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Monday, January 15, 2007

Traveling Woman

So while I was in L.A. this past weekend, although the main reason was for ESCARGOT, it was also to do the L.A. card room reviews for my book. I only ended up doing one review this past weekend, but knew that I would be back in L.A. next weekend (1/25-1/28) so I will be doing the Commerce and one other one (Hustler? Hollywood Park? I'm undecided) while I'm there I will also play 1-2 events in the LAPC at Commerce.

Thursday (1/18-1/25) I am leaving for a week vacation with some friends, a 7 day Mexican Riviera Carnival cruise and upon my return will be in L.A. for a few days.

I then travel to San Francisco (2/3-2/5??) to review the card rooms up there.

I then travel to Houston, TX so that my daughter can meet her boyfriend under my supervision. (2/14-2/18)

I then travel to Las Vegas for an unofficial ITH meeting where I will finish my Vegas card room reviews. (2/22-2/25)

I then travel to Atlantic City which is also the same weekend as ATLARGE (3/1-3/4).

I then travel on to Foxwoods (3/4-3/7) where I do the last of my card room/casino reviews and come home to finally relax a little before leaving again in April for the WPS cruise (4/22-4/29).

LOTS of traveling and working to do in the next 6-8 weeks, but it will be so worth it when all my work is done and I actually have a book that is published. What an honor that is going to be for me!!

Sooooo, if you are in any of the above places and want to meet, hang out at a card room or casino with me, meet for dinner, meet for a drink, whatever.....let me know! You can email me at, but if I don't answer right away it's just because I'm not home at the time! : )


Blogger Corrie said...

Ummm hello!! Your coming to SF and wasn't going to tell me. I had to find out through your blog. Do you realize I live 40 minutes from SF. We better get together or your going to have one upset little sister.

5:29 PM  
Blogger Hot Rod said...

Tanya, last time I contacted you, you told me to email you, so I actually do, and this time I get no response? What gives? Anyway, I live in the SF Bay Area (Sacramento to be exact) and we have some pretty nice card rooms up this way, if you are interested in checking em out, I'd love to meet you at one of them for a game or two.

3:14 PM  

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