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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday, St. Maartens UPDATE

Well, it's about 6:30pm here in the beautiful island of St. Maartens, and it is awesome here. The weather is a little muggy, especially being an Arizona girl, but still nice none the less.

I started traveling from Las Vegas on Thursday night, first stopping at Harrah's for a few hours where I won about $500 at 4 card Poker, nice way to start the trip. Then got on the plane around 11pm, arrived in Houston at 4am, then on a plane from Houston to Charlotte, NC at 7am, then from there at 11am to St. Maartens, arriving around 3:30pm, so it was a pretty long day. The worst part was the fact that there was no bar open in Houston that early in the AM, so I couldn't waste time drinking with that 3 hour lay over. I got over it though.

Got to see a lot of people that I already knew from the cruise, wonderful people, it's really a great bunch of people that get together for these WPS events, and I always have a blast with all of them.

We went dancing last night after playing a little 2/5 NLHE. I, a non cash game player, actually won about $400 at the game, NICE. Then got inebriated at the dance club (of course!!) and wound up in bed around 4am.

One thing I've noticed out here is that time moves slowly, everyone is laid back, chilled out, etc. Nothing seems to happen here until at least 11am-12pm and then that's just beach and pool. Stores are closed until 11am. You only seem to see people at the beach or pool, not in the streets or at the casino until around 6pm. The nightlife starts around 8-9pm and the dance clubs don't even open until 12am. I must say, I love it, but for the early nighters, you have to change your internal time clock to adapt.

Herb VanDyke and Warren Karp are here and send out special shot outs and Hi to everyone who's not here but wanted to be. Turns out there will be another event here, on the island, in November, and we're going to try and get some more RGP'rs to head out here for it. It's loads of fun, and with enough notice, we should get a lot of people here.

Phil Nagy is here from ACR, he's the sponsor of the events and a great guy, loads of fun. He's going to be running satty's and qualifiers for the November event, which is a great way to get to St. Maartens for FREE!!! : )

I also get to work with Jimmy Sommerfield again, and he's definantly my favorite TD, great to work for, knows his shit, and a funny guy to boot. He should be at the next event as well.

Today's event was a $150 NLHE, I busted out a little bit ago when my top pair on the flop (10's) was beat by a pocket pair of Jacks. Oops.

Fellknight is playing the ACR GSOP Championship event on the big projector screen in the poker room, so everyone gets to watch him playing and make fun of him when he donks off chips. He arrived today at some time, then had to sign up and start playing the event almost right away, I don't even think he checking into the hotel yet. LOL.

Well, that's it for now. The island is in the middle of it's Carnival season. It's the Dutch Queen's birthday tomorrow, so it's considered a holiday here and everything will be closed tomorrow until Wed. for it. The BEST part about this Carnival is that tomorrow night, the closing night, the Ying Yang Twins are performing in the streets for FREE. I LOVE them, can't wait to see them. I brought my CD of their's with me to try and get their autograph and then I'm going to try and get them to come play poker with us. LOL.

Be very jealous of me. It's phenomenal out here. : )


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