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Monday, May 02, 2005

The Big Dance, Take II

(2nd post of the day, you guys are in for a treat)

So I am playing in the $30/$3 R, 1 WSOP seat guaranteed. 299 Entrants, 2nd-15th gets $650 cash. I did not have to do a rebuy, I did do the add on for $30.

I barely made it into the money, and I mean the next step was to play for first.

I get AQ bb, the button raises, SB moves all in, I know that the button will call, they both have me covered. I decide to gamble and call. Sure enough, the button calls and shows K, K. SB shows A,K. I am in 3rd place. Flop comes A, 4, 8 turn is X, river is guessed it, Q.

8 players left and I am now in 1st position in chips.

7 players left, I am 2nd in chips.

6 players left, I am 2nd in chips.

5 players left, I am 3rd in chips. (I've gone card dead, can you tell??)

Blinds are 4K/8K, I get Qd8d on the button, I raise to 36K. BB moves all in, costs me another 90K to stay, and I am at 166K now. I decide to gamble again, I call, he shows 7, 7. Flop comes Q, 8, X...X...X...4 players left now, I am 2nd in chips.

LP: A,3os I raise to 40K, the BB calls (1st in chips). Flop comes A, 3, 5. He checks, I bet 8K (minimum) he folds. Bleh, but I'm 1st in chips now.

A, 8 BB, Button raises to 24K, I call. Flop comes A, 9, 10. I check, he bets 48K, I call. Turn is 7, I bet 100K, he folds. 4 players left, chip counts are: 430K (me), 298K, 263K, 69K.

UTG, I get AQs, I raise to 100K, they all fold.

BB, I get Q,K. SB moves in, I call (he's the short stack), he has 9, 10. He gets a 10 on the flop, I lose this hand. Now at 382K.

K, 10 SB, I raise to 40K, BB moves all in, 214K to call, I call. He shows 7, 7 and the flop comes 3,2,10 Turn is 5, River is A, I win. 3 left now: 638K (me), 250K, 136K.

Q,J BB, SB moves all in, I call for another 163K, he shows Q, J as well and we chop.

K,Q SB, I move all in, they fold.

10, Q UTG/Button, I raise to 64K, SB folds, BB moves in for 107K more, I call, he shows K, J. Flop comes 6, J, 6, Turn A, River 10. I lose. Chip counts: 474K (me), 348K, 230K

So, we're playing, I gave the short stack double up after double up and he ends up losing it all to the other guy, he is out and now it's heads up. I have 449K, he has 604K.

We play several hands, I get the best of him at one point, then the FINAL hand:

J, K SB, I raise, he moves all in, I call. He shows 5, 5.

Flop: 6, 10, A

Turn: 9

River: (I know you want me to say Q, J, or K.....) 2

I lose. Out in 2nd place. ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!


Well, last week I played this same event and I placed 3rd, and that was my best placement so far in the quest for the 10K seat, so this time I placed 2nd and that means next time, I'll win.

Right??? (I did get $650.00, woo frickin hoo)


Blogger TuscaloosaJohnny said...

Wow, good job! I can't imagine the pain of being so close to winning a seat in the big dance not once, but twice! You will get them next time :)

"Tuscaloosa" Johnny

9:01 AM  
Blogger Human Head said...

Even though you came up short, a 3rd and 2nd consecutive placing it just awesome. Note to self: Don't sit at your table :)

9:09 AM  
Blogger April H. said...

Congrats! I hope you do take first the next time, you deserve it!

2:50 PM  

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