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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Love Those Turbos...

I absolutely adore the Turbo events on PS, I seem to have great luck with them, and my win for today (well, you KNEW there would be SOMETHING won) was the $10/$1 R Turbo Satellite to $350K for tomorrow. I was able to squeak into the money with a pair of deuces. Quack! Quack! I unregistered and am now the proud owner of $215T.

I bought into a WSOP DS ($160) and the cards I were getting were absolutely unbelievable. KK 7 times in the first 3 levels, pocket pair after pocket pair, AA, QQ, you name it, I was getting them and they were holding up. I knocked out the first 5 players. When we got down to 4 players was when the game changed. I had about 8K in chips to their avg 1500 each. That's almost an 8:1 chip lead and I had troubles.

I doubled them all up at one point or another and actually found myself down to 835 in chips with all 4 players still remaining. I was actually able to gain chip lead again, and we finally lost one, then two, and now I'm heads up. He only has about 4K more chips then me and I was feeling OK, just needed to get the cards and sadly...I didn't. So I finished 2nd at my table and was unable to move forward. Sigh. BIG dissapointment especially after all the awesome cards I was getting. I felt like such a crappy player, but I really don't feel that I made any obvious mistakes. You know, the ones that you KNOW was wrong and you berate yourself over and over again after the hand is over. I had none of those, but just couldn't pull it out.

I did play my WSOP STEP 3 on Party and ended up bubbling in 5th place, which sent me back to STEP 2 and I did horrible. I busted out in 9th place.

I played a $50 LHE MTT on Party, and was doing horrible until I was able to double up twice, then I met with disaster when I had AA and the river gave my opponent 3 Q's. Sigh.

I feel that I played crappy today because I am tired. I only slept for 3.5 hours last night, and I wanted to take a nap before I started playing tonight, but time got away from me. I am, however, going to bed feeling much better since I just cashed on PS for that qualifier.


The BIG day, The BIG game. RGP WSOP Satellite. I am accepting last longer bets, and I am determined to win. I will be bringing my best game forward and hopefully will have wonderful news to share once it's over.


Blogger Otter Chaos said...

Good luck this evening - it will be 8pm in the UK. I wonder if I'll have got the kids to bed - could be an interesting first hour...

I tried one of the turbo qualifiers "for fun" this week. Same result: a nice pile of T$ to freeroll into (and quickly bust out of) last night's RGP Home Game. Pah. I think I'm going through a "dead money" phase...

5:32 AM  
Blogger Shelly said...

So that's how you get the money if you don't to play in a game you won a satellite into - unregister! Does that work on all the sites, or just Stars? Congrats!!!

10:17 AM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...


I think most sites won't let you unregister, PS seems to be the only one that lets you, and then gives you the money in T or W dollars, which is fine with me as tournaments is all I play.


I'm actually debating right now on whether I should play the $350K or not. The way my luck has been going, I figure, why not?? We'll see.

11:05 AM  

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