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Monday, July 17, 2006

Tanya For Sale

I am playing the following events next week:

7/22 $1500 Razz
7/24 $1000 Stud H/L
7/25 $1500 NLHE

Buying in directly for $4,000.

I will sell up to 32 shares at $125 each which will get you 1.57% of all 3 events. I will be buying in directly regardless of number of shares sold.

I've only played in one event so far, #4 (LHE) coming in 150th place out of 1060, although CardPlayer had me going out late the 2nd day, so that counts for something, right? (ha ha ha)

In satellites I've chopped 4/9 so far.

Past online results can be looked up at

I'm home for the week, commitments and funds must be in by Thursday night, I leave for Vegas on Friday.

Email me directly at

Contrary to popular belief, I will not be drinking during said events. I plan on going deep and I plan on getting my damn bracelet. It's my turn.

EDIT: There's been some confusion.

If a profit is made then the investors would get their original investment back,
$125, plus 1.57% of the profit.

If a profit is not made then the investors would get 1.57% of the winnings.

If nothing is won, then you just gambled $125 on me.

Either way, I'm playing the events, so I'm not looking for people to fund my
events FOR me, I'm looking for people who want to do this WITH me.


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