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Monday, August 15, 2005

Full Tilt Night

Well, it started off innocently enough with me just entering the $10/$1 RGP Challenge for the evening, NLHE.

Then we got a $10 last longer bet going with 11 people.

Then I got a $100 last longer going with Howard.

Shoot, the last longers were worth more then 1st place. LOL. I was doing very well, but ended up busting out when my 10, 10 all in was called by K, K. The river brought my 10, but that was after the flop and turn brought him an A, J, he caught his straight and I missed the last longer by one person, ending in 12th place. Mukworm ended up taking that $100 down.

I did, however, win the $100 LL with Howard, so it's not all bad.

However, I did lose $11 when I accidentally sent a player named "Jaffa" a transfer, when it was MrJaffa who wanted the transfer. Full Tilt support tells me that I would have to find Jaffa on the tables and ask him for the $11 back, they won't interfere. Pshaw! It was a typo, I don't even know the guy! It's not like I owed him money and then wanted to renege on an agreement or something, but oh well, my bad. I consider it $11 worth of Karma and it did come back to me ten fold tonight, so it's all good!

Before the RGP event, I joined the $20/$2 NHLE and with 278 entrants, found myself chip leader with 30 people to go, then 20, then 10.

I busted out on a horrible, horrible play. I misread him, thought he didn't have as much as he did and made a bad call.

I had 10, J in the SB, I limp in. He raised to 5200, I called. Flop came 8, 9, 3 and I bet 5200. He moved all in, he had me outchipped due to a previous hand he had just won (I was 2nd in chips) and I debated. I truly thought I had the outs with any 10, J, 7, or Q being good, plus I had the back door flush option as well. However, he turned over 9, 9 for a set, and IGHN with no help on the turn and river, with $59.

I know that I should not have called on a draw, not at that point in the game and I'm livid with myself. However, all I can do is try to learn from my mistakes and carry on to the next tournament.

So, I decided to unwind a little and finish the night by playing some HU SNG's.

For those that recall, I had decided to do a little experiment on UB with HU SNG's. I played 10 $20 SNG'S, won 5, lost 5; so I was basically out the rake. I then proceeded to play 5 more, winning 3 of them, then had to quit for the cruise. So I'm back to the HU matches now, but playing them tonight on Full Tilt.

#1: $10/$1 (Just to warm up a little bit): We went back and forth for a long time, suck out after suck out, first me, then him, then me, then him. Good grief, I wanted this one to be over so bad. Finally, the critical hand, I have Q,6 and am on the SB, I limp in. He raises pot, I call. Flop is Q, K, 4. He bets 120, I raise to 240, he moves all in. Hmmm. I think and decide to call. He shows A,4 and gets no help and is down to 110. Very next hand, I get A, 5. He moves all in preflop, I call and he shows Q, 5. No Q shows up and I win the first one of the night.

OK, so only 1 for tonight, I got bored and decided to play some $1/$2 Razz instead. Sat down with $50, but then decided the pots weren't big enough so got on the $2/$4 list and sat down with $100, while still playing the $1/$2. Besides, I have a bonus to work off!! Decided to make a limit though, of 30 mins.

Left the $1/$2 table with $12.25 (-18BB)

Left the $2/$4 table with $181.20 (+20BB.....and these BB were bigger too!)

Plus, got $5 released in bonus, woo hoo!

All in all, OK night, nothing major, but every little bit earned feels good.


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