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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Weekend Ramblings

As far as poker goes, I haven't done too well lately, although I did win a SNG $80 good for 650W$, I'm thinking that I may want to concentrate on these to try and build up some W$. The goal is 7000W$, and although that might sound like a lot, I have 4 weeks to see what I can do.

I have also dabbled with the idea of selling shares of myself at the WSOP, since I've been asked by quite a few people if I was going to do this. I will think more on this and if I come up with something that sounds good, then I'll post it and ask for feedback.

I played in the RGP private WSOP tourney, but I showed up an hour late because I forgot about it and was out shopping. I had to double up several times, and the first time my K, J won vs. A, Q but the 2nd time my 6, 6 lost to A, Q. Oh well, had to do something. I ended up out in about 18th place out of 31, I believe.

As far as personal life goes, did a lot of shopping today with the daughter. Went out to breakfast first and just spent a great day with Cherissa. I assembled some speaker stands for the TV and screwed the screws in so hard, I broke the skin on my right palm. Ouch. Spent way too much money today, but bought supplies to redo both bathrooms. Bill's bathroom will be done in colorful fishies and mine and Cherissa's bathroom will be done in Palm Trees. Really cool, and I'm actually looking forward to painting the bathroom and putting it all together. Pretty boring stuff, this last paragraph, but that's what I did this weekend!


Blogger mookie99 said...

What type of SNG was it that allowed you to get W$ ?

8:13 AM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

Under Events/WSOP/Sit & Go Satellites. They run them all day long for $80/6 (9 people); $39/3 (18 people); and $25/2 (27 people).

8:18 AM  
Blogger Felicia :) said...

I think selling shares might be a good idea. Especially if you plan on playing multiple events so that we can hedge our bets a little bit.

I would be very interested if you decide to go this route. Since I can't play, I think you are my "best bet" at this time.

3:19 PM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

What a compliment, thank you. I'm still considering it, I think it would be a good idea with multiple events enter for the buyer. I'll post what I have in mind in a few days. Then maybe your faith and trust in me would help me sell shares, lol.

3:21 PM  

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