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Monday, May 30, 2005

Manic Monday

Well, to all the poker fans out there, so sorry but I have absolutely nothing to report as I haven't been playing. I am gearing up and preparing for my Thursday departure for the WSOP (VERY excited!!) and haven't had time to play much online, and live has been out of the question.

Work is going very well, but I am extremely busy. I have tons of simple data entry to do, so I hired 5 people to help me out temporary and of course, only 2-3 actually worked out, so I was left to my own resources which was me, myself and I. I pulled an all nighter Saturday night, and at 5am Sunday morning, I did what any good mother would do, I woke up my daughter.

Cherissa loves to sing, she wants to be an actress/singer and would prefer the live stage vs. film. I woke her up at 5am on Sunday AM so that we could go down to a local bar/nightclub that is currently in the process of setting a Guiness World Book Record for longest karaoke session. The title was previously held by a pub in England, and as of 1:05am last night, a little old bar in Kingman, Arizona named Nick's on Route 66 now holds the title. I am proud to say that my daughter and I participated in the effort.

We stayed on Sunday AM from 5am until 8:30AM, I figured this would be the time of day when they would need help (singers) and I was right, there was only 2 other people there besides the DJ. We got to sing a lot of songs that I would never actually sing at a "real" karaoke session. Songs such as "Billy Jean" and "Sesame Street". It was a blast.

We then went back Sunday night at 7pm to 11 pm. Cherissa wanted to stay and be there for when the record was tied, then broken (1 am) but was falling asleep at the table around 11:30pm, so I took her home and then went back myself so that I could take part.

This of course takes me back to my wanting to break the World Record for longest poker session. As you may recall, a gentleman did it last year, or the year before, at Foxwoods. Made the news all over the country. Now, as a "real" poker player, we all know that there have been longer sessions, especially back in the old days with the old diehards, but if you don't follow the guidelines and rules set forth by Guiness, you are not awarded the "title". As I recall, the guy at Foxwoods did something like 60 or 70 hours. My goal, and thought, was to do 100 hours so that the next person to break the record will have to work harder then me. I'm still thinking about doing this, I think it would be great publicity for the casino I do it at, so if I do decide to give it a try, I'll talk to Dan at River Palms, and do it in little old Laughlin. Anyways, don't know if I'll actually do it, I know Bill wouldn't want me to due to the health implications of 100 hours without sleep. The longest I've ever gone was about 75 hours back in the day when we were trying to open PantherPoker, and stayed up for 3 days to get the website live. 100 hours? Piece of cake! (with the help of Vivarin!! lol)

So, that's it for now, I'm going to be working a lot the next 2-3 days in order to leave on Thursday, I will post again before I leave, but then you won't hear from me until my return from my first trip to the WSOP.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Exhaustion Sets In...

It's Saturday night and I'm finally updating my blog. I always feel so guilty for not updating, when I know I have faithful readers, but sometimes I just have nothing to report! LOL

Played a NLHE Bracelet Race over at Full Tilt the other day, about 250 players, top 2 got $2K prize package, and I ended up in 8th. Soooo close, but I was pretty short stacked, had to be ballsy and finally got caught.

I have only played a few of my $10 Rungs, I have about 7 more to play before I play all the higher Rungs that I won my way into. I'm hoping to do it sometime this weekend, since it's holiday and all, so we'll see.

I am so exhausted. My body is tired. My daughter and I finally re-decorated our bathroom, if you recall we only bought the items about 6 weeks ago. I finally figured out that if we didn't do it this weekend, then it wouldn't be done for another 2 months due to the WSOP, then when I come home from that, my daughter has a pageant the next weekend, and then the weekend after that Bill and I leave for our 10 day Alaskan vacation/cruise. BUSY summer, BUSY next 2 months.

In between all that, I have to somehow, someway find time and energy to work and REALLY work due to the new clients I have. However, when there's a will there's a way and I will do whatever I need to do in order to make my personal life intermingle with my business life with no after effects.

So, off to PS. I'm playing the $3R for 650W$ right now, and will also be playing the $33R for the Main Event Seat, and then I'm headed to bed. I'm soooo tired. Night all!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Think of Me Fondly....


I have already been posting here, and on my forums, sporadically over the past few weeks due to developments in my business.

This trend will, sadly, continue. Try not to miss me too much, but rather, think of me fondly, and congratulate me. I have officially signed on two new clients in the past 3 days.


I won 650W$ on Saturday in the 27R, about time, I thought I would never win another 650W$ again. I know, I know, it's only been like a week or so, but STILL!!!

My Rungs are going well with my completing the first set of 10 $10/$1 SNG's. I like to play out all of the $10 SNG's before taking the winnings and moving on to the next Rung.

For the first 10, I cashed in 5/10, (2nd, 1st, 1st, 1st, 3rd) and the next step will be to take those wins to their appropriate Rungs, and see where I can cash in those, but not until I finish the other 10 $10/$1 SNG's that are awaiting me. All I need is time, sweet time........

Saturday, May 21, 2005

I Have A Plan.....

...but before I tell you my plan, let me tell you a little bit about Ladies Night last night.

I got a teensy bit inebriated last night, in fact, so much so that I had to call my husband to come rescue me. We had a great time though, and since one of my friends couldn't make it last night due to a broken down car, we're doing it again next Friday!

OK, that's all I'm saying, now on to the plan.

When PartyPoker came out with their STEPS, I felt pretty good about them. I was able to get to STEP 5 four times from STEP 1 and cashed three of those times. Then, the dreaded cash out curse of PartyPoker got me, and I haven't played on that site since finding PokerStars.

So, I have devised my own STEPS on PokerStars, since I love that site so much now, but since Party has STEPS and Prima Network has Levels, I'm going to call mine: Rungs.

(Get it? rungs on a ladder? climbing up...get it?? lol)

I am going to take $220 and play 20 Rung #1's and see how far I can get, all the funds that I win will go to the WSOP fund, and then after the WSOP, I will play my Rungs for household income. OK, so wish me luck, it is Saturday early evening and I will report on the outcomes after I'm done!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Back To Poker

FINALLY...I get an evening where, although I should be working and I have work to do, I decide not to and to play poker instead.

Jumped on PS around 7 pm and didn't find any tourneys to my liking, so I moved around a little. Played on Absolute for the first time in months and I didn't do to bad as far as placing, but I didn't win anything.

1000 FPP for satellite into the 5/21 Main Event WSOP Satellite. 162 players, top 6 advanced, I placed 28th.

$10.50/$1, satellite into the 5/21 WSOP Satellite for the $1500 6/5 LHE event, 29 people, top 2 places advance, I placed 7th.

Then I ran over to Full Tilt where I played the $24/$2 NLHE Bracelet Race. 169 people, top 2 get packages, I placed 39th.

So back to PS where I played the following:

$33R Guaranteed WSOP seat, busted out right at break and wasn't "feeling" this one so I left the tourney instead of doing a double rebuy and the addon. 228 people, placed 171st.

$5/.50 Turbo NLHE, just for fun, 1413 people, money started at 145th place, I was out in 167th place.

$27 qualifier for 650W$, 38 people, top 3 get 650W$, 4th gets $250. I placed 10th

My heartbreak of the night: $80 qualifier for 650W$, 40 people, top 4 get 650W$, 5th gets $320, I came in.......you guessed it, 6th place. ARGGGGG...BUBBLE!!! sigh.

So, although no wins for the day, I am pleased with my placings. Not too shabby, and helps me to believe that I AM good, LOL.

Now, back to work...

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Calling All Buyers.....

Well, it's that time!

I am asking all backers to send their money to me via Neteller at tanya@pecksmedicalbilling.com or through PokerStars, MissT74.

Once I have received all the money, at that time, if there aren't enough interested people then I will contact you and let you know and we can decide where to go from there. Whether you want to back for an individual event, plus get a percentage of the already pre-registered events, or if you want a refund.

NO money will be spent until the final count is done and contact has been made with you.

If you have not previously contacted me, make sure you do after sending funds so that I know who to credit the funds too.

In other news:

Went to Laughlin last night for the 12:05AM showing of Star Wars III....it was cool. I liked it, good show. Not as good as the original 3 (4,5,and 6) but us Star Wars freaks knew that they wouldn't be once 1 and 2 came out. I fell asleep during #2, but #3 was interesting and a good show. Intense at some times too, let me tell you. And that's ALL I'm telling you, LOL.

Good news on the Laughlin front, RiverPalms, my favorite place to play tourneys, has finally gotten approval to run WSOP Main Event Satellites. I gave Dan, the TD, my cell and home number and told him just to call me whenever he is starting one, and I can just shoot down there to play.

That's it for now, although I have decided that I have been mixing business with pleasure and that will cease and desist immediantly.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Change of Plans

I have spoken with quite a few different people in regards to my share selling, and as advised by Felicia Lee and FellKnight, but requested by many others, I will be lowering my minimum price from $500 to $100. However, $100 will not get you full 1% share, but will get you a .20% share. This is for the people who are interested in buying a share of my action, but can't (or aren't willing) to fork over $500.

I have sold quite a few shares at the $500 price mark, and would imagine that I will be able to sell a lot more at the $100 price.

Complete details found at http://misst74.blogspot.com/2005/05/lets-talk-money.html

Let me know if interested, or if you have any questions. I can always be reached via email at tanya at pecks medical billing dot com, no spaces.

I Should Be in Las Vegas....

Every year, on this weekend, for the past 3 years, I have been in Las Vegas. I should be there this weekend too, but Harrah's decided to move the WSOP to the middle of summer instead of the nice days of spring. I wonder why they did that anyways? I can't think of any strategic move on why they did this, anyone have any clues??

Happy Mother's Day Weekend to those of you out there that are Mom's. I've already received my gifts from my husband, and they include 2 dozen roses and a new diamond ring. The ring is gorgeous, I love it, the only bad part is that it will take 2 weeks to get it sized since the jewelry store is so busy and we only have 3 in town. However, I will have it in time for the WSOP and it will bring me luck this year! Luck and love from Bill to take with me to Vegas.

I played some poker on Thursday, but only during the day. I wasn't winning anything and was only losing, so I decided to cut my losses for the day and ended around 4pm. I then took Friday off from poker, was busy with my work and then my daughter and I went shopping for about 3 hours. We exchanged all of the baby items and maternity clothes that we had pre-bought, and spent that money on ourselves. She got a new boombox CD player, the new Mariah Carey CD, a new outfit, some DVD's, and a mushroom chair to sit on while playing her Xbox. I got about 5 new outfits complete with purses and shoes to match and a couple of novels. We had a blast, my daughter is so precious to me, she is just like me and we get along so remarkably well. I am so lucky to have been blessed with a daughter like her.

We got home around 7:30pm and Bill told me that we were going to go out dancing and drinking with our very best friends, the VanPelts of www.VanPeltHomes.com . Bill did their website, you should check it out, they actually tripled their home sales just from his website. People actually DO buy homes over the internet, it's crazy, LOL. So, we went out, Finally! The first time in about 4 months, and I was ready. I was feeling very good and really looking forward to getting out into the night life again. I was very cautious as not to get too inebriated and we got home around 1 am, just "buzzed" and not "drunk".

Today is Saturday, I plan on playing poker on PS all day and doing some work while playing. In regards to my sell sharing, it is going extremely well, I will keep in contact with all parties that have expressed interest and we shall see how far we get.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Let's Talk Money

I have written up a proposal in regards to selling shares/getting backers of my action at the WSOP. If you are interested at all, email me. If you have any questions, email me. If you know someone who may be interested, give them my link, have them email me. tanya @ pecksmedicalbilling dot com is the email addy.

I will ONLY do this if there is interest, if there isn't enough interest, frankly, it's not worth it to me. If there isn't enough interest in selling shares, then if someone is interested in being a backer, then we'll talk about that at that time. I will be open, honest and upfront with anyone that is interested, and if you know me or are a regular reader of my blog, you will know this by now.

So, on to the nitty gritty.

2005 WSOP Schedule (**** indicate events that I can use W$ to buy into from PokerStars)

Depart Home: Thursday 6/2, late PM

Event #2: $1500 NLHE Friday 6/3 **** (Can't use W$, already registered through the RGP event won)
Event #4: $1500 LHE Sunday 6/5

Return Home: Mon 6/6 AM, or Tues 6/7 AM if final table is made from Event #4.

Depart Home: Thursday 6/9

Event #9: $2000 NLHE Friday 6/10 **** (Already registered using W$ on PS)
Event #10: $2000 LHE Saturday 6/11 (If final table is not made from Event #9)
Event #11: $2000 PLHE Sunday 6/12 (If final table is not made from Event #10)****

Return Home: Mon 6/13 AM, or Tues 6/14 AM if final table is made from Event #11.

Depart Home: Thursday 6/16

Event #16: $1500 NLHE Shootout Friday 6/17
Event #19: $1500 PLO Sunday 6/19

Return Home: Mon 6/20 AM, or Tues 6/21 AM if final table is made from Event #19.

Depart Home: Thursday 6/23

Event #24: $2500 NLHE Friday 6/24
Event #26: $1000 Ladies NLHE Sunday 6/26 (Hey, it's cheap and it's another chance to win a bracelet)
Return Home: Sunday 6/26 PM.

Depart Home: Wednesday 6/29, early AM

Event #31: $1500 Razz Wednesday 6/29
Event #33: $3000 NLHE Friday 7/1****
Event #36: $3000 LHE Sunday 7/3
Event #37: $4000 NLHE w/ Rebuys Monday 7/4 (figure allows for 3 rebuys)

Return Home: See Notes Below Regarding Final Event.


If final table is made from Event #37 above, then I will stay in Vegas to start the Main Event on Thursday 7/7, unless I am assigned to start on Friday 7/8 or Saturday 7/9, then I will come home after I am knocked out of Event #37, and then go back the night before the day I am scheduled to start the Main Event. ($10,000)


TOTAL OF BUY IN AMOUNTS: $37,000 - $10,000 (Final Event) - $1,500 (Event entry already won) - $2,000 (W$ used to buy into an event) = $23,500

I will NOT be buying my way into the Final Event. I will only play the Final Event if I win my seat online, or in a satellite while there. These are funds that has not been calculated into the buy in amount listed above, and would be at my own expense.

If I sold shares of myself, I would only sell 50 shares and they would be for $500 each, which would give the buyer 1% of total monies won for all events, including events that I win my way into online or through satellites while there. (This would be for the $1500 Event I have already won, the $2000 event paid for with W$, and the Final Event, assuming I win my seat online or in a satellite while there)

PLEASE NOTE: This would be considered a bonus for the people who believe in me, and in the risk involved.

I will accept the $500 in cash through Neteller or on PokerStars as a transfer in cash or W$ only. I will start an interest list only at this time, If not enough interest is generated then I will deal with each interested person individually to agree on certain events that I am guaranteeing to be playing in vs the above proposed list.

If any event is won, the bracelet is mine to keep, I will NOT chop it up like I have heard other backed players would be willing to do. (Don't laugh, I've read about people offering to do this!!) This is for the cash monies won only, any deals made while in the money are to be made at my discretion. If your share won is over a certain amount, you would get the amount after taxes. I will not be stuck with taxes on your wins (as normal backing/buying shares etiquette rules dictate).

OK, so there it is, my proposal, I am interested in comments. Post them here or email me privately. Don't forget to tell your friends about me! I only need to sell 50 shares, will this be easy to do? Will my past record not show an interested buyer that I'm worthy? Will Felicia's endorsement show that I'm worthy? Ahhh, only time will tell.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Monday, Monday

What a day! I feel great today. I woke up around 8 am and started working, catching up on things that I've needed to do since last week (since my time off) plus, it's end of month so I have to close my clients in order to get paid. I worked the whole day, not stopping until 1 AM. Really felt great to be motivated again and to see the end results, the accomplishments, of completed tasks.

Of course, while I'm working, why not play some poker?

Had a great day, didn't win every tournament I was in, but I did win not ONE but TWO $80/$6 SNG's good for 650W$ each. Off to a great start in collecting W$ and I almost have enough to buy into another WSOP event. I am going to wait though, as I will need to use some of that W$ in order to try and earn more.

I'm currently playing in a $3R satellite for 650W$, and it started with only 149 people, but for the first hour I was stuck at the tightest table I have EVER seen in a $3 R. Noone was calling my all in's, until of course, the last hand of the hour. I ended up losing, so I did a double rebuy and only had 3K in chips, and then to top it all off, I forgot to do the add on so I started the 2nd hour at a disadvantage. However, there are now only 11 people left, and I just scored a big hit while I was typing this and am sitting in 1st with almost 140K in chips. Top 2 get 650W$, 3rd gets $317, so let's hope I can stay on the top of this.

I'll type some hands out as I get them, since I'm typing this while playing.

Just had Ac7c in the BB and flopped a flush. Was able to check it and get the sucker on the button to bet 8K, I then moved in and he folded. At 152K now, 10 players, 2nd has 132K.

9 players now, I have 168K, 2nd place has 128K. Final Table Time!!

9hQh LP, I limp and so do 4 others. 5 in the hand and the flop is 9, 6, 5. BB bets 20K, fold, I raise to 44398 to put him all in if he calls, the two limpers behind me....they both fold. BB calls and shows 8, 8. Turn is J, river is 2. I win!! At 230K now, 2nd has 169K.

Next hand, As9s, 1 limper in front of me, I limp too, button limps, SB folds, 4 in hand. Flop comes 5, 6, Q with 2 spades. UTG bets 10K, I raise to 40K to put him all in, the SB ends up calling with 4, 7 and the BB folded. The spade came on the turn, and I just knocked out another guy. 7 left, 285K in chips, 2nd has 169K.

BB, AsJs. 1 limper, so I raise to put him all in, he calls and has Q, 10. Flop comes Q, A, 2, turn is 8, river is 3, but 4 clubs on the board and he has the 10c. Bleh. Down to 255K now.

Button A,5, 1 limper in front of me, BB raises 20K, limper calls, so I call too. Flop is 10, 3, Q. BB bets 36K, I fold. BB has 10, A and limper has A, K. Limper loses, down to 6 now.

Next hand, AK, I raise to 36K. All fold. Chip counts: 237K, 198K, 177K, 119K, 55K, 54K. I'm still in first.

2,2 UTG, I raise to 36K, I get 2 callers. Flop is A, 2, Q all diamonds. BB moves all in for 60K, I call, other guy folds, He has KQ with Kd, but luckily no other diamond shows up so I knock him out. Chips counts: 364K, 202K, 195K, 47K, 35K.

4 players left now, 2nd place knocked out another with A,9 vs. A, 4. No guarantees yet, but I should be good for at least 3rd (I would HOPE!) for $317.

Small stack moves all in for 44K, I have Qc10c. I call, both blinds fold and he shows A, 10. Flop is K, 9, K, Turn is 5, River is 7, I lose. At 320K now and I just doubled up the short stack. Sigh. I'm notorious for doing that.

Nothing but blind stealing going on now, we haven't seen a flop since forever. The good news is that noone wants to tangle with me, so they all keep folding my BB to me. At 340K now and I haven't made a bet in ages! I keep getting the SB and antes.

A, 5 vs. A, 8. The short stack is now history, and we are in the money! Chip counts are 340K, 310K, 199K. I get 10, 10 the very next hand, I raise to 46K. The BB (2nd place) calls. Flop is A, A, 4. I bet 40K, he folds, at 382K now.

Next hand, KK. I raise but they both fold. I am UTG when the short stack is BB, so this may work.

Next hand, A, J. Short stack raises me, so I move all in, he folds. At 417K now. I do believe I will fold my SB unless it's an awesome hand, since why tangle with the 2nd place guy? Short stack just got into it with the other guy and now they are both even around 228K, and I have 400K.

J, Q I raise to 40K, they both fold.

9, K in the BB, SB calls, Flop is 8, 2, K. We both check. Turn is 7. He bets 20K, I raise to 40K, he reraises to 60 K. I call. River is 8. He bets 100K, I call. I get killed when he ends up having 8, K and has a full house. Bleh!! I'm now practically tied for 2nd place and the short stack is in 1st. LMAO.

7, 4 BB. Flop is 7, 10, 7. We both check. Turn is 3, we both check again. River is J, he bets 40K, I raise to 80K, he calls. At 300K now.

Next hand, A,J I raise and he calls, I hit nothing on the flop, he bets 80K, I fold. NO more raising, I move all in or fold. Big hand I just win is now back in his hands, I'm tied again for 2nd. Sigh.

10sKs I move all in, they both fold. I'm 3rd in chips now by 20K. I'm really hoping that these guys go at it pretty soon.

They go at it: A, 10 vs. 10, J. Flop is 10, 9, Q, Turn is 6, River is K. 10, J wins and now the short stack is back to being the short stack with 98K. 1st now has 517K and I think he's going to be sitting back. I have 201K, other guy has 127K.

I try raising the BB, the big stack, and he reraises so I guess he's not sitting back, that's good. I want him to take out the other guy.

K, 10 BB. SB moves all in, I decide to call. he shows 10, Q. I'm ahead so far. Flop is 2, K, Q. Turn is 3, River is A and it's over!!! I win!! 650W$ #3 for the day. Woo hoo!!

3 AM now, better go to bed now. LOL.

Monday, May 02, 2005

The Big Dance, Take II

(2nd post of the day, you guys are in for a treat)

So I am playing in the $30/$3 R, 1 WSOP seat guaranteed. 299 Entrants, 2nd-15th gets $650 cash. I did not have to do a rebuy, I did do the add on for $30.

I barely made it into the money, and I mean barely....so the next step was to play for first.

I get AQ bb, the button raises, SB moves all in, I know that the button will call, they both have me covered. I decide to gamble and call. Sure enough, the button calls and shows K, K. SB shows A,K. I am in 3rd place. Flop comes A, 4, 8 turn is X, river is .....you guessed it, Q.

8 players left and I am now in 1st position in chips.

7 players left, I am 2nd in chips.

6 players left, I am 2nd in chips.

5 players left, I am 3rd in chips. (I've gone card dead, can you tell??)

Blinds are 4K/8K, I get Qd8d on the button, I raise to 36K. BB moves all in, costs me another 90K to stay, and I am at 166K now. I decide to gamble again, I call, he shows 7, 7. Flop comes Q, 8, X...X...X...4 players left now, I am 2nd in chips.

LP: A,3os I raise to 40K, the BB calls (1st in chips). Flop comes A, 3, 5. He checks, I bet 8K (minimum) he folds. Bleh, but I'm 1st in chips now.

A, 8 BB, Button raises to 24K, I call. Flop comes A, 9, 10. I check, he bets 48K, I call. Turn is 7, I bet 100K, he folds. 4 players left, chip counts are: 430K (me), 298K, 263K, 69K.

UTG, I get AQs, I raise to 100K, they all fold.

BB, I get Q,K. SB moves in, I call (he's the short stack), he has 9, 10. He gets a 10 on the flop, I lose this hand. Now at 382K.

K, 10 SB, I raise to 40K, BB moves all in, 214K to call, I call. He shows 7, 7 and the flop comes 3,2,10 Turn is 5, River is A, I win. 3 left now: 638K (me), 250K, 136K.

Q,J BB, SB moves all in, I call for another 163K, he shows Q, J as well and we chop.

K,Q SB, I move all in, they fold.

10, Q UTG/Button, I raise to 64K, SB folds, BB moves in for 107K more, I call, he shows K, J. Flop comes 6, J, 6, Turn A, River 10. I lose. Chip counts: 474K (me), 348K, 230K

So, we're playing, I gave the short stack double up after double up and he ends up losing it all to the other guy, he is out and now it's heads up. I have 449K, he has 604K.

We play several hands, I get the best of him at one point, then the FINAL hand:

J, K SB, I raise, he moves all in, I call. He shows 5, 5.

Flop: 6, 10, A

Turn: 9

River: (I know you want me to say Q, J, or K.....) 2

I lose. Out in 2nd place. ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!


Well, last week I played this same event and I placed 3rd, and that was my best placement so far in the quest for the 10K seat, so this time I placed 2nd and that means next time, I'll win.

Right??? (I did get $650.00, woo frickin hoo)

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Weekend Ramblings

As far as poker goes, I haven't done too well lately, although I did win a SNG $80 good for 650W$, I'm thinking that I may want to concentrate on these to try and build up some W$. The goal is 7000W$, and although that might sound like a lot, I have 4 weeks to see what I can do.

I have also dabbled with the idea of selling shares of myself at the WSOP, since I've been asked by quite a few people if I was going to do this. I will think more on this and if I come up with something that sounds good, then I'll post it and ask for feedback.

I played in the RGP private WSOP tourney, but I showed up an hour late because I forgot about it and was out shopping. I had to double up several times, and the first time my K, J won vs. A, Q but the 2nd time my 6, 6 lost to A, Q. Oh well, had to do something. I ended up out in about 18th place out of 31, I believe.

As far as personal life goes, did a lot of shopping today with the daughter. Went out to breakfast first and just spent a great day with Cherissa. I assembled some speaker stands for the TV and screwed the screws in so hard, I broke the skin on my right palm. Ouch. Spent way too much money today, but bought supplies to redo both bathrooms. Bill's bathroom will be done in colorful fishies and mine and Cherissa's bathroom will be done in Palm Trees. Really cool, and I'm actually looking forward to painting the bathroom and putting it all together. Pretty boring stuff, this last paragraph, but that's what I did this weekend!