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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Full Tilt Report

I haven't really played much on Full Tilt, the most exposure I've had to it was during the RGP events.

I decided to check out their WSOP events and deposited $200 into my account yesterday. I played about 7 tournaments and ended winning a $75 tournament chip and while I was playing my tourneys, I decided to play a little 3/6 LHE.

Now, we all know I'm not a cash game player, but I do enjoy playing a little cash game every once in awhile, as long as it's low limits. : )

UP 46 BB later (That's $278!!) I stopped playing and bought in directly to a WSOP qualifier for a $1500 event. Top 5 got a package, 6-7th got cash, and I got 17th place. close!!!

So all in all I ended up ahead for the night a few dollars, but had a great evening of entertainment.

Today is Tuesday and I've already sat at one 3/6 table, where I doubled my buy in of $100 to $200 in 5 mins, and left quickly.

30 mins later I sat down at a table where I got my K high flush beat by the nuts, and my two pairs of Kings and 10's beat by a flush by the same guy, and just like that, I'm down $100.

It's now another 30 mins later and I'm currently sitting at another 3/6 table and will see if I can turn my $100 buy in back into $200. I'm at $130 now, so I'm feeling pretty good about this table.

I will report back later on how I did for the night. Not sure if I'll play any tournaments, I'm kind of liking this break from tournaments with a little low limit cash game.


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