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Monday, February 28, 2005

The Big Announcement....

...found out just this very morning that I am with child. Yours truly is pregnant and very excited and happy. Not to get TOO personal, but the husband and I were not trying, however we were not not trying. Haven't used protection in 14 months. Figured, if it happened, it was meant to be.

This event has set off major changes in my life. I will not be attending the events I had planned on attending for the next 6 months. The contract/agreement that I had with the husband is now null and void. I will be retiring from live B & M play for several reasons, but the most important reason is my health.

I had gastric bypass surgery 4 years ago, and Bill (husband) is a very protective husband. We have to be very careful and take extra precautions in regards to nutrients and vitamins for the baby.

Every time I go on my poker weekends, I come home sick. All those people handling chips, sitting next to hundreds of different people, the heavy smoke in the casino, I come home sick and it takes me about a week to recover. I cannot risk this while pregnant.

I will now have to play exclusively online, however, that too, may also be curtailed.

I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, and one of the biggest ones was discovered today after the news of the pregnancy. I have always been in charge of the finances at home, and it took awhile for it to finally dawn on my husband that we didn't have as much money in the accounts as we should. I admit now that I have been lying to my husband in regards to the amount of money spent on poker, and I deeply regret it. Due to this, he is now in charge of finances and I will either have to quit poker all together now, or perhaps simply curtail it and be given a set amount per month that I will have to build up to a new poker bankroll.

We have a lot of financial obligations about to occur, and becoming pregnant is just another one, as our health insurance doesn't cover pregnancy. We will be covered if there are any complications, but will have to pay cash for the OB and the hospital. So far, from the estimates received, it will be about $5-$7K. Not too bad in my opinion, as now that I'm not going on my trips, that's the cost right there!

We have also been trying to save for a new computer and a down payment for a new home. Again, money that I've spent on poker that could have been used on these items. So, to make a long story short, I have spent money on poker that could have and should have been spent on other more important items, and lied about it to Bill.

We are on the road to recovery, as I know that it hurt him and he felt very violated because he trusted me. I feel very bad about it, and have vowed to him and myself to make a change. That change starts now. I hope to be able to continue playing poker online, but again, if the bankroll can't be build from what I already have, or from a monthly "allowance" then I'm done.

I think I'll be OK though. I am a winner. I can win again. Otherwise, MissT74 will cease to exist.