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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cruise Trip Report

So after carefully wrapping up my two bottles of premixed watermelon martinis with my bathing suits and clothes, I was all packed by Thursday night.

We hit the open road as bright eyed bushy tail travelers at 4:30am on Friday. Found out on the way to the pier that I didn't have the right directions so 4 phone calls later to my brother in law and my sister who live in CA, I finally headed for the 10 West from the 15 South to get to the 705 South which is where the Pier was.

We were considered VIP's due to the wedding party and were able to check-in in our own special line that was only about 10 mins of wait time. NICE! After that we were the first people allowed to board the ship, found our cabin, and then headed to the Lido Deck to grab something quick to eat before the ceremony started.

The wedding itself was beautiful and of course, there were a few tears, I just absolutely love weddings and that damn wedding march song gets to me every time.

The ceremony was nice and simple, and then we headed over to the reception area...can you say "Open Bar"?? I think I only had about 5 drinks, but I did get the bride (Heather) and the groom (Chris) to do a shot with Bill and I, and after 2 hours, the wedding/reception was over and we were set to cruise.

The boat left around 5pm and Cherissa and I watched it from the top deck. We also enjoyed the Calypso band that was performing on the Lido deck near the pool. Apparantly so did the camera crew that filmed different parts of the cruise in order to pimp it on Channel 19 in the rooms, in order to get people to buy the DVD of their cruise.

Turns out the camera crew seemed to like how I did the Electric Slide, and wouldn't leave me alone. Now, I knew they were there, but I had no idea why. I didn't realize that what they were filming was going to be played on Channel 19 ALL WEEKEND LONG. I found this out Saturday evening after being recognized all day long, even while we were docked in Ensenada.

So back to Friday night, after getting Cherissa checked in with her Teen group, I headed over to the nightclub, called Rex, and danced and drank until about 2am. I was actually ready to go to bed around 11pm and found myself falling asleep in the club. I was getting ready to leave when I ran into some of the wedding party and they convinced me to stay with them and do some more drinking and dancing until I just couldn't stay awake anymore. I couldn't figure out why I was so sleepy but then it dawned on me that getting up at 3:30am that day with only 4 hours of sleep the night before can do that to you.

Saturday had us docked at Ensenada and Bill and I headed out for some sightseeing and shopping while Cherissa stayed on board to meet up with the friends she had made the night before. Bill and I stayed in town until about 2pm, then got back to the ship in time to play Trivia where we both bombed. Who the hell knows what cartoon character has a sister named Red Rose?

After the ship set sail again, I checked out the poker room. Carnival cruise lines offers 4/8 and 5/10 LHE on two different tables, sitting next to one of my favorite bars that I found on board. I ended up exactly even that night, then headed over to the club again where I danced until about 2 am again and headed to bed.

Sunday was the fun day at sea and I enjoyed myself by sitting on the Lido Deck in the smoking area, right next to a bar, from 10am until 6pm. People watching, talking with new friends, just getting buzzed and staying that way for the whole day. It was relaxing. I did find a new drink, So Co Lemonade, and thought of Big Al while drinking them. I have decided that I like Southern Comfort. : )

Sunday night found me playing poker again and all in all over the course of the cruise, I won about $200. I then headed over to Rex again and this time I stayed a little bit later, but still did not close the club down like I normally do. It was actually kind of weird, I'm usually always the one there until the end, closing the club down but not ONE time on this cruise did I do that.

Monday AM we woke up around 6:30am and packed to leave. It took about an hour to get off the ship, we carried our own bags off the ship, and were on the road by 10:30am.

We stopped in Rancho Cucamonga to drop off Cherissa, she will be staying with my sister Jennifer until July 5th. Bill and I then continued on home and arrived around 3pm. I hopped right into work and here it is Tuesday, another dollar, another day.


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