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Sunday, October 30, 2005

No Trip Yet....

...OK, so it's not a "full" tournament report like I stated I would provide, but I figured no one would want to see the crappy cards I was getting, or how badly I misplayed hands, etc. I was out pretty early, very disappointed. Being results orientated as I am, I would have preferred the 650W!!!

I've noticed a trend on PS, the $165DS does NOT fill up at 11:30pm (my time)...there always seems to be a 20 person overlay. Nice. I'm thinking that I will win another 650W$, and then be able to play 3 of the DS. We'll see how it goes, I'm currently in a $10/R right now for 650W$, only 40 players, 37 left, so let's try to sneak into 1-3rd for the W$.

Nothing else to report. Happy Halloween to all and be safe trick or treating! I will be taking my daughter and a group of her friends out. Turns out that the group she told me she was going out with didn't have an adult going, and although I cannot fathom why the other parents said it was OK, I was NOT OK with that, sooo I volunteered.

Crazy letting a group of 12-13 year olds out on the streets alone. Isn't it? I know in my day it wasn't, but this is 2005, better safe then sorry.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


So I've made a few come backs in my poker playing days. Two in particular that I can always spout off out the mouth when asked, well before tonight that is. I can now add a third.

Feeling MUCH better today, should totally NOT play if and when I ever feel that bad or that bitchy, but ces la vie. I drove Cherissa 1/2 way to Phoenix, to a town called "Nothing, Arizona" population: 4. My sister met me there to take Cherissa for the weekend, in order to take her to the Arizona State Fair. After getting home around 8:30pm, I fired up the old PokerStars and played about 6 tournaments tonight. Only cashed in one and here's the report:

$73/$7 NLHE PCA Satellite
Top 3 places get $615/$35 seat to Saturdays Event
4th = $195.00
28 Players

It gets down to Final Table, 9 left

Seat 1: misst74 (2715 in chips)
Seat 2: AngryCLEC (2475 in chips)
Seat 3: rngnt99 (2840 in chips)
Seat 4: GROGAN (4545 in chips)
Seat 6: Arawak (5920 in chips)
Seat 7: socram80 (3700 in chips)
Seat 8: Bigboy2307 (16010 in chips)
Seat 9: demonseed14 (3795 in chips)

I am on the button and get dealt As Jc. Folded to me, so I raise to 500.
SB moves all in for 2475, I call.
He shows A,Q...I get no help and find myself DESPERATE at 240 chips, it's almost comical. LOL. I tell Fellknight, who's been sweating me, that I am going to play a game of patience, waiting, even if I get blinded off. No deperation moves for me.

I change my mind when I get As 6h on Hand #71, I move all in. Grogan raises (protection!) and we flip our cards. He shows Ac 3h and with the flop of 7h 9c 2d, turn of Jc, and river of Qh, he gets helped and we end up chopping. I am now at 315.

Hand #75, I am at 315, I get dealt 8s 8d on the BB. AngryCLEC raised to 450, everyone folded, I called, he shows Ah Jd. Flop is Tc Jc 6s, turn is Ac, OMG, and river is.....8c. What a suck out. I double up and am at 705 now.

Hand #80, I am at 630, I get dealt Ac Js in UTG+3, I move all in. socram80 calls and shows As 8h. Flop comes 6d 9c Ks, turn is 5h, river is 4h and I double up again. I am now at 1335.

Hand #87, I am blinded down to 1110, I get dealt Kh Js MP, I move all in, they all fold, up to 1335. Wee! I have fold equity now. ; )

Hand #96, I am blinded down to 1110 again, I get dealt 3h 3d UTG +2, I move all in, they all fold, up to 1335 again.

Hand #105, I am blinded down to 1035, I get dealt Ad Ac UTG +1, I move all in, and I get called by BigBoy2307 who shows 9h 8d. Flop comes 9d Kd 5d, turn is Qc, river is Js, I double up to 2170.

Hand #106...we lose a player when his A,A doesn't hold up against Presto! (5,5) when a 5 comes on the flop.

Hand #111, I am blinded down to 2070, I get dealt Kc Kh UTG, I move all in and everyone folds, up to 2370 now.

Hand #115, I am blinded down back to 2070, I get dealt 7h 7c UTG +2, I move all in, and everyone folds, back up to 2370.

Hand #117, I am still at 2370, I get dealt As Jd UTG, I move all in, everyone folds, up to 2670.

Hand #119, I am at 2770, I get dealt 6c 6h in LP, GROGAN raises before me to 600, I re-raise all in, he calls and shows As Kd. Flop comes 9h 7h 5s, turn 3d, river Jh and I double up to 5740.

So, basically, there you have it. I got all the way down to 240, fought and clawed my way back up to about 7000, let them bust each other out and snuck into 3rd place when the final hand occured:

Hand #141

Seat 1: misst74 (6990 in chips)
Seat 2: AngryCLEC (7040 in chips)
Seat 7: socram80 (3290 in chips)
Seat 8: Bigboy2307 (24680 in chips)

I am UTG +1, get dealt 7d 9s, BigBoy raises in front of me to 600, I fold easily, AngryCLEC calls. Flop comes Ad 8c 3d. Angry checks, BigBoy bets 1000, Angry calls. Turn is 3c. Angry checks, BigBoy checks. River is Tc. Angry checks, BigBoy moves all in for 23055, Angry calls with 5415.

Angry shows As Jc for two pair, Aces and threes
BigBoy shows Ts Td for full house, tens full of threes.

I actually missed the final hand as I was busy playing in 3 other tournaments at the same time. I get AIM'd by Fellknight who's typing in "!!!!!!!!" frantically, so I know SOMETHING happened, and I go to the table to see "Congratulations, you have won the tournament!"

WOOT! So now, I am registered to play in the WPT PCA Satellite tomorrow, Saturday, at 5pm EST, $615/$35 buy in, 1 Bahamas package for every $12,000 in the prize pool. I belive that's about 1 every 19-20 players. Wish me luck! I will have a full tourney report tomorrow once it's over, hopefully I'll be on my way to the Bahamas!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Horrible, Horrible Day

I know you've all had them...those days where you really shouldn't have even gotten out of bed, let alone played poker.

I played about 7 tournaments tonight, lost FOUR of them by making a move against someone holding A,A. Good grief.

I bubbled 3 times in those stupid satellite thingys for 650W$...THREE times.

I'm in a very bad mood, I'm taking it out on my loved ones and I just feel plain icky. The PMS is not helping much either, in fact, I KNOW that's what's causing the horrible feelings I have towards poker, towards players, towards my loved ones, towards life in general.

My mood sucks today, and I'm hoping it will be better in the AM. THIS is a side of Tanya that not many people see too damn often.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Back From Vegas

Vegas was a blast.

Turns out, I couldn't take Cherissa because the school bus ran late and instead of getting back into town at 8pm, it wasn't going to arrive until 1am. So, my mom and her boyfriend (Dane) got to my house around 8:30pm, and we decided to go ahead and go to Vegas without her.

Turned out OK with Cherissa as she had a birthday party on Saturday night that she really wanted to go to, and so was OK in missing out on Vegas.

We arrived in Vegas around midnight, and I went my way, they went theirs. I ended up gambling the night away at Harrahs, got DRUNK off my ass (really, what else is new?) Met a cool group of friends, kissed a girl, crawled into bed around 7am with a profit of $200 after all was said and done.

OK, let me back up. I didn't "kiss" kiss a girl, but I did give her a smack on the lips, as she leaned towards me....when I hit a big hand on Boston Stud Poker. She was funny, I was funny, we were having a great time together, and we simply smacked lips. Nothing different from me kissing my family members. Belinda was her name and she was a riot.

So, on Saturday, woke up and did a little more gambling at Harrahs, then headed over to RIO to buy tickets for Mom and Dane for the Tony and Tina's Wedding show that they have. I spent $300 on VIP tickets, but hey, it was Mom's birthday and she REALLY wanted to see it.

Not many know, but I was actually in a show similar to Tony and Tina's called Joey and Maria's Italian Wedding that ran in Laughlin. I was in it for almost a year, and I was AWESOME. I love acting, and I have had so many people tell me how wonderful I was. Turns out, I'm better at improv then I once was. Too bad the new owners decided to ax the show.

Anyways, after buying the tickets for them, I headed over to Binions. Stopped at Plaza to say Hi to my friends there, and then joined the 8pm Binions tournament. I can't remember exactly how many people, but I think it was 7-8 tables. I ended up making the final table, but BARELY. I was the shortest stack there, and only 7 places got paid.

Luck was on my side Saturday night as I proceeded to claw my way up to 4th place, good for $585. I tipped $35 and then signed up for the 2am tournament that would be starting 20 mins later.

The 2am tourney had about 45 entrants, and I AGAIN proceeded to make final table. I was very stoked about this. 2 for 2, how awesome is that. This time, I was NOT a short stack and was sitting very pretty and ended up getting heads up to try for first. He had me outchipped by about 4-5 to 1, so I knew I was in push mode. I looked down to J9 and decided to move all in on the SB, he looked down to KK and was happy to call. IGHN in 2nd place, good for $895. I tipped $45 and left one very happy, but exhausted, girl at 6am. I had been drinking throughout the night, but did not get "wasted", simply maintained my buzz and of course, played my "drunkedness" off on the other players which is probably why I was getting my all ins called by K, 10; A,7; etc.

Crawled into bed Sunday AM around 7am after eating a delicious breakfast of fried calamari, hash browns with cheese (I kept talking about the hashbrowns from about 4am to 6am, craving them like mad...but turned out to be not that tasty. The calamari, however, was delicious even without the marinara sauce since my waiter couldn't "find it" in the kitchen) and sourdough toast. Woke up around 12 noon, Mom picked me up and I let Dane drive so that I could sleep in the backseat.

One bad part of the weekend was that on Friday night, my right eye was getting very sore and tender. The bright lights in Vegas was making it hurt as well. So, I figured there was a piece of dust/dirt on my contact. When I took them out to clean them, that piece of dust/dirt scraped against my cornea and I was blinded for almost all of Saturday. If you've ever scratched your eye, you know how bad it hurts, and my eyes were totally bloodshot. I wore sunglasses ALL day/night long, and sometimes couldn't even open my eye for almost 2 minutes, it would hurt so bad. It made the day somewhat miserable. (My eye is starting to tear up just talking about it) Luckily, it felt better today and should be completely healed by tomorrow as when eyes get scratched, they heal in about 24-48 hours.

So, now it's Sunday night and I've been playing poker online at PokerStars since about 6pm, but only after watching the Blogger event finish up. I had a friend play for me since I knew I wouldn't be home in time and out of 1400+ entrants, "we" placed about 250th or something. I did get to see quite a few of my friends play very well and end up with some prizes. Special shot out to XaQMorphy, Bivy, and Tuscaloosa Johnny from RGP; and Matt from ITH who ended up in 4th.

So, I played in a $27R for a seat into next Sunday's WPT (Bahamas)event, and just BARELY won! I was getting a little panicked towards the end, but luck prevailed and I am the proud owner of $650W, or the seat, haven't figured out what I'm going to do with it yet.

I then played in the $11R event, about 1300 people, placed 138...THREE spots away from money. I got a couple of bad beats, and ces la vie. IGHN.

I am now playing in a $11R for the Monte Carlo EPT event, not that I plan on going, but because if I win, I can simply take the $650W. Right now I am 8/12 and top 2 get seats. I shall make a move soon! EDIT: Ahhh...the move of the night. I have K,Q sooooted and called the big stacks OVERRAISE of ALL IN to find him with A,9 of spades. Flop was 4s,6s,J. Turn was 7c, River was 10d, and IGHN. THIS is how you WAY overplay K,Q and why it was named after me. However, let the record show that I did have two live cards and I could have easily have hit any one of them. A, 9. Pfft, I knew he was full of shit!!

I also played in the 6K event on FullTilt and I was doing pretty dang good for awhile, but ended busting out about 85th place just about 40 mins ago....about 10 mins after busting from the $11r on PS, so it must have been a "tilt" thing.

So, that's it for now, I will see you online!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Spontaneous, I Am!

So with that in mind, I'm heading to Vegas for the weekend.

Cherissa gets home from her school field trip to San Diego/Catalina Island tonight around 8-9pm. Bill and I spoke last night about how much she loves Vegas, and since there's nothing going on around the house this weekend, why not surprise her with an unplanned jaunt to Vegas?

So, when I pick her up we're heading straight to Vegas, but going via Laughlin so that I can cash in some tickets that I failed to cash in when I went with my Mom 2-3 weekends ago.

Speaking of Mom, today is her birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Mom, I love you and oh what the hell, why don't you come down to Vegas with Cherissa and I?

Mom said yes, so her and her boyfriend are driving from Phoenix to Kingman, then we'll follow each other to Vegas tonight, arriving anywhere from 9pm-12am. Her and Dane will be staying at my favorite bed and breakfast that Bill and I always go to and I will be staying at The Rio with Cherissa. This way, Cherissa has access to the pay-per-view movies and pay-per-play video games. Who knows, I may tell her to invite a friend to come along to help keep her entertained.

So, I plan on being back in time on Sunday to play in the PokerStars Blogger tournament and I shall give a trip report upon return. Hopefully, it will be a good one!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I am going. I am determined to go. No, I have not won my seat YET. However, for the past five years, ever since watching a stupid show on the Travel Channel regarding the Atlantis in the Bahamas, I have wanted to go.

Now, PokerStars is offering sattelites to the WPT event being held at the Atlantis in Janaury. I am determined to win a seat.

Come hell or high water, I WILL be there in January.

Just won my seat into the $650 event on Saturday. Feels good to finally win another event again. I was TOTALLY dominating the final table. Top 3 got spots, avg stack was 4-5K and I had 20K. I ran it over, knocked out about 3-4 and then let them go at it.

WOOT! I won my $650 seat and I am feeling GOOD. I play on Saturday, first attempt for the Atlantis trip so wish me luck.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Back to Poker

Let's see....

As far as poker goes, I haven't made any huge "scores" lately, but I have come in the money several times over the past week. Just nothing to really write home about.

However, I still have pride in how I finish as sometimes these events I enter have 1000+ entrants, and to make the money still shows me something.

Tonight I played in the $3R on PS, 10K guaranteed. About 2200 entrants, and I ended up getting 115th place, good for $28. I spent $18, so wow, a profit of $10. See, this is an event that I normally wouldn't even talk about, but again, the finish is something (IMO) due to the large number of entrants.

The other tournament (so far, as I am currently playing in a $3R for a seat into Sundays 500K event) that I played tonight was the RGP NLHE on Full Tilt. I ended up placing 2nd to Suited6s. I can't even remember the hand that gave him 1st, but when we got heads up, he had me 6:1, then he had me about 35:1 and I just simply couldn't recover or "get lucky".

EDIT: Couldn't "get lucky" ANYMORE that is, as I did get extremely lucky when I moved all in with my 10,10. I was called by not ONE but TWO players. MrJaffa with A,A and GentleBen (FT name??) with K,K. Of course, (as Ron Dworkin put it...) "T flopped a T". Mwa ha ha ha. END EDIT.

However, I won $75 for 2nd place and $80 in last longer bets, making my win $155 for this event and Suited6s only won $125. So PFFT to him!! (lol, just KIDDING darling)

Suited6s has recently volunteered to be the President of my fan club. He wanted to know the benefits and I explained them all on RGP. Check out that thread for a LOT of laughs. ; )

OH! And may I point out that I placed 2nd in the RGP event with not a single drop of alchohol in my body.

However, I do have 1 apple martini under the belt now, about to get my limit for the night (2) and finish off this satellite for Sunday's event. ONE day I will score big in that damn tournament. Good night all!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Party Is Over

And NO I'm not talking about PartyPoker and the hoopla that occurred with them over the weekend. It doesn't affect me, so I could care less...well, except for the fact that they screwed over tons of people and I think they're going to lose their placing as the #1 ranked poker site. However, I digress....

Cherissa's party is over and what a blast. About 25-30 of her classmates showed up and they had such a good time. It's actually quite cool to see a bunch of pre-teens/ teenagers having fun and just enjoying life. Reminds you of your own youth and how carefree those days were.

Highlight Of The Night:

One boy, who I could just TELL was going to be the one to watch out for, ie "trouble maker", came up to me and asked me innocently if the glow sticks I passed out were toxic. Now, the first thought in my mind was that he was planning on breaking them open, and putting the liquid in his mouth so that his mouth would glow and he would be "cool". (The owners of the building had almost forbade me to bring glow sticks as a previous teen party had destroyed thousands of dollars of carpeting and curtains by opening the glow sticks and splashing the liquid around the room.) So, I was deathly afraid that someone or someones would think to do this and I would be in deep shit trouble. So, I opened my mouth and told him, "Yes, they are very toxic, VERY." He got this very scared expression on his face, then opened his hand to me and showed me that one of the bracelets had leaked about a teaspoon of the glow liquid on his hand. Now, due to my response, he's scared to death and probably thinks he's going to die. I start laughing, and then tell him that I lied, and why, and to simply go wash his hands and I discarded the offending glowstick. Turns out the kid that I was worried about the most of being a trouble maker was just a kid who had a free spirit and wasn't bad or a troublemaker at all.

Low Point Of The Night:

Turns out I got a little carried away and ordered WAY too many pizzas. About 35 too many. I felt foolish, very foolish. However, all the guests went away from the party with a very cool goody bag and 1-3 large pizzas. ; )


After the party, I decided I wanted to show my family (who had come up from Phoenix) the nightlife of Kingman. Tough decision, we only have 3 bars and only had 3 hours until closing time, so which do I show them?? Well, the bowling alley of course! We stayed there until they closed, at 12:30am (they always close early unless there are 20 or more people still there) then headed over to Tequila Bob's. My sister, Patti aka P.J., made the mistake of telling me that she hadn't gotten drunk in almost five years. Therefore, I introduced her to apple martinis and she was feeling NO pain by the end. EVERYONE got hammered, it was good times had by all and I literally crawled into bed with Bill taking care of me until I fell asleep (past out??).

Next thing I know, there's a knock on my bedroom door at 8:30am and Cherissa tells me that the family is all there. We had all agreed to meet for breakfast at 9am the night before, what morons!! Had a pleasant meal though, then the family took off and I crawled back into bed until about 3pm. Ran some errands, got caught up on RGP (I would have loaned money to EstebanAA. What true poker player has not needed to get a float or loan at one point or another? Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think it's that big of a deal and as long as you feel you know the person and are comfortable doing it...DO IT. Geez), updated my blog and am now about to play some poker while munching on a club w/ bacon sub from Subway, BBQ pringles and iced tea. Life is good.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

It's Official

I know I've posted this pic before. However, today is special.

October 6th, 1992, a 7 lb 14oz precious baby girl was born in Sylmar, California.

She was named Cherissa and has been a very special part of my life since then. "Special" is hardly the word as I live for my daughter, and would die for her in 1/2 a heartbeat.

13 years old today. A teenager.

I, am now, offically the mother of a teenager. Boggles the brain, it does.

Huge party on Saturday. HUGE. We've invited about 125 people, rented a hall, bought a huge cake, got a DJ (with karaoke!!), 110 balloons, 45 large pizzas, and $600 worth of "goody bags"; and we are SOOOO set to party!

I will be gone most of Friday and Saturday finishing preparations for the event. Grandma is coming out tomorrow with rest of family coming up from Phoenix on Saturday. I'm looking forward to it and hope that Cherissa has a wonderful evening as it will be her time to shine.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

RGP Open, $30/$3, 6 handed NLHE

One of my best games, well, at least it feels that way. I played in the RGP Open, $30/$3, 6 handed NLHE today (Saturday) and with about 15 people left, I was pretty dominant as the chip leader. I think I had 3:1 over 2nd place, had massive stack.

So we move to final table and here's the count with 5 left (I could only get the last 100 hands, so I couldn't go back as far as when we first got to the final table)

Seat 2: Saturn27 (3200)
Seat 3: thejim2020 (9735)
Seat 4: PokerHeaven (9985)
Seat 5: MissT74 (16475)
Seat 6: Ace1177 (4605)

Things are going OK, I couldn't steal that much anymore due to my over-aggressiveness from previous table.

We get down to 3, ITM, and here's the first critical hand:

Seat 3: thejim2020 (12090)
Seat 4: PokerHeaven (9110)
Seat 5: MissT74 (22800)

I am the SB (100), Jim is the BB (200). I get 9,9. Heaven folded, I raised to 1400, jim reraises all in, I call. He shows A,Q.

Flop: 4, 7, 6
Turn: 3
River: Q

Argggggg!!!! DAMN river! I'm now down to 10710. I hold my own for awhile, Jim doubles up Heaven once, and now I'm the short stack at about T7500. I go back and forth for awhile, get down to as low as 4K, when I tried to outbluff A,5 with my A,2 and he had flopped a 5.

So, time to double up.

Seat 3: thejim2020 (18480)
Seat 4: PokerHeaven (20625)
Seat 5: MissT74 (4895)

I am in the BB, Heaven limps in, I move all in with Ah5h, she calls with Ac8d.

Flop: Jc, 2h, 8h
Turn: Ad
River: Jh

I get my flush on the river and now I'm at T9800. I get back up to 12K, then back down to T4600. Time to double up again.

Seat 3: thejim2020 (23005)
Seat 4: PokerHeaven (16380)
Seat 5: MissT74 (4615)

I am in the BB, Heaven limps in, I move all in with Ac8d, she instacalls with 7h10h.

Flop: 9s, 5s, Js
Turn: 3s
River: Jd

My A8 is good, and I am back up to T9200. Then this hand comes up.

Seat 3: thejim2020 (23005)
Seat 4: PokerHeaven (12115)
Seat 5: MissT74 (8880)

I am in the BB with 7h, 10h. Jim raises to 1800, Heaven folds, I call.

Flop: 4c, 8h, 9h.

I move all in, he instacalls with Ad10d

Turn: 3h
River: 2h

My flush pulls out another victory, up to T18K. This hand comes 2 hands later:

Seat 3: thejim2020 (14525)
Seat 4: PokerHeaven (11715)
Seat 5: MissT74 (17760)

I am on the button with 8s, 8d. I raise to 2400, Jim calls, Heaven folds.

Flop: 10h, 8c, 9d

He checks, I minibet 1800, he raises all in to 12075, I call. He shows Ah10d

Turn: 7c
River: Ks

Game over for Jim, I'm at T32K now.

Heaven and I go back and forth, stealing here and there by both of us for 11 hands until:

Seat 4: PokerHeaven (12665)
Seat 5: MissT74 (31335)

I am the BB, I get Ah, 6s. Heaven limps in (again), I raise to 3000, she moves all in, I call, she shows 3h, 3c.

Flop: T, A, 6
Turn: Q
River 8

Game over, MissT74 wins an RGP Open event, FINALLY.

It was a very, very good final table. The players were excellent, and I really felt challenged. I fought my way back many, many times (due to my over-aggressiveness, lol) and ended up winning, good for $330 smackers, but more importantly, RGP bragging rights until the next event. ; )

Poker Blues

So, I've been playing on Party, and I remember how much I hate that site. I played a few Cruise STEPS, then played some Mini STEPS for fun, and bounced around for a little bit, but good lord...the players, the RNG...whatever, that site is horrible!! I'd rather play with good players then bad players every day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

At least you know where you are more often than naught.

As far as poker goes, I'm not doing too badly lately, but I'm not doing GREAT, so of course, I feel like I'm doing horrible.

I ended up in 4th place in the RGP Open Razz Event, playing in the RGP Open $30 NL HE tomorrow (today? Saturday), and vying for some damn Player Points. Whoever that LadyLuck person is, he/she is on top of the pack cashing in about every other event according to Red, the Games Grid "guy".

However, other then that, I can't recall any other memorable finishes lately. I know the wins are usually spread out, and the dry spells can go for awhile. I just get so damn edgy and anxious when I don't score a big hit for awhile, because I know I can do it. It just gets on my nerves that I can't do it more often, making me wonder sometimes if I truly have what it takes to be a WCP. Then I make a score, adrenaline keeps me high for a few days, then it's back to the same feelings.


Ah well...all you can do is keep plugging away.

So, nothing else to report, just thought I should put an update up. New bed being delivered tomorrow, so I'll be rearranging furniture all morning. It is the end of the month, so I have a LOT of data entry to do over the next 4-5 days. Cherissa's party is next Saturday, so we're getting ready for that with last minute details. All in all, pretty boring stuff lately. No drunk lady trip reports, no massive flaming wars going on at RGP. In fact, I've even been told by a poster that he loves me and wants me to have his babies. As I posted in response, How do I respond to that??? LOL...Have a great weekend everyone.