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Friday, July 07, 2006

WSOP Event #4, $1,500 LHE

I typed this report up this AM for the next issue of Women's Poker Player Magazine, so you are getting the "edited" version here, but it gives some hand histories and I'm not about to type up something new just for YOU. (ha ha ha)

WSOP Limit Hold Em Tournament Report

As I write this, the WSOP is underway and currently on Event #11. However, I would like to tell you my story about Event #4, the $1,500 LHE Event that was on Thursday, June 29th.

I debated about entering the event as I hadn’t won enough satellites to qualify, and if I bought in directly it would pretty much deplete my bankroll at the time. I’m fortunate enough to be able to replenish my bankroll from both my husband’s business and my business, so that’s why I decided to go for the gusto and buy in directly, knowing that if I didn’t make the money, then I would be done playing for a few days.

I started off at table 20 along with 1059 other players. I was on fire the first half hour, and was taking notes while playing, which I will share with you. The notes may be a little sketchy and if I don’t mention suites then it means that it didn’t matter for that hand.

I was in MP (middle position) when I looked down to Q,Q. I raised and had 2 callers behind me, both the BB (Big Blind) and SB (Small Blind). The flop was 9, 9, J. Both blinds checked to me, I bet out. The SB called and the BB raised, I re-raised, the SB folded and the BB called. The turn was a 7, he checked, I bet, he called. River was a blank, he checked, I bet, he called and mucked when he saw my Ladies. 450 won.

A few hands later I was in the SB with 6,6. Button (same guy as in my Q,Q hand) had raised, I flat called, as did the BB. The flop came 6, 4, 4. BINGO!!! I bet out, the BB folded, the button called. Turn was a 4, I bet and the button raised me. I certainly can’t put him on a 4, so I re-raised and he called. The river was a K. I worried a little about him having pocket Kings, but was too involved at this point. I bet out, he called. I show my flopped boat and he shows 9, 9 as he mucks. 600 won.

Two hands later, I’m UTG (Under The Gun) and look down to Ac, 7c. I decide to play and call, all fold to the blinds who both check. The flop came Ad, Kc, xd. The both check, I bet out, SB folds and the BB calls. The turn is a club, the BB bets out, I simply call. The river is another lovely club, he checks, I bet, he folds. 375 won.

So my stack is getting up there and I, of course, start playing a little bit looser and lose a couple of pots and then go card dead for awhile. A few hands that I lost:

I was in MP with 9c Jc, there is a raise in front of me with 4 callers, me being one of them and a total of 5 players in the pot. The flop comes down 8, 10, x. There is a bet, a call, a fold, then and a raise. I re-raise, the original bettor folds and two callers. The turn is a blank, there is a check, a bet, I call, the first player check raised, the original bettor calls, I call. River is another blank, I missed my open ended straight, there is a bet with a call and I now have to fold. I lose 225 on this hand.

I lost another 175 when I called with 7d8d and received 2 diamonds on the flop, stayed until the river and no other diamond showed up, had to fold.

I lost another 150 when I called with 5d7d and the flop came 2, 2, 7. I bet, he raised, I called. Turn was a 5, I checked, he checked. (Oops!!) River is a King, I check, he bets, I feel I have to call and I do in order to see his K, J. Damn river!!!

Before the first level was over I won another pot when I called from the button with 10, J. The flop came 8, 9, x. There is a bet, a raise, I call, original bettor calls. The turn is a beautiful Q, There is a check, a bet, I raise, the first player folds, the bettor calls. The river is a 10, he checks, I bet, he calls and my 10, J kills his trips as he shows Q, Q in the hole. 625 won.

At the end of level one (blinds were 25/25) I’m looking at a stack of 1800, (We started with 1500.)

The first 30 mins of level two (blinds were 25/50) had me card dead, only playing a few hands and after 1 ½ hours of play, my stack is down to 1275.

I pick up a small pot of 250 when my KsQs wins with a Q on the river. I also win a pot with K, K even AFTER an Ace showed up on the turn, which I hated to see!! I was also able to win another small pot with 10, J when all players folded to my bet on a K, Q, 8 flop.

However, in the last hand of level two, I give back practically all the chips I won when I refused to believe the player betting had a hand and I muck when I see him with A, A. End of level two and I’m at 1225 in chips.

We go on a 20 minute break and there is a mad dash for the restrooms. Even though the RIO has added restrooms this year, the poor men still have a mile long line to stand in as the women just breeze past them through the doors into our restroom. One of the benefits of playing in a male dominated sport, no lines!! (Well, except on the weekend of the Ladies Event!)

After coming back from break into Level 3 (blinds 50/100), our table is busted down and I move over to table 142 where I meet (or shall I say “run into”?) Joe Sebok, Barry Greenstein’s son. Now, I’m sure he may be a very pleasant gentleman away from the table, but AT the table? Don’t get me started. Apparently he didn’t like the way I played and made sure I knew about it. I advised him that him being who he was, he should be a little bit more gracious and not tap on the aquarium glass. If he thinks I’m a fish, why berate me?? After a few hours being with him at the table, he seemed to relax a little bit and calmed down, but I was glad to say, “Nice Game” to him as he busted out and I continued playing.

(EDIT: For my blog ONLY: In other words, Joe Sebok was an ASSHOLE. End Edit.)

I will admit that after taking notes religiously for the first few hours, the novelty of that bothersome task was getting old and I stopped taking notes around the 3rd hour. I will let you know, however, that I went quite deep in this event, busting out about an hour after the dinner break in approximately 150th place. Unfortunately, only the top 99 finishers got paid, so I missed the money by only 51 players. However, I was extremely pleased with my play and my placing as this was the first event that I played this year and I made it further then I made in any of the nine events I played last year, so I feel I am either improving or just getting luckier!

I hope you enjoyed reading this tournament report and in the next issue I will do a complete WSOP review/wrap up, as I will be there about 30 days of the 41 days that comprise the WSOP. I have not yet qualified for the Main Event, but will be working on that feverishly both online and live as I can. I wish nothing but luck and good play to any readers who are fortunate enough to be able to make the 2006 WSOP!!


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