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Thursday, March 31, 2005


FINALLY! I am playing on PokerStars. I decided to try and download it yesterday to see if it would still crash my system. I did crash within the first 5 mins of downloading, but then I rebooted and re-opened PS and I was able to play for over 6 hours while also surfing the web, so I think it must be something in my system, and not PS as my system will periodically crash even before I had PS installed last time. OK...on to some poker news!

I played the $10/$1R, $15K guaranteed, was able to get away with only 1 rebuy and the addon, and ended up in about 67th place out of 573 with 54 getting paid. Sooo close to being in the money on my first PS tourney.

I played 2 $5.50R WSOP Double Shootout satellites, but was unable to do much in either one, although for these tourneys being Turbos, I felt they were much better structured then Party's Speed tourneys and I simply went card dead in the 1st one or I do believe I wouldv'e placed. In the 2nd one, I sat out for a few minutes to start dinner and I forgot it was a Turbo so I missed 2 blinds only and it crushed me, lol. My bad!

I played a $20/$2 SNG and I ended up bubbling in 4th when I was bluffed off a nice big size pot with KJ high, and she only had Q7..no pair, and then showed as if to "rub it in" I hate that, but I try not to let it show. I don't want them to think that it bothers me although it really does. LOL

I also played in the RGP HORSE event on Full Tilt, and OMG..I sucked!! I ended up placing 55th and I think only 57 entered. LOL. ICKY, ICKY, ICKY. I was truly embarrased with that showing, believe you me!

I stopped working yesterday afternoon around 2 pm and decided to take the rest of the day off to play some poker on PS and although I haven't cashed yet, I'm optomistic. I will be playing $5-$10 SNG's today while I'm working, I am going to try and master the SNG's on PS and then hopefully be able to cash in on a MTT. And, of course, I need to start trying to qualify for the WSOP.

I have told Bill that if I qualify online, I am definantly going to the WSOP, but if I don't qualify then I'm not going. Bill doesn't really want me going period, but I was, and will be, very firm if I win my seat. There is no way I am going to miss a won seat in the WSOP. Not going to happen.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

I hate weekends

Most people love them, most people live for the weekends. I have found that I, now, cannot stand them. I try to work, but find that I am distracted and can't concentrate properly due to the mentality of it being the weekend, and I should be out doing something or doing something constructive around the house. So I end up sitting in the recliner all weekend long watching movie after movie on TNT or TBS, which I've seen 10-20 times before.

Bill says that only boring people get bored. I have to disagree though because I am constantly bored on the weekends now, and I certainly don't feel I'm a boring person.

Oh, well. I'm leaving for Vegas in a few minutes to pick up my daughter. I'm not going early like I wanted to, I have no funds in my poker bankroll, and I haven't been able to replenish the bankroll yet. Hopefully Bill will have pity on me next week when both of our clients send us checks, and grant me some moolah for the BR.

What a shitty weekend. Sigh. To think I actually look forward to tomorrow, the beginning of a new week, so that I can "go back" to work. I am pitiful. Even online poker has no interest to me on the weekends.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Vegas on Thursday and Tomorrow

Drove to Vegas Thursday to drop off my daughter at the airport. She flew to Sacramento to stay with her Aunt Corrie for 4 days. I stayed in Vegas until Iknew my sister had her and played a little 3/6/9 HE at Sunset Station. Always nice to be recognized by dealers and the floor when I visit a casino that I haven't been too in awhile. Anyways, didn't do TOO bad, at least I only lost $25 instead of my full buy in. LOL

My normal casino in Vegas is The Plaza, and no matter whether I go 25 times a year, or 3 times, they always remember me. (Of course, to be fair, if you've met me before, I'm pretty hard to forget!!)

I will be going back tomorrow (Sunday) to pick her up in the evening, I plan on going a few hours early and playing some more live before her flight lands.

I miss playing live in the worst way. I miss my regular haunts in Laughlin. I missed the WSOP Rio event and I am going to miss The Plaza WPC, and I'm bumming. sigh. Online just doesn't have what I love, the interaction, the people, the socializing. I can only hope and dream to win my buyin into ANY WSOP event, so that I can go again, even if for just one more weekend.

I feel alone and isolated when playing online and that might be why I'm so active, or try to be, in my forums, to simply interact with other poker players. I am a VERY social person, and this online only playing drives me insane, maybe even depresses me a little.


Friday, March 25, 2005

Touche, Touche....

A PM sent to me on the WPC forum due to my previous post regarding the player who was D/C on PokerHost and complained about it. After finding out later that it was the site, I did apologize on the link for misunderstanding, but failed to post the apology or the extenuating circumstances on my blog, and therefore was called out on it.

I do aplogize for the error in communication, however, I still stand by my feeling of unsportsmanlike conduct for posting on the congratulatory thread of the winner. I believe a new thread would have been more appropriate, and that's just my opinion.

"Just so that you are aware. I am the "other player" that you misjudged on your blog site and you did not inform people that it was not a disconnection. I was blocked from my seat. Most likely because of chatting. After an investigation was complete. Poker Host admitted to several discrepancys with my account on thier end during that tournament. I have also been given a seat for the event. I wasn't acting like a poor sport, just pissed off at the site for what happened. So judge me all you like, as you have on your blogger site, like I claimed immediately after finally being unblocked from my seat Tanya, Poker Host owned up to it and is paying my way too. They wouldn't do that if it was bull****. You yourself complained about being hassled over a simple withdrawl. It was on thier end, they admitted it, I was blocked from my seat. Very different from your accusation. I find it amusing that someone that hates LADIES ONLY events is part of a ladies only league and has stirred up a story without the clear facts of the situation (As if we need anymore drama) Similiar situations have happened to other players since that event and I'm glad I opened my mouth. If for no other reason than so it doesn't happen to someone else because the whole situation sucked. And now I'm labelled a concieted, poor sport for saying something. Yes, you are entitled to your own opinion, but get the facts first please. If it happened to you you're telling me you would let it go? When you know for a fact it wasn't a computer or connection issue on your end."

I have sent the following response:

"I do not feel that I "stirred" up a story, and I did apologize on that thread after you CLARIFIED your story. From your first post, it wasn't clear, and I said as much. Again, I do apologize for the misunderstanding on my part.

You are correct about my not making further note about the incident on my blog, and have therefore corrected that.

I understand your amusement from my hating Ladies Only Events, but participate in a ladies only FORUM (You said Ladies League, but please be advised that I do NOT play in any WPC league. I rarely play in WPC events, and only play in WPC events for bigger tournaments, such as the Showdown or the WSOP.)
I participate on WPC because of the friends that I have made, mainly Goddess, who all know how I feel about Ladies Only Events and are OK with that, because I never cause harm and my purpose is to learn, help teach, and socialize. If my reasons are different from yours, or from other WPC'rs, then that's just the hazard of living in the world today that's made up of all kinds and types of different people.

I'm very happy for you that PH is providing a seat for you, I find that very generous and surprising due to the previous posts regarding PH and their horrible customer service. I wish you luck."

So, there you have it.

NOTE TO BLOG READERS: All forums that I belong to and this blog are SEPERATE ENTITIES. If you see something that you disagree with, get upset over, or in general just want to reply to on this blog....then do me and the other readers a favor, and click on the "post comment" button and put it out there. I have stated in one of my very first blogs that I will be blogging/writing about items that I may not write about on my forums. To be specific, mainly the WPC forum. Search my archives if you need to see my disclaimer again in writing.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

My Apologies....

...to "the husband" A.K.A. Bill. My husband reads my blog every once in awhile and found it quite humerous that I referred to him as "the husband" instead of "my husband" or by his name in one of my last posts. I figured that noone knew his name, so this will be a proper introduction to him. His name is Bill, he is a very successful web designer and his work can be found at www.pecksweb.com . I met him online about 5 years ago (Thanks Yahoo! Chat Rooms!!!) and we've been married for about 3 1/2 years. He is very supportive of me and my whims, and has become much better in supporting my poker dreams (habit??) then he was 2 years ago. I promise to never refer to him as THE husband but instead, will simply call him Bill from now on and assume you all know who I'm talking about.

So tonight saw RGP's Wild Card Wednesday, and the game was 7 card stud. I'm usually not THAT bad, but managed to place about 24th out of 33, or some obscene number like that. I just couldn't hit a damn thing. I would start OK with the first 3 cards, then brick, brick, brick. Frustrating. I will personally try and get next Wednesdays game to be Limit HE, I'm going to post to Perry Friedman on RGP, and since I may be the first one to post, hopefully, I'll win!!

Next, I moved on to my freeroll STEP 2 at PP, I can't believe the hands that I was getting that went nowhere but downhill, and FAST!! I don't feel I played poorly at all, just couldn't get my hands to hold up. I ended up busting out in 9th place, and that is HORRID in my opinion. But again, I don't think I played poorly, just unlucky tonight.

I will be in Vegas tomorrow, I am taking my daughter to the airport, she will be flying to Sacramento, CA to spend 4 days with her Aunt Corrie, my sister. She is very excited about this trip and feels very grown up at the age of 12 for being allowed to fly alone. I'm simply scared, but will have faith in SWA, and my sisters' cell phone number on speed dial on my cell phone. I'll be back in Vegas on Sunday to pick her up. Vegas is only 1 1/2 hour drive, and much closer then Phoenix. I'm going to try and stay at least a few hours and play some Omaha HI at Boulder Station (LOVE that game!!! BEST place to play this game in Vegas!) but we'll see if that will be possible.

Only one other new item for the day and that's that I've finished my first draft of my new business plan, and have placed my Vice President, and will be looking to place my Board Members in the next month. I already have the 4 board members picked out, I just need to see if they are interested. I'm a great salesperson though, so I'm pretty confident that I can sell them on the idea, and I'm also convinced that I'll be able to sell my ideas for the business PERIOD, thus allowing profit for the company and my pocket!! WOO HOO!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I totally forgot...

....duh, I had a freeroll for a STEP 2 waiting for me on PartyPoker, and I completely forgot about it.

So I powered up the old PP and played. Top 2 get STEP 3, 3rd gets STEP 2, 4th gets STEP 1. I was truly only hoping for any of those places, as that way I could freeroll again, due to my limited online bankroll right now.

I ended up in 3rd place when I had 10, J. Flop came 10, K, 4. He bet, I moved all in. I didn't believe he had the K, thought he would fold. Turns out he had the K, oh well. It's not that bad...I get to freeroll in a STEP 2 again tomorrow, so I'm just happy I didn't bust out in 5th place.

I am determined to take this freeroll all the way to STEP 5 and to cash, that way I can have a real bankroll again online. I'll keep the blog updated on this quest.

Nothing else going on. I did walk again today, that's two days in a row, woo hoo for me! My neighbor and I walk 2 1/2 miles when we're trying to be good, around the block (big, country block) when I'm feeling tired.

Will report tomorrow on my STEP 2 (again...)

Monday, March 21, 2005

Where, Oh Where, Have I Been???

Nowhere, really, but it turns out I have more "fans" then I thought and have been requested by several different people to update the blog more frequently. I will oblige, but with the warning that it may not always be poker related.

I'm thinking that I'm probably going to drop down from 95% poker to 80% poker, but what can I do about it? I'm not playing live anymore, or going on any poker trips, so alas, your stuck with my boring online stories and personal related items.

Didn't play much poker this past week. I have been put on notice by the husband and so haven't been able to make deposits to play any worthy tournaments, so I'm stuck with about $7-$15 on 8 different sites. I hate grinding in micro limit table games, and only have so much patience right now for $5 or less SNG's, so I'm pretty much just hanging out and waiting until I can make a real deposit to play some real money. This is probably what is discouraging me right now from online poker as I really like to go all out when I play and to play 1-2 $5 SNG's is just not "going all out" in my book.

For now, I'll stick with the RGP tourneys, I truly enjoy those. I gotta tell you, those RGP'rs...there are some GOOD people out there. I would love to go to BARGE, but I don't really see that happening. Although, I'll certainly do my best!

Went to the OB for a visit last Thursday, they squeezed me in as we really had no idea how far along I really was, so I had an ultrasound and it turns out I am 9 weeks, making my due date 10/23, thus meaning I will be able to go on the Alaskan cruise in August that I thought I wouldn't be able to go on due to Princess Cruise Lines having a NO 28+ week pregnancy rule. I will be 28-29 weeks, but the doctor said she would "fudge" a little on the letter to the cruise line.

Friday was the husband's birthday. We were going to go to Laughlin and stay at Riverside. I was comped a room and two tickets to their Irish Dance show. Would've enjoyed it, but around 4 pm, I got really fatigued, and didn't feel up to going. Hubby was understanding and we agreed not to go out. I haven't been getting sick at all, as far as vomiting or being nauseous, but I find myself getting extremely fatigued and tired after I eat. I believe it has to do with the combination of the pregnancy and my gastric bypass that I had done.

So I live in a vicious cyle, I eat, I get tired, I nap. I wake up, I'm hungry, I eat again, I'm back in bed. It's ridiculous. That was my Sunday.

I did have something happen that has made me very excited and ambitious again. I have discovered a way to open a new business that I have wanted to start for over 2 years. I will disclose more information later, but I couldn't figure out how this new business would make me money..how/who to bill, etc. Then I picked up the latest Entrepreneur Magazine and THERE IT WAS!!! Spelled out for me, how to bill, how to get this business going, how to make MONEY. They profiled a company that started in 2001, and by 2003, they had grossed 14.5 million.

I CAN DO THIS!! I have wanted to do it for over 2 years, and now I have the keys to this vehicle...look out everyone!! LOL. Again, I'll give more details out as we get going. I anticipate having it up and running in 3-4 months. The biggest thing we are waiting on is a website, the husband is simply unable to do it at this point due to prior obligations, and I'll just have to wait because there is no way in hell I would have anyone else do it. He's the best, simply put. This idea of mine is very cutting edge, new wave, and it's GROWING, but it's not too big yet. There is hardly any competition, but it's something everyone could and would use, especially if offered to them for free. (The employers pay as a benefit to the employee). I'm almost giddy talking about it, very excited about it, and my excitement and ambition will make it a huge success, I have no doubt in my mind. The start up costs are very minimal too, so no need for a SBA loan or anything cumbersome like that.

One final note:

As many of you are aware, a very important person in our blogging community has recently been diagnosed with cancer. If you're in the know, you know who I'm talking about. I don't name names, it's not my story to tell. However, I have seen a tremendous outpouring in the poker community, and it certainly feels good to belong to such a community/group. My thoughts and prayers are with my friend, as I'm sure yours are as well.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

There's No Place Like Home....

....There's No Place Like Home....

I will continue telling myself this as despite all my efforts and attempts in getting us into a bigger, newer home before the baby is born ($20K raised...I have AWESOME friends!!) it's just not going to happen.

The builders just couldn't seem to get everything in place, AND it appears I am further along then I thought. Like 5 weeks further...that's huge in baby weeks. We will also be unable to go on the cruise that my inlaws bought for us for Christmas, as Princess Cruise Lines prohibits any pregnant woman over 28 weeks to cruise, and I will be about 32 weeks at cruise time. BUMMER. Hope the inlaws aren't TOO dissapointed, but hell, I'm giving them a grandkid, what more do they want???

Just wanted to give my faithful blog readers an update, as I've been emailed several times.

In the meantime, I will be arranging and re-arranging the rooms in our house over and over in my mind until I settle on what is to be done.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Back To Poker....

So I decided to pony up for the $200K guaranteed at Full Tilt yesterday (Saturday) and I didn't do too shabby, although I didn't cash, so I'm still a loser. LOL. I ended up in about 240th place out of 1100 entrants, and I can't even remember what I went out with, but it wasn't a bad beat, or something memorable I'll tell you that much.

However, I did play a SNG satellite for the $50K guaranteed event today at FullTilt and was able to win that, so I will be playing that event today, which turns out, will be -EV for FullTilt as they hardly have enough people entered (at this time) to pay for $25K, let alone, $50K. Goodie for us players!!!

I also played in the finals for a $2K trip to the WSOP for the Ladies event on PokerHost.

Let's talk about PokerHost for a minute. I would strongly, STRONGLY, advise against ANYONE playing on this site. The cash out requirements are ridiculous. Why play on a site that DEMANDS you play raked hands in order to cash out? That's right, I tried to cash out from a tournament win there a few weeks back, only about $300, and they refused the cash out saying that I had to play raked hands that equalled my cash out in order to cash out.

You have GOT to be kidding me. I ended up striking a deal that I would forfeit my initial deposit bonus ($25) in order to cash out. Then they sent me an email trying to tell me that I then had to pay 10% fee for withdrawing before I played my raked hands, in essence, raping me twice. I complained, and they acutally waived the 10% due to my giving up the $25, but OMG..the hassle. Unbelievable.

As you all know, I am a member of WomensPokerClub and PokerHost was so kind as to sponsor the WPC showdown in Atlantic City next month. This is the reason why I downloaded and deposited on the site. Well, the head honchos over at the site decided that if ONE woman's club is good enough for the site, then TWO women's clubs' would be good for the site.

BIG MISTAKE. You get these two groups of women together and it is constant battling. The other group is headed by Lupe and is known as PokerChix.com. I used to be a member, and I just basically lost interest in that group and stayed with WPC as I found Maryanne, Goddess, of WPC to be more ethical in terms of business.

So now, anytime you have a Ladies event at PokerHost, it's filled with bickering and bitching amongst the women. I hate it. THIS is the #1 reason why I HATE women's events. Good grief. Like we don't have enough drama in our lives, our "real" lives, to have to play poker and deal with it? I don't think so. I played the final event with my chat turned off, as I didn't even want to listen/read it.

I ended up being crippled when my A, 10 met up against A, Q and then my next had was A, 5 and was called by K, x and 2 K's came on the flop. No big deal, out in about 55th place out of 75. That was embarrasing. LOL. Turns out there was, of course, drama at the final table and all spectators had their chat banned. A WPC member ended up winning the event, kudos to mysuv from WPC!!!

On another note. On the WPC forum, on mysuv's congratulatory thread, a player bemoans her fate that she lost the tournament due to disconnection. She strongly feels that PokerHost should have recognized that she was disconnected and should have stopped the tournament to wait for her to reconnect. She is demanding that they give her a $2K prize package as well. (LMFAO)

I'm sorry, but I feel this is so ridiculous. If ANYONE understands the frustration of disconnecting, I think it's me with my whole saga/story regarding the PPM cruise and the D/C I had, but in no way or at any time did I ever feel that PP should have STOPPED the tournament for me. What kind of ego is that?

The #1 risk of playing online is losing a pot or a hand due to disconnection. It's that simple. You, as an online player, are assuming the risk that your connection may be disrupted, and you have to deal with it if and when it happens. (Keeping in mind, that if it was the site that went down, it's a completely different subject). While I feel sorry and empathize with this player, I can't help but feel that she is acting a little bit unsportsmanlike, and if anything, should have vented her feelings on a different thread, not the thread that was being used to congratulate the winner. Just my personal opinions, and I'm sorry if it offends any WPC member, including the mentioned person.

So it's a beautiful Sunday morning, I woke up at the ridiculous hour of 6:30 am. I plan on playing 4 STEP 1's today, and hopefully can turn that into SOMETHING. Next blog entry will let you know how I did today.

Side Note: Due to the generousity of my friends in the poker community, I have been able to raise more then enough money needed for the house, and am simply in the process of waiting for the home builders to finish the contract and make a move....we'll see what happens. Seems it would be a real shame to me if I am still unable to get my home built, even with my being able to raise the money. A few more days, and I'll know what's going on 100%.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Angel Investors Needed

Due to a few mistakes that I've made recently, but have been able to admit....I find myself in need of a few Angel Investors.

Here's the scoop: We were about 3 weeks away from having 8K to use as a down payment for our new home. Then the pregnancy news hit us, along with the fact that we don't have medical insurance to cover the pregnancy. Therefore, we have to pay the OB/GYN $2500, and the hospital $3000 up front. We can make payments, but have to make a hefty down payment to both.

The house that we want can be found at www.vanpelthomes.com and is the 1900 link. It's an awesome floor plan, we've walked through models, and we love this house. Due to both my husband and I working from home, we need two home offices, a master bedroom, a room for my daughter, and a nursery. The 1900 floorplan is perfect for us.

It will take about 6 months for the home to be completed from the time the paperwork is signed. The estimated delivery date of the baby is 10/19/05 at this point. (Ultrasound may change that...) We need to sign the papers immediantly so that the home can be started, as it will be impossible to move into the new home being 9 months pregnant and about to deliver, or having a 1 week old newborn.

We are looking for an Angel Investor(s) who would be willing to help us out temporarily with a very, VERY high interest short term loan. We are offering 20% with the loan being paid off in 6 months max.

I am putting out this call to my fellow poker players, people who know me, people who can trust me. I would prefer accepting a loan from someone who knows me, or by being referred to me by someone who knows me. This way I don't feel like I'm begging...LOL.

I have already been able to secure 1/2 of the money needed, 4K. I am in need of 4K more. If someone is willing, they would be paid back at $800 a month for 6 months which equals $4,800 with 20% interest. If we are able to, our main priority and goal is to pay off the loan sooner then 6 months, but 6 months would give us breathing room.

I would like to point out that this is not something we are desperate for. We do have a home that we live in and we are currently renting. It is not like we will be out on the streets, we will not. I simply would love the opportunity to own our own home before the baby is born, and be able to have the chance of decorating the nursery.

We would be able to come up with the money ourselves in less then 6 months time, but again, this request for help is all tied up to the baby's due date as I would prefer to move before the baby is born. Timing is everything they say, and I would have to agree.

Do NOT see this post as a form of begging, I do not beg. I have no problem in asking for help though, and although I have pride, I don't find it offensive in asking for help in case someone is listening/reading that is able and willing to help. I also feel that it is my responsibility to try and secure the down payment since I have spent quite a few dollars on poker in the past 6 months. I feel duty bound..must be the protective mother coming out of me....lol.

The 4K that I was able to secure is from another (anonymous to you) poker player that knows me from one of my frequented forums. I'm hoping that with my ability to secure 1/2, I can get someone else who knows me to be willing to secure the other 1/2 for me. I can be contacted privately at tanya@pecksmedicalbilling.com and would actually prefer no comments be left on this blog message.

"It Never Hurts To Ask" may be my new quote on my forum signature lines!

PokerClan March Jam

Hosted by Linda G. of PokerWorks.com and held at her home in Las Vegas. I arrived around noon on Saturday PM and helped wherever I could by making dip and basically just getting in the way of Linda and her sister. LOL.

I did have one mishap before other guests arrived and that was tripping over the step in her sunken living room and looking like a complete moron as I stumbled and fell into her dining room set. LOL...I'm OK, just a little rugburn on the knees and one of my forearms as I rolled while falling so as not to land on my stomach. I'm such a doofus.

People started arriving around 5 pm and we ended up with about 25-27 people with 20 playing poker. I had brought my 2 10 player table TOPS (seems I forgot to tell Linda that they were just table tops and had no legs...we made do though.)

FOOD...I have never seen so much food in a backyard at one time. There was food galore and we all munched out and pigged out before playing, and then again after playing.

We played a $20 NLHE tourney, and I didn't do too bad, but didn't win any money. I believe I finally busted out in about 5th place and I blame Ari for that. I can't remember the exact hand, but I was ahead preflop and he ended up making his hand while I couldn't make mine. I ended up going all in with 10,J and he called my all in with K, 6 and no help for me so IGHN.

A dealer's choice game had started on the other table (since it was empty) and I played for about 10 mins, but then decided to head over to The Plaza to play their midnight tournament. I always seem to make the final table when I play their tournaments and tonight was no exception. I arrived at the final table being the chip leader and I had two hands that crippled me.

I was in the SB, the blinds were 1000/2000, by the time it got to me there were about 6 limpers. (WOW!) I looked down to Kc8c and while it wasn't good enough to make a move and steal all the limpers money, I was able to call the other 1000 and see a flop. The flop came K, 5, 8 and after about 3 second pause, I moved all in. There were two hearts on board, I had to get the heart draws out. I had one caller, and then almost another caller, but he finally decided to fold.

I turn over my K,8 and say, Two pair, Kings up. He turns over his pocket 5's for a flopped set and I just doubled him up. Turns out the other guy who thought long and hard had K, Q and the Q came on the turn along with the flush, but no flush draws hung in. He thought I had hearts, I knew he had a K and wanted him to call, but glad he didn't after the Q showed up.

2nd hand that crippled me was when I moved all in with AQ on the button, and the BB called with AJ...sure as shit, the J came on the flop. ARGGGGHH!!

Couldn't make a comeback after these two hands and ended up busting out in about 4th or 5th place for $240. I then proceeded to play a little slots and then drove straight home where I crashed and slept until about 2 pm.

Special kudos to Linda for a most excellent party...kind of makes me want to throw one once I move into the new home to show it and the baby off. I'll claim dibs to the PokerClan March Jam for 2006!! (if not sooner!!)

Friday, March 04, 2005

Another Day....

Well, since discovering the pregnancy I decided to stop smoking and drinking caffeine immediantly. BIG mistake. I was 1 pack of cigs a day smoker and a 1/2 gallon of iced tea a day drinker and after two days passed I noticed a change in my attitude.

I turned into a bitch.

I decided that I didn't want to be a bitch and it's unfair to my body to stop both caffeine and tobacco all in one fell swoop, and my doctor pointed this out to me. Therefore, I am drinking caffeine free tea, but will allow myself regular tea when not at home and will simply water it down. As far as the smoking goes, I will allow myself 3-4 drags off 2-3 cigs a day AS PER the doctor's instructions. He states that as long as I only smoke the first half of the cig, I will be fine as the last half is the half that has all the bad stuff in the filter.

So, I'm feeling a little bit better now and I know that I won't need those drags or that watered down tea in a few weeks, but to quit both cold turkey was a stress that my body and mind just doesn't need right now.

I've been trying to play a little bit of poker since the news, and I find myself bored almost. I played the RGP HORSE event on Wed and found myself relieved when I busted out fairly early. I played another private HORSE event on Thurs, didn't fair too well that night either. I played a private Clan tournament on Paradise Poker and did end up in 3rd place, which was nice for $43 and bragging rights...Hey, I made the money!! But at the same time I was playing in Paradise's 50K guaranteed. $30/$3 to enter and unlimited rebuys and one addon for the first hour. I ended up rebuying once and did the addon. I was feeling pretty good about this event, I was average in chips the entire way when this hand happened.

I get 9d 10d in UTG, I limp for another 100, noone had called up to me, SB folds, BB raises for another 200, I call. Flop is A, 7, 8. I am open ended, BB bets 200, I call quickly. Turn is A, he bets 200, I call quickly. River is a blank, he checks. I cannot put him on an Ace, the only way to win this hand is to bluff it, so I move all in. There is a possible flush out there, he checked, showing weakness, so I figured it's the only way I could win the pot. He thinks and thinks and ends up folding. I show my bluff. I have a very nice chip stack now.

About 30 mins later I get A, A in LP. It's raised two times before me, but only the minimum, so I simply move all in for 30K in chips, I get two callers, one is short stacked, I have other covered by 20. I see 9, 9 from the short stack, and J, J from the big stack. Of course, a J comes on the flop and I'm toast. This hand really pissed me off.....what did he think I had?? Obviously he didn't think, and that's what gets me. How come I can lay down pocket K's preflop but others can't lay down pocket 9's or pocket J's.....GRRRRR people who can't play, it gets me!!!

Right now it really gets to me because I need to raise 7-8K in 2 weeks for the down payment for our new house. In order for it to be built, we have to put down 7-8K and it will take about 6-7 months to be built. Due to the pregnancy, I feel a serious time crunch as I cannot move into a new house when I'm 9 months pregnant, nor can I move into a new house with a 1 week old. So, I either have to put the money down NOW and get the house started, or we have to wait to move until the baby is about 3 months old. I don't want to wait. I want to be in my new home before the baby is born. Thus, the need for 7-8K within 2 weeks. The part that's really annoying is that between Bill and I, we'll have that money in 4-6 weeks, but by then it will be too late.

Unless someone knows someone who has a big heart and 7-8K to loan out for a quick turn around investment with interest (of course). Let me know. Otherwise, I'll be plugging away trying to win a multi or STEP for the down payment, but with the pressure of trying to do that in 2 weeks might already have me in a negative spin. Then again, we're talking about ME, and I'm rarely negative!!