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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Let's Talk Money

I have written up a proposal in regards to selling shares/getting backers of my action at the WSOP. If you are interested at all, email me. If you have any questions, email me. If you know someone who may be interested, give them my link, have them email me. tanya @ pecksmedicalbilling dot com is the email addy.

I will ONLY do this if there is interest, if there isn't enough interest, frankly, it's not worth it to me. If there isn't enough interest in selling shares, then if someone is interested in being a backer, then we'll talk about that at that time. I will be open, honest and upfront with anyone that is interested, and if you know me or are a regular reader of my blog, you will know this by now.

So, on to the nitty gritty.

2005 WSOP Schedule (**** indicate events that I can use W$ to buy into from PokerStars)

Depart Home: Thursday 6/2, late PM

Event #2: $1500 NLHE Friday 6/3 **** (Can't use W$, already registered through the RGP event won)
Event #4: $1500 LHE Sunday 6/5

Return Home: Mon 6/6 AM, or Tues 6/7 AM if final table is made from Event #4.

Depart Home: Thursday 6/9

Event #9: $2000 NLHE Friday 6/10 **** (Already registered using W$ on PS)
Event #10: $2000 LHE Saturday 6/11 (If final table is not made from Event #9)
Event #11: $2000 PLHE Sunday 6/12 (If final table is not made from Event #10)****

Return Home: Mon 6/13 AM, or Tues 6/14 AM if final table is made from Event #11.

Depart Home: Thursday 6/16

Event #16: $1500 NLHE Shootout Friday 6/17
Event #19: $1500 PLO Sunday 6/19

Return Home: Mon 6/20 AM, or Tues 6/21 AM if final table is made from Event #19.

Depart Home: Thursday 6/23

Event #24: $2500 NLHE Friday 6/24
Event #26: $1000 Ladies NLHE Sunday 6/26 (Hey, it's cheap and it's another chance to win a bracelet)
Return Home: Sunday 6/26 PM.

Depart Home: Wednesday 6/29, early AM

Event #31: $1500 Razz Wednesday 6/29
Event #33: $3000 NLHE Friday 7/1****
Event #36: $3000 LHE Sunday 7/3
Event #37: $4000 NLHE w/ Rebuys Monday 7/4 (figure allows for 3 rebuys)

Return Home: See Notes Below Regarding Final Event.


If final table is made from Event #37 above, then I will stay in Vegas to start the Main Event on Thursday 7/7, unless I am assigned to start on Friday 7/8 or Saturday 7/9, then I will come home after I am knocked out of Event #37, and then go back the night before the day I am scheduled to start the Main Event. ($10,000)


TOTAL OF BUY IN AMOUNTS: $37,000 - $10,000 (Final Event) - $1,500 (Event entry already won) - $2,000 (W$ used to buy into an event) = $23,500

I will NOT be buying my way into the Final Event. I will only play the Final Event if I win my seat online, or in a satellite while there. These are funds that has not been calculated into the buy in amount listed above, and would be at my own expense.

If I sold shares of myself, I would only sell 50 shares and they would be for $500 each, which would give the buyer 1% of total monies won for all events, including events that I win my way into online or through satellites while there. (This would be for the $1500 Event I have already won, the $2000 event paid for with W$, and the Final Event, assuming I win my seat online or in a satellite while there)

PLEASE NOTE: This would be considered a bonus for the people who believe in me, and in the risk involved.

I will accept the $500 in cash through Neteller or on PokerStars as a transfer in cash or W$ only. I will start an interest list only at this time, If not enough interest is generated then I will deal with each interested person individually to agree on certain events that I am guaranteeing to be playing in vs the above proposed list.

If any event is won, the bracelet is mine to keep, I will NOT chop it up like I have heard other backed players would be willing to do. (Don't laugh, I've read about people offering to do this!!) This is for the cash monies won only, any deals made while in the money are to be made at my discretion. If your share won is over a certain amount, you would get the amount after taxes. I will not be stuck with taxes on your wins (as normal backing/buying shares etiquette rules dictate).

OK, so there it is, my proposal, I am interested in comments. Post them here or email me privately. Don't forget to tell your friends about me! I only need to sell 50 shares, will this be easy to do? Will my past record not show an interested buyer that I'm worthy? Will Felicia's endorsement show that I'm worthy? Ahhh, only time will tell.


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