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Monday, May 30, 2005

Manic Monday

Well, to all the poker fans out there, so sorry but I have absolutely nothing to report as I haven't been playing. I am gearing up and preparing for my Thursday departure for the WSOP (VERY excited!!) and haven't had time to play much online, and live has been out of the question.

Work is going very well, but I am extremely busy. I have tons of simple data entry to do, so I hired 5 people to help me out temporary and of course, only 2-3 actually worked out, so I was left to my own resources which was me, myself and I. I pulled an all nighter Saturday night, and at 5am Sunday morning, I did what any good mother would do, I woke up my daughter.

Cherissa loves to sing, she wants to be an actress/singer and would prefer the live stage vs. film. I woke her up at 5am on Sunday AM so that we could go down to a local bar/nightclub that is currently in the process of setting a Guiness World Book Record for longest karaoke session. The title was previously held by a pub in England, and as of 1:05am last night, a little old bar in Kingman, Arizona named Nick's on Route 66 now holds the title. I am proud to say that my daughter and I participated in the effort.

We stayed on Sunday AM from 5am until 8:30AM, I figured this would be the time of day when they would need help (singers) and I was right, there was only 2 other people there besides the DJ. We got to sing a lot of songs that I would never actually sing at a "real" karaoke session. Songs such as "Billy Jean" and "Sesame Street". It was a blast.

We then went back Sunday night at 7pm to 11 pm. Cherissa wanted to stay and be there for when the record was tied, then broken (1 am) but was falling asleep at the table around 11:30pm, so I took her home and then went back myself so that I could take part.

This of course takes me back to my wanting to break the World Record for longest poker session. As you may recall, a gentleman did it last year, or the year before, at Foxwoods. Made the news all over the country. Now, as a "real" poker player, we all know that there have been longer sessions, especially back in the old days with the old diehards, but if you don't follow the guidelines and rules set forth by Guiness, you are not awarded the "title". As I recall, the guy at Foxwoods did something like 60 or 70 hours. My goal, and thought, was to do 100 hours so that the next person to break the record will have to work harder then me. I'm still thinking about doing this, I think it would be great publicity for the casino I do it at, so if I do decide to give it a try, I'll talk to Dan at River Palms, and do it in little old Laughlin. Anyways, don't know if I'll actually do it, I know Bill wouldn't want me to due to the health implications of 100 hours without sleep. The longest I've ever gone was about 75 hours back in the day when we were trying to open PantherPoker, and stayed up for 3 days to get the website live. 100 hours? Piece of cake! (with the help of Vivarin!! lol)

So, that's it for now, I'm going to be working a lot the next 2-3 days in order to leave on Thursday, I will post again before I leave, but then you won't hear from me until my return from my first trip to the WSOP.


Blogger EC said...

1. That is so cool that you and your daughter got to be part of the karaoke record!!

2. 100 hours?? Are you insane???

3. I wish you just tons and tons of luck - and no bad beats, and really good cards, and no suckouts, and no bad players, and last of all I hope you just have the best time (ok, and win tons of money, but that goes with having a good time).

4:24 PM  
Blogger FellKnight said...

Heh. I did 80 hours with only ~45 minutes of sleep once (was on my army leadership course), but we were always moving, so it wasn't so hard. I can't imagine anyone being able to do it at the poker table (sitting down, etc).

GL to you if you do try it!


p.s. email me, we should meet somewhere pre-Event#2 (for brunch or something)

10:54 AM  
Blogger Seed said...

I could do 100 hours in my sleep!

12:42 PM  

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