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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday #2 Update

I just realized I haven't updated the blog since Wednesday, how awful of me.

Anywho, today is Sunday and where to begin....

First of all, after a rip roaring start to the week, the 2nd half has just been plain awful. I can't cash in a tournament or in a cash game to save my soul. However, I plan on winning today or tomorrow, so I'm not stressing too much. : )

On Thursday we ran the super satellites into the main event. After a few of us busted out we had this insane idea to do a single table satty with unlimited $200 rebuys. Only 10 players played and by the time it was all over, there were 2 $2600 seats produced and $1K to 3rd. I got stuck in it for about $800 until I finally got the hell out of there!!! Crazy stuff.

Friday started the Main Event, turned out we got 51 players, which is a lot better then what was in the Main Event on the cruise. A nice turn out and 35K going to first. It ran for two days with the winner taking it down last night around 1:30am.

A guy named Rick Fox ended up going heads up with some famous hockey player, Richard something-or-another from the Montreal team. Turns out that's the only way some hockey fans here on the island knew that Montreal was knocked out of the finals by seeing him here. His team lost and he hopped on a plane to be with the WPS, how cool is that??

The WPS events are so much different then your "typical" tournaments. They are ran very well, excellent structures, with a focus on having fun. I can play in every single WPS event and not be sad!!! LOL

I've done some dancing, well I say some, but I've been out almost every night. Finally stepped into the ocean one night on the way home from the club, 4am and the water was fantastic!! I also finally hung out at the pool one day, the one with the swim up bar of course! Got a little sun, but nothing too bad at all. Having a great time just hanging out, being relaxed and laid back.

I start my travels home on Tuesday, but will try to post at least once more before I do leave. It will take me almost 24 hours to get home and I'm not looking forward to that!! Bleh!! The things we do to have fun though!

Take care and happy Sunday to all.....


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