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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Success Again...

So I can't help but feeling that each day that draws to an end, as I report on my wins and losses, that this blog is just ending up being some brag book of what I've won, blah blah blah and that some might think of it as pretentious or something.

Well, sorry if you feel that way, I can't help it if I'm winning!!

Played a $3R qualifier to Sundays $650 WSOP event. I can't remember how many people, but I believe around 240-250. Top 2 get seats, 3rd place gets $245 or something like that. I can tell you, when it got down to 3 people left, I did NOT want to be 3rd place. It was a fierce battle, had a lot of people watching, no chatting since it gets turned off. Finally got one guy down to 30K in chips when me and the other guy had 200K+, and he managed to get doubled up by the other guy over and over again until he took the lead and ended up knocking him out. What a come back, I was impressed. I've seen him before, his name is Kev101 or something like that, but he's a good player. So, yes, I wound up in 2nd and won the seat which I then unregistered for to take the $650W$.

I made a withdrawal Sunday night and last night and I am happy to report that I have not, as of yet, been hit with the cash out curse. So I'm pretty happy with PokerStars, and from the past week, I'm sure you can all understand why.

As I type this I am playing in another $3R qualifier to Sundays $650 WSOP event, I have sworn that if I win one more this week then I will, for sure, be playing that event instead of taking the W$. There are 17 players left, and I am in about 5th place in chips, and top 3 get seats, with 4th getting $381.00. I'd be ok with 4th tonight. I've been going up and down, up and down. Made some great comebacks, and am still alive.

I am also playing in a $100/$9 NLHE at the same time. 181 players joined, 87 left, and I am about 11th in chips. Nice payday on this one with 1st place being $5,430.00. Let's see if I can make final table again, and hopefully win some nice cash.

I will edit this blog once the two tournaments are over. Oh, and about yesterday (Monday)....nothing to report, which may be obvious since I didn't post an entry for yesterday. I think I spent $200 or so in W$ and real money, so yesterday was a loss with no wins to report. I did end up practically bubbling in two tournaments, one was the $3R for Sunday and the other was, well shit...I can't remember. LOL, I just know that they were both running at the same time and they kept me up until about 2 AM my time, with nothing to show for it. Ah, the perils of the tournament player.


OK, so the $100 is over and I'm out in about 40th something place, oh well.

The $3R, I made the money. There are four of us left. I was majorly stressing out as the blinds are 10000/20000 and I am the short stack and I'm getting upset because I might bubble, but then I realized that even if I go out now, I still get $ although I'd rather have $650W (well, the entry actually), I'm OK with 4th.

All in with 88, called by 99, I get no help, so I am OUT in 4th for $381.00 cash. Bleh. Should be OK like I said before but DAMMIT, I wanted that seat. Well, at least I made profit.

My laugh of the night:
Some guy comes to the table after it's over to see if the other guys want to sell their $650W for $400 cash. LMAO, are there really people that stupid that would say yes??


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