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Saturday, May 21, 2005

I Have A Plan.....

...but before I tell you my plan, let me tell you a little bit about Ladies Night last night.

I got a teensy bit inebriated last night, in fact, so much so that I had to call my husband to come rescue me. We had a great time though, and since one of my friends couldn't make it last night due to a broken down car, we're doing it again next Friday!

OK, that's all I'm saying, now on to the plan.

When PartyPoker came out with their STEPS, I felt pretty good about them. I was able to get to STEP 5 four times from STEP 1 and cashed three of those times. Then, the dreaded cash out curse of PartyPoker got me, and I haven't played on that site since finding PokerStars.

So, I have devised my own STEPS on PokerStars, since I love that site so much now, but since Party has STEPS and Prima Network has Levels, I'm going to call mine: Rungs.

(Get it? rungs on a ladder? climbing up...get it?? lol)

I am going to take $220 and play 20 Rung #1's and see how far I can get, all the funds that I win will go to the WSOP fund, and then after the WSOP, I will play my Rungs for household income. OK, so wish me luck, it is Saturday early evening and I will report on the outcomes after I'm done!


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