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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Monday, Monday

What a day! I feel great today. I woke up around 8 am and started working, catching up on things that I've needed to do since last week (since my time off) plus, it's end of month so I have to close my clients in order to get paid. I worked the whole day, not stopping until 1 AM. Really felt great to be motivated again and to see the end results, the accomplishments, of completed tasks.

Of course, while I'm working, why not play some poker?

Had a great day, didn't win every tournament I was in, but I did win not ONE but TWO $80/$6 SNG's good for 650W$ each. Off to a great start in collecting W$ and I almost have enough to buy into another WSOP event. I am going to wait though, as I will need to use some of that W$ in order to try and earn more.

I'm currently playing in a $3R satellite for 650W$, and it started with only 149 people, but for the first hour I was stuck at the tightest table I have EVER seen in a $3 R. Noone was calling my all in's, until of course, the last hand of the hour. I ended up losing, so I did a double rebuy and only had 3K in chips, and then to top it all off, I forgot to do the add on so I started the 2nd hour at a disadvantage. However, there are now only 11 people left, and I just scored a big hit while I was typing this and am sitting in 1st with almost 140K in chips. Top 2 get 650W$, 3rd gets $317, so let's hope I can stay on the top of this.

I'll type some hands out as I get them, since I'm typing this while playing.

Just had Ac7c in the BB and flopped a flush. Was able to check it and get the sucker on the button to bet 8K, I then moved in and he folded. At 152K now, 10 players, 2nd has 132K.

9 players now, I have 168K, 2nd place has 128K. Final Table Time!!

9hQh LP, I limp and so do 4 others. 5 in the hand and the flop is 9, 6, 5. BB bets 20K, fold, I raise to 44398 to put him all in if he calls, the two limpers behind me....they both fold. BB calls and shows 8, 8. Turn is J, river is 2. I win!! At 230K now, 2nd has 169K.

Next hand, As9s, 1 limper in front of me, I limp too, button limps, SB folds, 4 in hand. Flop comes 5, 6, Q with 2 spades. UTG bets 10K, I raise to 40K to put him all in, the SB ends up calling with 4, 7 and the BB folded. The spade came on the turn, and I just knocked out another guy. 7 left, 285K in chips, 2nd has 169K.

BB, AsJs. 1 limper, so I raise to put him all in, he calls and has Q, 10. Flop comes Q, A, 2, turn is 8, river is 3, but 4 clubs on the board and he has the 10c. Bleh. Down to 255K now.

Button A,5, 1 limper in front of me, BB raises 20K, limper calls, so I call too. Flop is 10, 3, Q. BB bets 36K, I fold. BB has 10, A and limper has A, K. Limper loses, down to 6 now.

Next hand, AK, I raise to 36K. All fold. Chip counts: 237K, 198K, 177K, 119K, 55K, 54K. I'm still in first.

2,2 UTG, I raise to 36K, I get 2 callers. Flop is A, 2, Q all diamonds. BB moves all in for 60K, I call, other guy folds, He has KQ with Kd, but luckily no other diamond shows up so I knock him out. Chips counts: 364K, 202K, 195K, 47K, 35K.

4 players left now, 2nd place knocked out another with A,9 vs. A, 4. No guarantees yet, but I should be good for at least 3rd (I would HOPE!) for $317.

Small stack moves all in for 44K, I have Qc10c. I call, both blinds fold and he shows A, 10. Flop is K, 9, K, Turn is 5, River is 7, I lose. At 320K now and I just doubled up the short stack. Sigh. I'm notorious for doing that.

Nothing but blind stealing going on now, we haven't seen a flop since forever. The good news is that noone wants to tangle with me, so they all keep folding my BB to me. At 340K now and I haven't made a bet in ages! I keep getting the SB and antes.

A, 5 vs. A, 8. The short stack is now history, and we are in the money! Chip counts are 340K, 310K, 199K. I get 10, 10 the very next hand, I raise to 46K. The BB (2nd place) calls. Flop is A, A, 4. I bet 40K, he folds, at 382K now.

Next hand, KK. I raise but they both fold. I am UTG when the short stack is BB, so this may work.

Next hand, A, J. Short stack raises me, so I move all in, he folds. At 417K now. I do believe I will fold my SB unless it's an awesome hand, since why tangle with the 2nd place guy? Short stack just got into it with the other guy and now they are both even around 228K, and I have 400K.

J, Q I raise to 40K, they both fold.

9, K in the BB, SB calls, Flop is 8, 2, K. We both check. Turn is 7. He bets 20K, I raise to 40K, he reraises to 60 K. I call. River is 8. He bets 100K, I call. I get killed when he ends up having 8, K and has a full house. Bleh!! I'm now practically tied for 2nd place and the short stack is in 1st. LMAO.

7, 4 BB. Flop is 7, 10, 7. We both check. Turn is 3, we both check again. River is J, he bets 40K, I raise to 80K, he calls. At 300K now.

Next hand, A,J I raise and he calls, I hit nothing on the flop, he bets 80K, I fold. NO more raising, I move all in or fold. Big hand I just win is now back in his hands, I'm tied again for 2nd. Sigh.

10sKs I move all in, they both fold. I'm 3rd in chips now by 20K. I'm really hoping that these guys go at it pretty soon.

They go at it: A, 10 vs. 10, J. Flop is 10, 9, Q, Turn is 6, River is K. 10, J wins and now the short stack is back to being the short stack with 98K. 1st now has 517K and I think he's going to be sitting back. I have 201K, other guy has 127K.

I try raising the BB, the big stack, and he reraises so I guess he's not sitting back, that's good. I want him to take out the other guy.

K, 10 BB. SB moves all in, I decide to call. he shows 10, Q. I'm ahead so far. Flop is 2, K, Q. Turn is 3, River is A and it's over!!! I win!! 650W$ #3 for the day. Woo hoo!!

3 AM now, better go to bed now. LOL.


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