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Friday, February 16, 2007

2007 RGP Donkey Starfest Announced

Yes folks, the RGP Donkey Starfest is BACK.

Please feel free to check out the schedule and the rules atwww.LetsBuyPokerStars.com

The first event will be on 3/6/2007.

This is how it will work:

There will be 3 events each week, Tuesday/Thursday/Friday for 4 weeks each month, for a total of 12 events a month, for a total of 3 months.

The top 3 finishers from EACH event get automatically entered into the monthly championship. You cannot sell or transfer your seat if you win more than one, however, it will increase your odds of winning the monthly championship which DOES have a grand prize, thanks to the great people at PokerStars. (Maximum number of possible entrants = 36)

At each of the 3 monthly championships, the final table will win a seat to the Final Championship, which does have an even BETTER grand prize, again, thanks to the great people at PokerStars. (Maximum number of possible entrants = 27)

Read all about it at the website, and let me know if you have any questions. This is an event for RGP'rs but if you know me and because I set them up, tell them Tanya sent you. : )

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I left my heart in San Francisco..

...well, not YET, but I will be there this weekend! I land at 1:10pm in San Jose on Friday, and will be staying in Redwood City. Bay 101 is in San Jose and Lucky Chances is in Colma, near San Francisco, so I'll be staying right smack dab in the middle. Found an awesome rental car rate of $15 a day with unlimited milage, so I'm set!!

I've called my baby sister, Corrie, and will be hanging out with her on Pier 39 and doing the touristy stuff on Friday, then head to one of the casinos on Saturday, then the other one on Sunday, leaving me free to do touristy stuff again on Monday and then I come home on Tuesday.

If you want to meet up with me, please email me and I'll exchange cell phone numbers with you. I would hate to miss meeting anyone that lives in the area, so email me NOW!!!


EDIT: I forgot to mention that I will be in Vegas Thursday night since I have an early AM flight out on Friday and will therefore be able to hang out with my WPC sisters as they are there for their annual Vegas Outing!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Waxing Philosophy

I had an interesting dream last night, I won't go into details but when I woke up it left me instantly thinking "When is the line drawn?"

Where do you draw the line on someone being confident and a "go-getter" vs. being selfish and spoiled?

For example, if I say "I deserve better" or "I deserve it" or "I deserve more" am I being confident or am I being selfish? Does it depend on the item/object/subject?

I'm truly puzzled about this and would like others input. My first reaction is, of course, that I'm just being confident and that dammit, I DO deserve it. (Whatever "It" is) but then I looked deeper, or more to the point, I look at how OTHERS would look at it and I'm thinking it might actually come across or appear to be selfish.

How do you draw the line? Where do you draw the line?

Monday, February 05, 2007

SuperBowl XLI

So for some reason, I have made it a habit to turn SuperBowl Sunday into a "big" thing for me. I have made it a point to watch it for the past 6 years, even though I don't watch (for the most part) any football during regular season, except for College.

So, I headed to the store Sunday AM, got the makings for my chili-cheese dip, chips, pretzels, and fixings for a big spaghetti dinner.

Read a book and watched movies until Kick off Time, then decided to go into the kitchen and make a plate of my dip with chips and proceeded to drop the plate on the counter when I heard "...and he's on the 30!!!" coming from the living room from the kick off. Sigh. I did make it into the living room just in time to see him step into the endzone. What a run and I missed it, that sucked. Of course, reruns, but it's just not the same!!

Anywho, my tradition consists mostly of watching the commercials and the halftime show. My favorite halftime show, by far, is Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, I LOVED it! The controversy! The denials! Pulease, it was obviously planned IMO and I'm OK with that as it was meant to cause a reaction and that's what it did, it made my jaw drop down!!

However, I absolutely LOVE Prince and was very eager to see the show. I will admit to being slightly disappointed in the performance, but I think it's because I expected too much, kind of like my first cruise. LOL. I kept waiting for him or one of his twin dancers to slip and fall due to the rain, but amazingly, they kept their balance the entire time. I was also waiting for him to get electrocuted with his guitars, but that didn't happen either. Bummer. Now, THAT would have made for interesting TV, LOL.

Now, my comments on the commercials as posted on ITH:


Loved the Blockbuster Mouse one even though I detest Blockbuster and have been running a boycott on them for the past 5 years.

The beard combover was funny at first, then flopped, however I've always enjoyed the Sierra Mist commercials, very funny and cute.

I absolutely loved the Oprah Winfrey/David Letterman promo, anyone who watches David would appreciate that one, I was tickled about it.

There was one that made my heart stop, a truck commercial (Ford, Chevy...who knows??) Where they clock him going from 0-70 in 4 seconds or something, with two doors closing, which he barely makes it through and then has to stop on a dime or go over the edge. The reason why it made my heart stop was because they had a disclaimer at the bottom that actually said "Real test performed" or something to that effect when it's usually "Stunt man on closed course, do not attempt". Only saw it once though, but it made me sit up and pay attention.

All in all, pretty disappointed. I can't even remember ones that I laughed out loud with, except of course the beer commercials (again, what brand...who knows??) bunch of different ones.

Oh, I did LOL to the Taco Bell commercial with the 2 lions and the one trying to teach the other to roll his "R's". LOL

SECOND POST (After darvon posted a link: http://www.cbs.sportsline.com/nfl/postseason/superads ):

Thanks for the link, it helped refresh my memory.

1st Quarter:

The Doritos commercial, LOVED it, I was rolling.

The Budweiser Rock, Paper, Scissor, I LOL'd.

The one I mentioned above was the Toyota Tundra: Ramp. Ohhh, good one, but I've always been partial to ones that made me laugh.

Very disappointed in GoDaddy.com, they usually have good ones but this years was hardly racey at all.

2nd Quarter:

Again, the Doritos, very funny.

The Chevy Car Wash was cute to me but because at the very end they show a very old guy wearing a wrestling type underpants only, carrying a guitar, and I met him in Vegas. He's the worlds oldest known male strip dancer. Kinda cool to see him in the commercial.

The Coca Cola Timeline was heartwarming and I liked it due to the significance of the coaching staff in today's event.

All others...>Bleh, but I'll admit I missed the Sierra Mist Hospital one, I probably would have liked that one.

3rd quarter:

The FedEx Shipping one was stupid, IMO.

I liked the Bud LIght Great Apes.

YES! The Taco Bell Lions one, that was the best.

The Bud Light: Movie; "But he has an axe!!" "But he has Bud Light!" that was funny.

Nothing else in that quarter.

4th quarter:

Not a single one. However, I will admit to losing interest in the game, I mean the Bears got slaughtered! (Yes, that's who I was rooting for, I just despise the Colts uniforms, way too ugly to cheer for them) So I started reading again but upon reviewing the website, I still didn't see one I particulary cared for.

Ohhh...not sure what quarter, but the Kevin Federline commercial was HILARIOUS, I love someone who can make fun of their self, shows confidence, IMO, and I never liked him or disliked him before.

So that's it, my SuperBowl report and now it's Monday so back to work!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Mom Needs Help

As you all know, I live in a rural community, Kingman, Arizona, where we have exactly 10 child care centers in our town. Not only are ALL the centers filled to capacity, but ALL of them have a 1-2 year waiting list for accepting children.

My mother moved to Kingman last year to be near me and my daughter and decided to open her own child care center. She has a BA in Child Development and 20 years of experience in the child care field, including being Regional Director and Center Directors for national child care centers such as KinderCare, La Petite Academy and Children's World. She has opened many centers from the ground up, and all of her centers have been financially successful for the particular company she was working for at the time.

Mom has also designed a currivulum and has written a staff training manual that is currently being used in several centers throughout Arizona. Mom knows her stuff about child care and is a pretty awesome business woman. (Which is probably where I got my business sense from!)

Mom has found the perfect location for her center, and has had it secured since last October, using the past months to do renovations and getting the building up to local firecodes, passing inspections, etc.

During this time frame, Mom has put in over $30K of her own money, but needs 60-80K more to put into the business to get it opened. She had the financing secured before starting the process, but in the 2nd month, it fell through when the investor changed his terms to what was simply unacceptable.

I have been trying to help her secure more funds in the past 2 months, but have been having difficulties in raising the full 80K. We had the idea of finding 4 people to invest 20K each, if we couldn't find 1 person to do the full 80K, and now we're even at the point of thinking about finding 8 people at 10K each in order to get the center open. We already have 2 investors at 10K willing, (not including myself) but only if we get the other 6, obviously.

The biggest attraction that this investment would have is the fact that because we're in a rural community, we have a LOT of DES (Department of Economic Security) children. These are the children that the State of Arizona pays for their child care, due to the economic status of their parents/household.

Due to all the other child care centers being full and having waiting lists, we know that we could open the center with a minimum of 90% occupancy, if not 100%, due to the demand for this service. Of that 90%, at least 80-90% of them would be DES children which means guaranteed income for the center, as the State pays the center directly on a monthly basis.

All offers and terms will be considered. (We'll consider all offers just to get it going/opened since we already have the building and done renovations. We would hate to have to stop and give up when it's so close to opening.)

Alas, the SBA is not cracked up to what's it's suppose to be for and if any of you have dealt with them, then you know what I mean.

Just to let you know, she has an awesome business plan that would make any interested party swoon. (Noooo, I didn't help her do it. LOL)

I am trying my hardest to help Mom realize her dreams, just as she helped me with mine. I'm also trying hard to help her because I'm one of the people who wants to invest in this, I just don't have 80K in my back pocket right now, if you know what I mean.

Email me at tanya@pecksmedicalbilling.com for Mom's contact information, if interested, and if you've gotten this far, thanks for reading!