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Thursday, April 21, 2005

A Drought?

Well, nothing to report from yesterday (Wednesday) I did play in the RGP PLHE and did disgusting, embarrased myself again. I also played two "Bracelet Races" on Full Tilt, one was PLO and the other was PLHE. Lost them both, but did wind up in about 14th place in PLO, Howard Leaderer knocked me out when he called my all in on a flush draw, not even a nut flush draw, and ended up drawing out on me. Bleh.

Turns out yesterday was 4/20 which apparantly has a huge significance to pot smokers across the world. Bill, my husband, knew what it meant, but I was lost. I had to have someone from RGP help me understand that 4 20 meant: Pot Time, Smoke Time, Light it up baby....apparantly from a Cheech and Chong film or something. Anywho, I've never been a big pot smoker. I've done it, used to enjoy it....then I got involved with a man who smoked it 24/7, literally. I lived with him for almost 2 years (2nd fianceee) and the smell just got to me and now everytime I smell it, I get nauseauted. Bleh, can't stand it anymore and I blame him. Full Tilt took advantage of the 4 20 significance and held Pot Limit events all day long. I actually liked that, showed that they were human, and just "one of the guys".

Today, Thursday, I played the "Bracelet Race" again on Full Tilt, Razz this time. Not one single hand came through for me, I was very dissapointed, I felt that I would do well, but what can I say...I just don't "feel" the vibe with Full Tilt. Don't like the site, don't like their RNG, don't like playing there. I'm very, very dissapointed that RGP is going to be holding their private WSOP tourneys there, but maybe with enough complaints, they'll be changed. Of course, beggers can't be choosers, but I just can't stand Full Tilt anymore. I have officially become a PS girl.

I have played several tournaments today with no good results, not even close. I played another $160 DS, this was my 2nd time at the DS and both times I ended up at a table that had the toughest players and went the longest. I ended up getting busted out 6th place at my table, but all other tables were either done or down to 2 players already. I want tables like that!!

I am playing in my last tourney of the day, another $160 DS that I bought into directly using some of the W$ that I earned earlier this week. I do believe I am going to document this tourney, as I haven't done that in a while, and it will help keep me occupied. So here goes:

LEVEL ONE: 10/20, 1500 chips, 10 Players

8h10h, button, I limp in for 20. Flop comes 3, A, A. 4 in pot, all check, I check. Turn is 4, putting 2 hearts on board, bet of 40 ahead of me, I call, others drop out. River is 4, he bets, I fold.

EP, K10, I limp for 40, Flop comes 3, J, 5. BB bets 20, I fold. I'll have to watch the limping. I am going to try and play this like a STEP tourney, and just be super aggressive when I have a hand.

Next hand, UTG +1, AQ, I raise to 120, all fold to me.

SB, 10c4c, I limp in for another 10. Flop is Q, A, 2. All check, 5 in hand. 10 on turn, bet of 40, raised, I fold.

LEVEL 2: 15/30, 1335 chips, 9 players

Qs2s, SB, I limp in for another 15, Flop is 4, 9, 10. Checked all around, Turn is 10, 2 spades on board now, I bet out 90, all fold to me.

On the button, 3, 3, guy before me raises to 120, I call. He's major chip leader, knocked out 3 already, and I think he's using his stack. Flop is 5, 8, 2. He bets out 80, I raise to 220, he folds.

7,7 UTG, I raise to 150, big stack is to my right so it's his BB, but they all fold to me.

Ac3c, SB, big chip stack raises to 75, I call, BB raises to 330, he folds, I call, Flop is 9, 9, 4. I check, he moves in, I fold.

K,5os in BB, all fold to big stack, he raises me (of course) I fold, I'm going to be selective when I fight him.

A, 5os in SB, 3 in pot, board reads 7, 7, Q, 9, 9 I think my ace is good, but guy moves all in for 440 and I don't want to call. I fold.

Next hand, 10, J on the button. Flop is K, Q, 5, both check to me, I bet 60, one guy calls. Turn is A, he checks, I bet 60 he calls, river is blank, he checks I bet 120, he folds.

LEVEL 3: 25/50, 1365 chips, 6 players

AJos UTG, I raise to 250, all fold to me.

Q,8os BB, raised to 150, I call the 100. Flop is Q, 9, 6. I bet 200, he moves all in. I have to fold. I should have bet less as a "feeler" bet.

2nd shortest stack on table now. I may have to just start moving all in. I will be selective.

A, Q I move all in UTG, only because I raised the hand before, and I don't want to be called them thinking that I'm stealing.

7, 7 next hand, BB, heads up, Flop is 10, K, 9. I bet 100, he folds.

A, 8 SB, heads up with BB, I don't raise, an A comes on the flop and I bet out, he folds.

10, K next hand, Flop is 5,8,2, a bet of 50, I call, Turn is 4, a bet, an all in raise, I fold. Big stack takes out another one. He plays very reckless, I KNOW I can use this to my advantage soon.

A, 6 UTG, I raise to 150, all fold to BB, big stack, he folds too. Surprising me by not defending his blinds.

Ks7s BB, 2 call, I check. Flop is 6, K, 6, I check, guy behind me moves all in for 550, big stack folds, I call. He shows JJ and I have more chips now!! Down to 4 people.

5s6s, UTG, I limp in for 50. Flop is 6, 4, 10 I bet out, guy calls. Turn is blank, I bet out, he calls, River is blank, I check, he checks, he shows 7, 7.

Finally, I am at a table that appears it will be the 1st one done. Were down to 4, all others still have 7.

I move all in with A, 8 I get called by K, K. Bad timing, no A for me and I'm out. Sigh.

What a depressing two days after the last weeks wins. I may have to play another tourney to feel better, hopefully, or worse if I lose again. sigh.


Blogger Human Head said...

I'm also a pretty die-hard P-Stars fan myself. I agree that something doesn't "feel" right on FT.

I'm sure once I get past this I'll make more money, but it's tough to do being the superstitious idiot that I tend to be :)

5:23 AM  
Blogger FellKnight said...

Please. You played well during your rush, but it *was* just an upswing, and I'm sure you got lucky at a few key times. Just keep playing your game and you'll make some more $, but quite possibly never in such a short time span again. Trust me. I had one week of 15/30 Stud... Day 1: +80BB, Day 2: -15BB. Day 3: +105 BB, Day 4: +135 BB, Day 5: +150 BB. I think it's fair to say that this type of rush will never happen to me again. :) Good luck T! :)


12:20 PM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

No, No, No!! You can't say "never happen again" it DOES happen. This isn't the first "rush" I've experienced, and I'm positive it won't be my last, but it was and is just that....a rush. When I have my rushes, I play nonstop usually until the rush is over, my husband has even learned that when I'm in a rush, nothing stops me from playing. So, I do agree, that the rush appears to be over, but it WILL happen again. For you too.

12:27 PM  
Blogger FellKnight said...

A +500BB week? Nah, I don't think that'll ever happen again :)

Now... I will take a tremendous rush of good fortune this summe, oh, around the 7th-15th of July. that would be nice. :D


4:11 PM  
Blogger Welshman said...

Still plugging away at those double shootouts eh.

5:18 PM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

Turned the $650W won into 4 $160 DS entry's. I'm going to play the $33/R too in a few hours.

5:20 PM  

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