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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

WSOP TR 6/22-7/5/06

Get ready for a LONG read. I know I promised to give daily updates, or at least try, but it turns out the laptop I took doesn't work or I don't know how to work it, or needless to say, I've had no opportunity of posting to the blog, but will try to find a way SOMEHOW to never leave for so long and NOT have a report for you all.

OK, here goes:

Thursday 6/22 through Sunday 6/25

I finished up with all my work early so headed to Vegas. On my way, I swear I saw some funny lights in the sky, but will wait to see if anyone else has said anything or will say anything before I do. (I was a witness to the Phoenix Lights and I believe!!) OK, so I get to Vegas in time for the 8pm tourney at Binion's. Of course, the first few days I'm in Vegas I plan on doing some partying as the WSOP doesn't start until Sunday/Monday. I think I ended up final table in this event, I say "I think" as I know that I made 3 final tables out of 6 tourneys that I played over the next few days at Binion's. I either bubbled in this one in 7th, with top 6 getting paid or I came in 5th for $160 or something like that.

Damn, notes would be a good thing to have, huh?

Anywho, played the midnight at Plaza, nothing there...went back to Binions for the 2am and I know I made the final table in this one as I didn't get through until after 5am, so I proceeded to share a meal with a new friend I made, Martin, and then headed to bed. Woke up in time for the 10am tourney and started drinking again to wake up the body.

I made another friend who introduced me to a convention that was in town called, and I kid you not, The Drunkard Convention. These people are MY people, I truly belong. They have a website, with a magazine and all. On this day I was properly introduced to Southern Comfort and I know why Al Can't Hang loves it so much. That shit is GOOD. So after busting out early in the 2pm Binion's tourney, I headed over to the convention where I proceeded to volunteer for a game called "Name That Shot". 10 shots and 15 mins later, me and my new friend (Damn, what was his name???) headed over to Binions to play the 8pm. The alcohol finally caught up with me and at 8:20pm, I said Goodbye and simply left. I was asleep (passed out?) by 8:30pm.

Woke up on Sunday and felt kind of bleh, so decided to not drink that day and played the 2pm Binions, then headed over to the Rio to check out the satellites that were running.

For the whole time I was in Vegas, I probably played 10 satellites. I won/chopped about 4 of them, if memory serves. I did keep notes, but am too damn lazy to go look them up, in fact, I think I should just quit for right now and start a new post tomorrow so I don't cheat my readers.

I will pick up tomorrow where I left off.....


Blogger Fat Dan said...

Nice one Tanya..

Get ready for a long read..or not.

Have fun.

4:51 AM  
Blogger "The Rake" said...

Southern Comfort.
Whew !
Thanks for the update -
We have missed you and your
TAO mentioned that he met
you in his blog.
Check it out.

3:50 AM  
Blogger "MissT74" said...

Yes, I was able to catch up on some of my reading, Tao being #1. I first met Pauly about a year and a half ago...he's awesome, gotta love him.

Due to my grandmothers death, which I'll blog about later in my updates, I'll have to miss this weekends WPBT. Bummer. I was looking forward to drinking that So Co with Big Al. LOL

6:19 AM  

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