceeded to get busted FIRST OUT by Iggy. I had never met Iggy before, so it was awesome meeting him and damn, he's probably the best looking blogger out there. (Sorry Al) OH and speaking about good looking and Al....DAMN...Eve Can Hang is a hottie!! You GO Al!!! Had a great time, got the coveted copy of Gigli from Dr. Pauly and am probably being ridiculed by him and every other damn blogger out there, but I have no links on this computer, so I'll have to wait until I return home.

Saturday Night: Got on the red eye with Eric Rosenberg and a few other poker players and switched seats so that I could sit next to Eric, and he's STILL talking about how "all I wanted to do was sleep and then SHE had to go and sit next to me" blah, blah, blah. Whiner.

Sunday: Got on the ship no problem, we held the first event last night, had 104 entrants, had cash games going on the side. Around 12 I got a small group to go dancing and drinking with me, the group grew larger as the night wore on and I crawled into bed around 5 or 6 am.

Monday/Today: Woke up around noon, we docked at a private island called CocaBay or something like that, but I have no intention on getting off the ship. Why?? Everything I have or want is on board, I'm chilling like a villian right now.

Good News: I finished "One of a Kind" the Stu Unger story by Nolan Dalla and I cried at the end, sad book.

Bad News: I forgot to pack my bathing suit. Sigh.

Updates will come every day now, I bought a block of internet time, it's all good!!

Hope you suckers are enjoying your winter while I'm getting tanned. WPS is AWESOME, the people are friendly, the action is good, everyone is having fun, it's a cruise, what more can you ask for? I will go to the WPS every single time now. Herb Van Dyke, Jimmy Sommerfield, and Warren Karp know what they're doing, I LOVE IT!!!


Blogger Danny said...

dammit and i wanted to see what you looked like in a string bikini! sigh....

12:15 PM  
Blogger TeamScottSmith said...

MissT, I loved getting drunk with you first thing in the morning, waiting for the Tourney to start. I looked for you later, to finish our Kamikazes, but you were already heading out to cruise. Sounds like a great idea. I need that kind of relaxation after the whirlwind of bloggers in Vegas.

It was wonderful meeting you.

11:13 AM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

Danny, Trust me, NO, you don't.

Scott....It was wonderful meeting you too, of COURSE! You will always be my kamikaze buddy from now on!

I'm home now!!!


6:55 AM  

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