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Friday, July 07, 2006

WSOP 6/25-6/28

I spent these days at the WSOP simply playing some satellites during the day and going out to dance and party every other night (instead of EVERY night, so I am cutting down!) Plus, I knew that I wouldn't be playing any events until Thursday's LHE Event (6/29) so I felt that it was OK if I cut loose a little bit in the evenings of the first few days.

Satellites offered:
$ 65 - Winner gets 1 $500 chip and $100 cash.
$125 - Winner gets 2 $500 chips and $120 cash.
$175 - Winner gets 3 $500 chips and $120 cash.
$225 - Winner gets 4 $500 chips and $120 cash.
$325 - Winner gets 6 $500 chips and $120 cash.
$525 - Winner gets 10 $500 chips and $120 cash.

On 6/25, Sunday, I played in 5 satellites, $65, $125, $125, $175, and $175. I lost 4 of them and chopped one $175 3 ways for $500, so I was down only $165 for the day.

On 6/26, Monday, I played in 2 satellites, both $325 and lost both of them. I then bought in directly to Event #1, The Casino Employee Event. Turns out that since I work for The World Poker Showdown and since Jimmy Sommerfield was out TD and is a WSOP TD, he verified that I did in fact qualify to play, so I did. However, I didn't last too long and was out before the first break. Oops. I then decided to buy into the 2nd Chance Tourney for $540 and didn't do well in that event either. Down $1690 for the day. ICKY day, bah.

On 6/27, Tuesday, I played in 3 satellites, $175, $225, and $325. I lost the first two but did very well in the $325 (the one to do well in, if you ask me!!) and paid off the last two guys $300 and $600 respectively, so I was left with $2220 for a profit of $1495 for the day. NOT bad!! I'll take it!!

On 6/28, Wednesday, I played in 2 satellites, $325 and $525. I decided to give the $525 a go since I still had 1 $500 chip from the previous day. I was lucky enough to find a table that had a gentleman, Toc was his name, who liked me. I say lucky, because when it got down to 5 players left, I was short stacked with 2 other guys when the suggestion of a "save" came up. Toc stated that only because I was still there would he do it (he was MAJOR chip leader) and so when I busted out in 4th place, I wasn't sad because at least I knew I would get my buy in back. Whew! I also won $150 in a chopped last longer pot with Toc, so for the day I had a loss of only $200.

This now puts me to 6/29, Thursday and I had a dilemma. I had enough funds on me to either play satellites for the day and hope to win one or more, or I could take the last of my money and buy in directly into Event #4, LHE. I decided to go for the gusto and bought in. I did this knowing that if I lost and didn't make any money, then I would simply have to stop playing for a few days as I waited for some checks from a few clients (both Bill's and mine).

Event #4 Tournament Report coming up!!


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