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Monday, July 18, 2005

Tag...I'm It.

A friend of mine through WPC has a blog, and has tagged me (well, I tagged myself as she didn't think I, or anyone else, reads her blog) and to show support to her and due to the wonderful compliments she's always throwing out about me on her blog, here it is.

If you don't get this blog, then you don't get those STUPID Fwd: fwd: fwd: emails. LOL

10 years ago, I was 21 and Cherissa was 3 years old. I live in Mesa, worked in Scottsdale (LONG drive) at a family physicians's office with 3 providers as a front office, check out, receptionist at $7/hour. I still remember having to learn how to spit out "Dr's Siegman, Ottwell and Chadwick, can I help you?" Every time I answered the phone. (Try it, it's hard 10 times in a row!!!) I was broken up with Cherissa's father and was doing the single life, but not enjoying it.

5 years ago, I was 26 years old and was Bill's girlfriend. I was contemplating the gastric bypass surgery at this time, and finally went through with it exactly one year later. I was working at a very large medical billing service in Phoenix and was promoted to Network Manager. I was making good money, $16/hour but still struggling and living paycheck to paycheck as a single mother.

1 year ago I was living in Kingman, AZ and doing EXACTLY what I'm doing right now. Playing poker online, playing poker live, and working for myself with the medical billing service that I own. I had 4 clients at this point, having just recently signed on my then biggest client, and was excited and proud of how far my business had grown in 2 1/2 years.

Yeserday I was in Vegas, at The Plaza, playing the $1500 NLHE UPC Event.

Today I worked and blogged like crazy.

Tomorrow I have a dental appointment at 8 am (egads!) and will be working and playing poker online ALL day and night long, probably going to bed around midnight.

5 snacks I enjoy: Cheetos, Pringles, Twinkies, Goldfish Crackers, PB Crackers.

5 bands that I know most of the lyrics of their songs: I don't know bands, but I know lyrics. Just like Erin, I know the words to almost every song that comes on the radio and have been commented on that fact MANY times.

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars: Make my entire family millionaires, set up foundations left and right, open businesses left and right, invest, and be a philanthropist. I love the idea of just giving away money. I have a generous soul and heart. I don't know if many remember this, but there used to be a guy that had a national column in all the big newspapers, where people would write in with their story, and ask for money. I think it was called Mr. Millionaire or something like that. I liked him. I loved reading that column, and that's what I would want to do. Give money away to people who need it, who could really really use it.

5 bad habits I have: Smoking, biting fingernails, gambling, apparantly drinking too much when I go out for the evening, forgetting names.

5 locations I would run away to: Costa Rica, Aruba, Australia, Holland, and Sweden.

5 things I would never wear: That one AWFUL outfit I wore to the WSOP Razz event (what a moron for even buying it, and then I HAD to wear it because I had nothing else, Felicia KNOWS the one I'm talking about. Spandex, Tank Tops, Daisy Dukes.....need I say WHY??? Baseball hats, I don't like them.

5 biggest joys of the moment: My family, my business, my poker, my blog, my new friends.

5 famous people I would like to meet: Oprah (Gawd, I admire her SOOO much), Will Smith (Seems like he would be really fun to hang out with) Micheal Jackson (I've always been a fan, sorry guys!), John McCain (I love this guy, and I'm a Democrat!!) and Julia Roberts (My all time favorite actress)

5 movies I like: Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Summer School, Star Wars Saga...that should count as 6. These are the movies that I watch OVER and OVER again.

5 TV shows I like: Las Vegas, Medium, Law and Order, West Wing, Survivor.

5 favorite toys: Dual moniters, internet, my new Hyundai Tucson, my Let It Ride home game and Trivial Pursuit.

OK, that's it.....cheesy I know, but there you have it.

Lorrie, Corrie and Mom......TAG, your it. Respond in the comment section so my readers can read a little bit about my family. : )


Blogger EC said...

How far you have come!! What a great story to know you're doing what you want to do, and more so - enjoying it!!

11:05 PM  
Blogger MOM said... little girl. I could have answered all those questions for you. You have come a long way in your life and I know you have a bright future ahead of you no matter what that is. Don't ever stop following your dreams,,,remember Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we might as well dance. Your most admired person (Oprah) once said "The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams." Don't stop doing just that! I love you...from your mom.

8:11 AM  
Blogger Corrie said...

I'm Corrie, Tanya's youngest sister (aka one of the twins) I am not the writer like Tanya is. I don't know where she gets the talent from. There is to much to know about me to brag about except for I am Tanya favorite sister. I am her only sister that is single and has no kids. The only way I get to know what is going on in her life is by her blogs. We are both to busy in our own lives to communicate that often. I live in Sacramento, 28 years old and having fun. Work keeps me pretty busy during the summer and I am so looking foward to September 25th cause everyhing comes to a stop for alittle bite. Where I get to relax and enjoy a lot of free time for about 5 months which is going to be great. It will be the first time in 10 years where I will work for a waterpark that does not operate in the winter, I still have to go to work but not as crazy and long hours as now. After coming off a summer season its great. Most people get to enjoy the summer and have fun at the lakes, beaches, and that kind of stuff well this winter I will be enjoying North Star up in Tahoe on the ski slopes along with going to Las Vegas in October, NY in Novemeber, back home in December and January, Feb skiing and March Bahamas lots of things planned already.Its going to be AWESOME!!!

I think the main thing that Tanya wanted was to respond to her blog questions. so here you go

5 snacks I enjoy: Cereal, granola bar, soft oatmeal cookies, chips and pop.
5 bands that I know most of the lyrics of their songs: Rascal Flatts, Kelly Clarkson (she rocks), the other are unknown. I know a lot of songs but not good with names.

Things I would do with 100 million dollars: My Family would not have to worry about anything and my neices and nephews college would be taken care of and of course taken care of. I would be continue the reputation of favorite auntie. I would quit my job and enjoy life thats a given. I would donate 10% tithing to my church, and the other is unknow at this time.

Bad habits I have: Working to much, biting fingernails, sacrasim,

5 locations I would run away to: Home, Paris, Spain, Bahamas, & Hawaii

Things I would never wear: to summerize this up I would say I am vbery conservative and wold where not thing slutty.I could list 5 things but I think by the word slutty is says enough

biggest joys of the moment: My family, my friends, being independant, my car.

Movies I like: Princess Diaries 1 & 2, The sister of the traveling pants, the are the only ones I think of right now.

TV shows I like: American Idol, MTV, those are about the only 2, don't watch much TV these days

I am finished with the Tag your it nows its someone elses turn.

9:41 PM  

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