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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

BATR..The Cruise


Mom and I left Kingman around 10am, after I was first treated and surprised by a birthday breakfast with a few friends, that was nice! We got to Vegas and hung out at the airport until our flight left. We got to LA and basically just spent the evening at a hotel, waiting to depart on Friday for our cruise. Nothing memorable from this day/night.


Cruise departed at 5:30pm, so we got there around 1pm. Once we got on the ship, we found our room and then I headed straight over to the spa for a needed pedicure that I didn't have time to get before leaving for the cruise. We had early sitting for dinner, so we headed over to the dining room. Food was good, not "oh my god I'm going to die" type of food, but not "oh my god this is horrible" either, so the food was food. I made up my mind to never use the elevator once during the cruise, and since we were staying on the 2nd floor, and the buffet was on the 11th floor, and the cigar bar/cognac bar was on the 14th floor, you can imagine how sore my calves were by Sunday. LOL

After dinner, we just hung around the bar/casino. I found out they had a Texas Hold Em game, turned out to be a blackjack table turned into a 5/10 LHE game, with only 7 players max. Also found out it had a 10% rake up to a maximum of $10.00. WOW. On Friday, I tried the old "I've seen this on TV" game and basically donked off $140 before giving up and headed over to the dance floor. I ended up leaving around 1-2am, not closing the club that night, but dancing/drinking enough where I was ready for bed by then.


We docked in Ensenada and after breakfast headed off for some shopping. I had a great time, there was a wonderful coffee house that made a caramel frappacino to DIE for. Took him 15 mins to make it and it was worth it. Found out you can buy any drug you want without a prescription, so picked up some Percocet "just in case". Also found a bar called "(something) Wings" Awesome bar! We hung out there for about 2-3 hours, just drinking, chatting it up with the staff, got my hair braided, and danced a little. Headed back to the ship around 4pm, participated in the art auction on board (I LOVE those!), bougth 2 pieces, and then got ready for dinner, Saturday was formal night.

After dinner, I headed back to the casino where I was a LUCK BOX again, on the slots, and ended up winning enough to 1. pay for my shopping, 2. pay for my gambling, 3. pay for my artwork and 4. get 2 couples who noticed my jackpot winnings to nickname me "cha ching" for the remainder of the cruise. They were all from Northern CA and they were a hoot to hang out with, which I ended up doing that night. I went to the dance club where they noticed me and then invited/dragged me to the Jade Suishi Bar where we did some kareoke (sp?) and Saki Bombers. Ended up back at the dance club, and then off to bed around 2-2:30am. Didn't close the dance club/bar down this night either, what was wrong with me??


Day at sea. Slept in awhile, woke up in time for lunch but stopped at the casino first where I ended up just having a liquid diet on this day. By now my calves were SORE as hell and I had a hobble when I walked. I tried my best to remain my 'coolness' as I limped across the ship, but I wasn't fooling anyone. LOL. Simply spent the day gambling, drinking, shopping on board, another art auction, etc. Had a great time, it was relaxing, fun but WAY to short. I MUCH prefer the 7 day cruises, but the end, I'm ready to get off the ship and go home, but for this one, I wanted a few more days.

I ended up closing the dance club this night, then afterwards there was a group of about 20 people that just sat at the bar and conversed/sang/drank together until about 6am. I always have an easy time finding other people like me (extroverted, friendly) to hang out with, it's pretty cool. Had a great time with them!


Headed home after standing in line after line through customs, what a pain in the ass. Got home around 7pm, dropped off Mom at home and then spent the rest of the evening with Bill before crashing around 10pm.

I'm trying to remember things that happened that I wanted to blog about, but as usual, by the time it's time to blog, 1/2 the memories just don't come to mind. Now I'm back to work and finishing end of month for a few clients and answering phone call after phone call from patients since statements just went out. I really don't think I'll have much time for poker this week, so it might be awhile before another entry, but I'll try not to let too much time pass.


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Welcome Back.
Glad to see it was a great time.

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