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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wednesday Update

Here it is, Wednesday afternoon and it is POURING rain. Major "freak" storm with tons of rain coming down hard. I'm trying to hang out in the hotel lobby until it stops long enough to walk across the street without getting soaked.

For those that have been following the link I gave previously that is giving live updates, then you already know the news. Tanya, the donkey, cashed/final tabled again. WOOT!!

The game was PLO, $300/$30 with unlimited rebuys, which kind of scared me and I actually debated about playing until 10 mins before it started. I ended up in it for $1200, but was lucky enough to catch some cards, outplay a few times, and ended up in 4th for $3085 or $3045, something like that. So I basically profited about $1800 from it. NOT BAD as I was just praying at dinner break to make the money so that I can at least recoup SOME of my $1200, LOL.

Today's event is $500/$50 NLHE with 3000 starting chips and 40 min levels. Should be a good turn out and I'm excited to play and see if I can cash again.

Nothing else much going on except KrazyKanuck (Jim Worth) and his girlfriend Monica showed up on Monday with another couple friend of their's from LA, another player who final tabled the PLO event at the WSOP last year. We went out dancing on Monday night, had a great time, of COURSE.

There's talk of a field trip with a group of people to Platinum, which is the local strip club, apparantly they import their girls from Russia and Scandanavia. Um, I'm thinking of skipping that field trip at this time. LOL

OH and I had the extreme pleasure of meeting a gentleman from London, who is here on vacation, not necessarily for the WPS. He came to the casino, to the poker room specifically to meet me as he states that he reads my blog from work every day. WOW, talk about an honour for me. It's amazing sometimes to me how many people actually read my ramblings. His comment: "Thanks for entertaining us."

Well, someone's got to do it!!!

More to come later....thanks for reading!!


Blogger Mom said...

Glad you're having fun....BUT WHEN ARE YOU COMING HOME????? We miss you here.

P.S. Save some of this money so I can take your daughter to Canada. I'll probably need a loan

Love You

11:28 AM  
Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Tanya, I can confirm that there is a whole bunch of us out there who do, indeed, tune into your blog every day from the office to get our daily fix and entertainment. Blogger is one of the (very) few sites not blocked by my workplace network, so I stop by here most days to see the latest.

CONGRATS on your successes so far in these tournaments, keep those stories (and those profits) coming!

1:58 PM  

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