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Monday, February 27, 2006

UPDATE: MissT74 2006 WSOP Qualifiers

WOW...HUGE interest, it's been great. Being the organized person that I am, I have everything being kept track of on Excel. There are 10 (TEN!!!) satellites that are filled up and ready to play, now comes the hard part. Getting people to agree on a date.

I give 3 choices out, majority rules, then once I hear back from everyone, I send an email back out with the date and time and then they either say OK or step out and get put on the next list with an alternate coming in to take his/her seat.

If you are interested and haven't emailed me yet, make sure you do. I predict running 20-30 now, with this interest, and only predicted 8-10 2 weeks ago. Awesome!

That's 20-30 of our friends going to the WSOP, how cool is that? GOOD LUCK everyone!!

(If you don't know what I'm talking about, check my archives for the MissT74 Qualifiers)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Poker and Relationships

Article published in the 4th issue of Women's Poker Player Magazine.

Poker and Relationships

Do they really mix? If you’re lucky enough to have a partner who enjoys playing poker as much as you do, then you’re luckier than a lot of other players. Of course, you’ll have your own set of problems such as managing bankrolls together, making sure that the both of you don’t exceed the amount set aside to play with, etc.

I’m one of those women whose husband/partner doesn’t play poker. He doesn’t know the flop from the river and when I tell him I was counterfeited on the turn, he gets this glazed look in his eyes that tell me he has no clue as to what I’m talking about. Now, don’t get me wrong, compared to where he is now to where he was three years ago and it’s amazing how much he has tried to learn about poker, in order to carry on a conversation with me as poker seems to be all I ever talk about anymore.

There are times though when he just doesn’t seem to “get it”. He doesn’t understand the need for a separate poker bankroll and doesn’t understand the need to constantly replenish that bankroll, especially since I play tournaments only and can go weeks, sometimes months, without winning one. When I do win one, it’s hard to explain to him that I need to keep most of the winnings for the bankroll; instead, he sees it as money that I’ve won, that should be coming back into the household. Money that can pay for the new couch, a new computer, new toys!!

There are times when he doesn’t understand the time involved in playing a tournament, or the level of concentration needed and doesn’t understand how I can spend hours upon hours in front of the computer playing a tournament when I could be doing other things with my time.

However, together, we have learned to compromise. This is the key element to successfully having a relationship with a non-poker playing companion. You must compromise the time spent and the money spent, playing poker. We’ve reached a compromise that I would only play online tournaments after 7-8pm during the week, and on the weekends I’m free to play whenever I want as long as we don’t have plans with friends or relatives. We’ve also agreed that I would only travel outside the USA for poker tournaments three times a year, unless him and my daughter go with me, then I can travel more. I’m free to go to Las Vegas or Southern California as often as the bankroll permits, since those locations are fairly close to home.

As far as money spent goes, we’ve agreed that from every tournament win, I’m allowed a certain amount of money to keep for the poker bankroll, and the rest comes back into the household. Don’t get me wrong, if I know that the money is needed in order to maintain the household, then it all comes back to the house, but I’ve been fortunate enough where I’ve been able to play “for fun” and not for the need of the money for awhile now. However, there is still the need to replenish the funds taken from the household in order to play poker upon a win, kind of like “paying back the backer”.
I’ve posted about our unique situation to a popular online forum and the feedback was absolutely amazing. I never realized that so many people are going through what I’m going through with a non-poker playing partner and it was quite eye opening. I truly thought I was one of the “rare” ones that have to constantly explain the time and money spent on poker. However, I found out that I was one of many and the biggest agreement seemed to be in the compromising.

Now, sometimes compromising doesn’t work and then the relationship will usually break down, that’s happened to a lot with poker players and while non-poker players can’t understand how someone is willing to throw away a relationship for the game of poker, poker players can’t understand how someone isn’t willing to understand the deep desire and passion that poker seems to bring out of us.

While I would never be willing to throw away a relationship for the game of poker, I would be willing to throw away a relationship with someone who couldn’t or wouldn’t comprehend the love and joy that the game of poker brings to me. Who couldn’t support my dreams and goals 100%. After all, as a partner, isn’t that supposed to be the goal, to make your partner happy? To support your partner 100% in whatever his/her dreams or goals are while doing the same for him/her is what a successful relationship means to me.

Luckily, with the compromising that my husband and I have agreed to, we were able to “fix” the situation before it got out of control. I strongly urge every woman poker player to assess her current situation with her partner and to make those compromises now, before it’s too late, in order to keep both your partner happy and your relationship alive, while still continuing to play poker, the game we’ve grown to love!

Tanya Peck

Tanya Peck can be found online at many different sites playing by the name of MissT74. Tanya is a local to Laughlin, Nevada and frequents Las Vegas for all major tournament events. Tanya can be reached at tanya@pecksmedicalbilling.com.

Tournament Etiquette

Published in the 3rd issue of Women's Poker Player Magazine.

(This is the article that generated a lot of heat and flaming and insults to my family, I do not want to rehash that all over again and therefore no comments will be allowed on this blog entry and if anyone places a comment on this entry or on any other entry regarding this entry, I will delete. Please respect my wishes on this issue.)

Tournament Etiquette

Let me start by saying that while I’m not a “newbie” to poker, I also haven’t been playing for decades. However, I did introduce myself to the poker world before the onslaught of online-playing-TV-watching-players came on board so I can attest to the changes that also came on board with them.

Poker used to be a “golf” sport. Spectators would talk in whispers among themselves, there would be a polite smattering of applause when a big hand was shown down, and never would anyone ever dream of yelling out “DAAAAAA” while playing.

So, as witnessed on ESPN or even in person, times have changed, get used to it! Poker is now a spectator sport that is getting younger and younger crowds, thus producing rowdier fans that have no problems in cheering for their favorite player. Yet, you can’t help but wonder, how far is too far?

Where do we draw the line on what is merely being supportive of a player vs. being considered an obnoxious jerk? It’s certainly subjective, as while what I feel is over the line, others may not. However, unless others who feel the same way as I speak up, then who knows where it will go next, and I fear that poker will once again be put on the back burner as nothing but a game that hosts and sponsors rude, arrogant people who will, once again, get no respect.

I was very fortunate to spend most of the full six weeks at this year’s WSOP. I witnessed quite a bit of rowdy and just plain rudeness from a lot of players, throughout the entire six weeks. Sadly, the worse episodes were at the Ladies Event.

I played in nine different events and never witnessed some of the occurrences that I saw at the Ladies Event. The rudeness, and if you’ll allow me, “bitchiness” of some of the players was appalling. Now, please keep in mind that not everyone was this way, not even the majority, and these ladies were certainly the few bad apples in the bunch. However, as history shows us, in any mass crowd situation people will actually change and mold their behavior to those around them, which was the case at this event.

What started out as a group of women gathering to play poker for the afternoon, socialize with new and old friends, and just have fun; ended with some ladies in tears and whopping and hollering that should shame all involved.

In all other events that I was there to see, there is definitely a big sigh that can be heard once the bubble player has been busted and players are “in the money”. You can feel the tension melt away as the remaining players now feel safe to try to make their run for the bracelet. There was even an occasional smattering of applause as players congratulated their tablemates.

At the women’s event, the roar that came from the players as the bubble player was busted was embarrassing. Sure, be proud that you made the money, be happy and excited, but have a little respect for not only the bubble player, but the other players that had left before.

This was a tough article to write, and I’m not sure exactly how it will be taken. I do believe that there will be some who agree with me, just as there will be some who think I’m overreacting. I truly believe that the point I am trying to make is that to have poker etiquette is to show respect to the game, and to players involved.

When you’re A,Q rivers an A to your opponents K,K; don’t stand up and start screaming “Yeah!!! Yeah!!!!” and exchange high fives with other opponents at the table, instead think about how that player feels and how you would feel (and I’m sure HAVE felt) in that situation and offer a handshake and a “Good game.”

When you’ve just busted out the bubble player, don’t point at her/him and yell out “Your History!!,” why not offer that same handshake and a “Good game” instead.

When a player does the above to you, or worse, don’t glare at them or make a nasty remark back at them, or threaten to kick their ***; instead, hold yourself up with pride and dignity and refuse to lower yourself to their level.

This is what pride, respect, and poker etiquette mean to me. I fear that without those three key items, poker will become a sport that loses it’s appeal and will lose the players, dealers, and staff that we need in order to play.

I simply ask that when you find yourself in a situation that could produce any negative feelings or actions, to take pride in yourself and respect the game that we have all come to know and love.


WOE, known as Women’s Only Events, have been around since the early WSOP days when the husbands needed a place to “put” their wives while they played the “big” game.

Since then, it’s been a way for women to play tournaments who might have otherwise been too intimidated to play due to the testosterone from their male counterparts.

Well, ladies, hold on to your hats, because I feel that that time has come and gone.

There is no longer a need for WOE. Women have taken to the poker world in such a dramatic way, that it no longer feels “weird” to sit at a table filled with men, nor does it feel “weird” to sit at a table and find three other females there as well.

WOE have always had a certain disgrace and shame attached to them. You may not agree, but think about it. The WOE at the WSOP wasn’t even considered for ESPN taping this year, and didn’t even have an announcer at the final table. When I’ve spoken to men about WOE I’m looked at with a patronizing grin and asked “You going to play in the “Big” event, darling?” The WOE bracelet isn’t even a “real” WSOP bracelet, but rather a smaller version of the other event’s bracelets. Most male players roll their eyes when asked about WOE, they laugh and smile condescendingly at the women that gather around during the event.

The time has come to stop the segregation of poker and to have ALL poker players play together. I am a huge supporter of women in poker, the more the better! However, I am against WOE and find them to be degrading. I didn’t use to feel this way, but the more time that goes by and the more events I attend, the easier it is to see the disrespect that is given to the ladies that play WOE. Therefore, I have decided to boycott all future WOE and ask that you seriously consider doing the same, for the reasons I’ve mentioned.

This article was tough for me to write, as I know that I may be strongly disagreed and I may have offended some. That is never my intentions, and if I have offended you, I truly apologize. I’m simply stating how I feel and you are more then free to disagree with me. I feel that this may be cause for some serious discussion and would welcome any and all comments at the WPC forum online.

In the next issue: A lighter note as I talk about the comedy I witnessed at the WSOP!

Tanya Peck

Tanya Peck can be found online at many different sites playing by the name of MissT74. Tanya is a local to Laughlin, Nevada and frequents Las Vegas for all major tournament events. Tanya can be reached at tanya@pecksmedicalbilling.com.

A Woman in a Man's World?

Article published in the 2nd issue of Woman's Poker Player Magazine.

A Woman in a Man’s World??

It took me a full year to get up the courage to sit down at a “real” poker table. One FULL year to feel confident enough that the “men” sitting at the table wouldn’t glare at me upon arrival, or even if they did, I’d be OK with it. I was convinced that since I was “just” a young female, I would be ostracized, ignored, and just treated poorly.

I couldn’t have been further from the truth, as they welcomed me with open arms. Of course they did, I was “fresh meat”, a “fish”! Knowing now what I didn’t know then, I totally understand what all their smiles and friendly welcomes were for. New blood, and not just new blood to their game, but new blood to the game, period.

Sure, I lost my buy in, and even dug out more cash from the purse too. However, I had a great time, and if that’s what the cost of entertainment was going to be for me that night, then so be it.

Looking back four years later, I am astounded by the number of women who have finally done what it took me so long to do, which was belly up to the table. I remember quite vividly being the only female at a table, or even being the only female in a tournament! So I wonder, were these women that are out there playing poker now brought into the poker world due to the poker frenzy?

You know what I mean, the players (male OR female) who started playing because of watching poker on TV on Wednesday nights. The players who started playing online because of the fame that Chris Moneymaker achieved, and “Hey, it must be easy! I’m going to play!”

Or are these women who have been playing poker for years, long before the onslaught of poker in the mainstream media (like me), but just never had the courage to actually step up to the plate?

I decided it doesn’t matter. Although I used to be very surprised when I would sit down at my assigned table in a tournament and see another woman there, it’s becoming so common now, that I’m actually starting to become surprised if there isn’t another woman at my table, or even two!

Thanks to online forums and groups such as The Women’s Poker Club, the word is getting out that we, as females, can play poker and that we should not be intimidated anymore by the “big, bad men” out there in the poker world.

Now, even after having said all that, it’s been said many times and by many well known players and commentators that a woman will never win the Main Event at the WSOP.

Guess what? Although I won’t agree with the word “never”, I do agree that it will still be many, many years before a woman will win. Why is that, you ask? Sheer numbers. We simply don’t have the numbers yet in live tournaments, especially the Main Event, to overcome the statistical odds of placing first. With an expected 6000 entrants, and 600 alternates in this year’s WSOP Main Event, the women in the field will only take up about 5% of that number. That’s only 330 women! Now, I think the number might actually be higher due to the number of people, including women, that will be qualifying for the Main Event through online poker sites, but we still have to realize that the number of women in this event will be no where close to what it needs to be in order for a woman to “statistically” have a chance to win.

Of course, even after having said that, I still plan on winning the Main Event this year!

Yes, Ladies, yours truly will be at the WSOP this year, and not just for the Main Event, or for the Ladies Tournament being held on June 26th. Oh no, I have to do it BIG this year, and I will be in Vegas for every weekend, from Thursday to Monday, coming home only to check in with the family and with the business. I will be there for approximately four of the six weeks, and I plan on having some wonderful stories to tell upon my return.

I have decided to take the WSOP by storm this year and hope to play in at least 12 events of the 38 scheduled, including the Main Event. By the time you read this, the WSOP will be well under way, if not concluded, and I will be one step closer to realizing my dream of becoming a professional tournament poker player.

“Persistancy Wears Down Resistancy”

Notice I didn’t say “professional poker player”, but rather a tournament player, as there is such a huge difference in playing tournaments vs. playing cash games. I believe my love for tournament poker started towards the end of my first year of playing. I only played 7 card stud at the time, and the limits were usually $1-$5, but I was always losing. I was a horrible player, as I had come into the game after I received a CD-ROM game that my mother had given me that only offered 7 card stud. Of course, back in those days, Texas Hold ‘Em didn’t have the appeal that it does now.

I was a little bit more strapped for poker funds back then, and noticed right away that my $40 used to enter a tournament lasted a lot longer then it did at the $1-$5 7 card stud table. I could actually play for almost an hour instead of just 15-20 minutes. So I did what any smart, winning poker player has done. I studied.

I watched tape after tape of past WSOP events, I read book after book on poker. Every single book that my local library had regarding poker, I read. Some of them I read twice, or even three times! Then something remarkable happened, I started winning. I became a winning poker player due to the knowledge that I gained, the knowledge that I opened myself up to. I can still very distinctly remember the night that the light bulb went off in my head in regards to No Limit Hold ‘Em. I had only played Limit Tournaments up to that point, because No Limit SCARED me.

Now, remember, the whole reason why I started playing tournaments was to help make my money last longer, so that I could play longer. The idea of being able to lose in the first 5 minutes of a tournament, do to it being No Limit, scared me to death! Therefore, I was what’s known as “scared money”. So, I stayed away, far away from No Limit.
Until that one fateful night.

I was playing in an online tournament and I had raised a hand simply trying to steal the blinds, there was one other player in the hand with me, the big blind, and he re-raised me. I don’t know what it was, or what made me do it, but my little finger clicked on that mouse button over the button marked “Raise” so quickly, my head spun. He folded, and the bells and whistles went off in my head. I get it! I understand now! All the things I have been reading in books finally made sense, it was the aggressiveness of No Limit Hold ‘Em that I learned to embrace and love. What hand did I have, you ask? 3, 8 offsuit, a pure bluff, I had nothing, yet I re-raised a re-raise and WON! Ah ha! So that’s how it’s done! From that point on, I haven’t looked back and haven’t been “scared money” since.

I finally realized that I will lose tournaments in the first five minutes. I will also play tournaments for four hours straight, only to lose one spot away from the prize money. That’s just the risk of playing tournaments, and it’s a risk that I have to accept, or I will go mentally insane. No poker player, professional or not, can win every single tournament they enter. Sure, they can cash often, and even win a few in a row, but they can never, ever win every single tournament entered.

So, ladies, if you take anything from this at all, I hope that you take the knowledge that although you can be a winning poker player, and a winning tournament poker player, you simply can’t win them all. However, with persistence, you can reach your dreams and achieve your goals. Whether they include winning a tournament online that has more then 15 players, or one that has more then 6000, you have to be persistent. Take the heartbreak losses with a grain of salt, and celebrate the wins with a sense of pride.

Women are here in the poker world, and from what I can see; we’re not going anywhere.

Tanya Peck

Tanya Peck can be found online at many different sites playing by the name of MissT74. Tanya is a local to Laughlin, Nevada and frequents Las Vegas for all major tournament events. Tanya can be reached at tanya@pecksmedicalbilling.com.

Live Tournament Play

Published in the first issue of Women's Card Player Magazine:

Miss. T’s Talk

Live Tournament Play

Playing in a live tournament for the first time can be quite an intimidating experience. You’ve either been there before and can vividly remember the sweaty palms and heart palpitations, or your about to embark on this passage of rites in the poker world and would, perhaps, like a little help in learning the formalities and etiquette of playing in a live tournament. Good news ladies, I am here to help!

I started my poker playing as a live player, and then became an avid online player later. I still remember my very first live tournament. I had been playing my normal 5-6 hour session of 7 Card Stud, and was encouraged by another local player to enter the Limit Hold Em tournament that was about to start. Due to the number of hours I had logged in at the tables, I was able to enter at no charge except for a $5 entry fee. I had never played a single hand of Hold Em in my life and was quickly coached by my friend on what hands to play, how to play, etc….took about five minutes.

Turns out I had Lady Luck on my side as I proceeded to get pocket aces five times in the first three levels. I ended up placing 17th in about 140 entrants, good for $170.00. I was hooked. From that point on, I was determined to better my game and play in as many tournaments as I could. To do that, I knew that I would have to learn more about the t etiquette and the standard rules and formalities of live tournaments.

To enter a tournament, you simply go to the area that the B&M has set aside for registrations, you will be required to give your name and in most places, you are choose a random seat card, or are assigned a seat for the event. The cost will usually be displayed, with the prize money listed first and the tournament fee listed second. For example, a $50/$5 tournament would indicate $50 to the prize pool, and $5 to the house as your fee to play the event.

Once you receive your seat assignment, you’ll need to find your table, which can sometimes be an adventure all on it’s own. I suggest asking any dealer or floor staff that you may pass to point you in the right direction.

Once you are seated at the table, your chips will usually be handed to you as you turn in your seat card to the dealer, and the placement of the dealer button will be determined. The dealer will deal each seat one card face up; the seat that receives the highest card will be the seat to receive the button for the start of the tournament. Keep in mind that the value of suits rank spades, hearts, diamonds, and then clubs. (TIP: Value of suits is alphabetical, lowest to highest)

The dealer will usually announce the blind structure at the beginning of each level, but it’s wise for you to have a print out of the blind structures for the particular tournament that your in, so that you will already know what you’ll be expected to post as blinds and what you’ll be allowed to bet. The small blind will always be announced first, followed by the big blind and what the levels are. For example, the dealer may say, “Ok folks, 25/50, 50/100.” This would be for a limit tournament, the small blind will have to put out 25, the big blind will put out 50, and the betting will start at 50 for the flop, then raise up to 100 for the turn and river cards. In No Limit, it’s much easier as there will be no maximum limits on betting, however, there will always be a minimum and this will be equivalent to the amount of the big blind for that particular round.

When it’s your blind, you simply set out the chips that equal the value of the blind in front of you. Make sure you put the chips out far enough when your in the blind, or when your betting, that the dealer will be able to reach them, but not so far out that other players cannot determine who’s bet it is.

Always make sure to play in turn. This may actually be harder then it sounds, because a lot of new live players will be lost without a mouse to click on auto action buttons, or without that annoying beeping sound that signals us online players when it’s our turn to act. Pay attention to the action, and don’t simply follow the player to your right, as he/she may be acting out of turn, thus causing a chain reaction of out of turn plays.

As you make an action, verbalize what you are doing. If you’re calling, say so, if you’re raising, say “Raise” then state how much. If your folding, simply push your cards out in front of you towards the dealer, he/she will know to take them at that point. As you become more experienced in live play, you will be able to fold with flair and style, learning to snap your wrist as you toss the cards lightly to the dealer or fold by flicking the cards with your finger tips, etc. However, I do not recommend doing this until you are more experienced with live play as your cards will more often then not, turn up and be revealed.

Also be aware of the “Action Line”. This is usually a line drawn on the felt about 4 inches away from the rail, around the entire table. Anything that crosses that action line can be held as a bet. Therefore, when making a bet or raise, don’t take your stack of chips in your hand and reach out over the line, some B&M will hold you to whatever amount is in your hand once it crosses the line. Count out your chips behind the line, verbalize your action, and then place the bet. This way, if you state “500” but accidentally put out 600, you’ll be able to take that 100 back.

As levels increase, there will come points in the tournament where you will no longer need certain denominations in chips, at this point there will be a “Race Off”. This is to remove the smaller chips from play; I’ll use 25 as the example. Once you reach the blind levels of 100/200, there is no need for 25 value chips, so to remove them the dealer will have you stack your 25 value chips in stacks of 4, he/she will then give you a 100 value chip for each stack that you have. Any left over 25 value chips will be placed in front of you. Some B&M’s will simply give you an extra 100 chip for any 25 value chips that you have left over, but the more common practice is to deal one card face up for every extra chip that each player has. This will start in the one seat and move around clockwise. After all cards are dealt, all the extra 25 value chips will be pulled in, and the dealer will be able to determine how many 100 chips he/she will have to give out. Then, the players that received the highest value cards will be given a chip. Each player can only be given one chip, then their cards will be turned over, and the next player with the highest value card will receive a chip, continuing until there are no more chips to hand out. This is when the ranking of suits will come into play as there may be more then one ace or one king given out, therefore, the chip will be given to the player with the higher suit of the high card first.

One last topic to discuss is “chopping”. Chopping refers to the last players making a financial deal to actually end the tournament without playing it out. Chopping is very common, and in my experience, I have only played a few that did not end in a chop. Chops will depend on the number of people left, the number of chips that each player has, and the amount of the prize pool. When chopping, you must feel that you are getting a good deal or you will need to speak up, maybe making a counter offer. Chops can only take place if everyone agrees, if there is any objection at all, it cannot be done and play will continue. Do not be intimidated or afraid to say “No Deal”, even if you are the only one! If a chop is going to be done by chip count, you can simply ask the tournament director to help figure out the money distribution.

I certainly hope this information helps you and I wish you much success in your poker playing! Now, go out and play LIVE!

Tanya Peck

Tanya Peck can be found online at many different sites playing by the name of MissT74. Tanya is a local to Laughlin, Nevada and frequents Las Vegas for all major tournament events. Tanya can be reached at tanya@pecksmedicalbilling.com.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

MissT74 is Published

As I came back from my mailbox today with my new issue of Womens Poker Player Magazine, it dawned on me that while some of my regular readers may know that I'm a regular contributor to this magazine, I've never shared my articles that have been published on my blog. So the only way you can see them if you happen to be a subscriber, therefore, I am going to post a series of articles that have been published and happy reading to you!

Watch for these over the next few days.

P.S. My favorite Uncle, Uncle Brian, is a regular reader of my blog now and I would like to take this time to say Hi!!!

Done with JJ Issue

From PokerStars:

We reviewed the "JJProdigy" account on PokerStars and discovered that
he had played multiple accounts in some of our tournaments. This is
against our tournament rule #21:


Because of the severity of the infraction, we closed the "JJProdigy"
account. Obviously, we don't like closing a player's account, but the
integrity of our games and tournaments is our highest priority and we
will do whatever is necessary to ensure it.


PokerStars Support Team

Then it was posted today on PocketFives.com that JJProdigy is, in fact, a 16 year old.

That changed my entire outlook on the situation. Not that what he did wasn't wrong all of a sudden, it is. He's still a cheat and still deserved just punishment, IMO, but....

As I posted on PocketFives.com:

My take on the issue:

What a monumental mistake, it doesn't bother me that he's 16, but the world
seems to be crumbling for him right now and I feel sorry for him. If PokerStars
has closed his account now, it seems reasonable that other sites are going to
follow suit which means his bankrolls on all sites will be confiscated and what
a blow that would be to an adult, let alone a child.

Before the flames start, "He deserves it, he's a cheating scumbag" blah blah
blah, keep in mind now that if he's really 16, this could drive him to do
something that I don't really want to think about, and that's why I feel sorry
for him. I hope his parents are around and I hope he has good friends nearby.

Think of how fragile a 16 year old can be at this point and let's have a little
human decency and compassion and not crucify him anymore. He made huge mistakes and
will now have to live with them. I'm a "new" P5'r and haven't been here long, he's
from what I gathered) a very big contributor here, ranked and all that, so you would
think that one of his "homes" such as P5 would back off a little bit, I'm not saying
back him in his faults, but back off him as a 16 year old can only take so much.
Does this make sense or am I just full of shit?

Tanya Peck

The bottom line is, JJProdigy, being 16 and male and having all this happening to him right now IS in the perfect statistical group for doing the extreme. Therefore, I am leaving the subject alone and will hope that the other online sites that I've contacted (UB and FT) will do their proper investigations and will leave it at that.

There is no need to further crucify a young kid, who although did wrong, is already being punished enough by having his accounts closed, his name and reputation completely tarnished now, and his money taken away from him. IMO.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Questioning the Sites Part I

PokerStars.com (Part I)

(UltimateBet and FullTilt will be parts II and III, if and when I ever get
emails back from them)

Email sent 2/20/06:

To Whom It May Concern,

As I'm sure you're support department is aware, a well known online player named JJProdigy has admitted guilt to cheating in the 2/12/06 PartyPoker 500K guaranteed by playing multiple accounts, and has had his accounts closed and has been banned by Party Poker.

Therefore, my question to PokerStars is: What are your policies on this form of cheating and do you plan on banning this player from your site since he's been banned from PartyPoker, as UltimateBet does?

Reply #1:

Hello Tanya,

We also do not allow players to play multiple accounts within the same
tournament. With that said, we are not prepared to divulge information about another players account based on incidents that occurred at another site.

LarryPokerStars Support Team

My reply:


That is understandable so maybe you can tell me PokerStars policy in general, not on a particular player. For example, UltimateBet states quite clearly in their terms and conditions that if a player is banned from another site then they may ban them as well, does PokerStars have any set guidelines or rules in general for players who have been found to have been banned on another site?

Tanya Peck

Reply #2:

Hello Tanya,

I think it is best for our Poker Room manager to continue this discussion. I have forwarded your email to Lee Jones for consideration.


LarryPokerStars Support Team

Reply #3:

Hi Tanya -
Thank you for reporting this to us. Needless to say, we're aware of the situation regarding the player known as "JJProdigy". We are reviewing his play on PokerStars and will take action based on what (if anything) we find. We can not use public reports as our evidence - only as a starting point for our own investigation.

Again, I appreciate your contacting us; you can be sure that we are taking this review seriously.

Best regards,

Lee Jones

My reply:


I had no doubt that PokerStars was aware of the situation and is probably doing an investigation of their own specifically in regards to JJProdigy, but my biggest question right now is not specifically against him, but in general.

If a player is banned from another online site, does PokerStars have any policy of also being able to ban that player on PS, even if no rule infarctions was found to have occurred on PS? I ask this because UltimateBet has this policy and was curious if PS had this policy as well.

Thank you for your time,

Tanya Peck

Reply #4:

Hi Tanya -No, we would not bar a player simply because he/she had been barred by another site. Barring a player from our site is a strong and drastic step - before we took it, we would have to have our own confirmation that this player was indeed cheating. And that would require us to find evidence of our own, within PokerStars.

Best regards,
Lee Jones

Also received in email regarding the similarity of JJProdigy and El Capitan / Exclusive incidents:


This was posted on RGP. Is it true? If so, it makes partypoker look better and better.

"I never heard much about the incident regarding Exclusive and El Capitano, with Noah Boeken playing both accounts and winninga Sunday $215. So I wasn't aware of the similarities between that incident and the incident with JJProdigy.

As found on www.PocketFives.com :

"Ok guys , ill explain it all to ya. El capitano is registered as Marcel Luske's account but he doesnt use it much because he hasnt got much time to play online.Last sunday a friend of mine was here and right before the 215 on stars was about to start i asked him if he wanted to play on el capitano next to me so we would have 2 shots on winning and i would pretty much play 2 accounts at once because i was helping my friend out what to do, as soon as i busted on exclusive in 600t i took over the el capitano account and took it down :) Hope u guys enjoyed the show and hope ill be back soon on whatever account ;)

Noah "exclusive" boeken

www.noahboekenpoker.com "

So, here we have an incident where Noah admitted to playing on two accounts, two entries, into a PS event.

What's the difference between the two incidents? Nothing, as far as I can see.

However, PS never did anything while PP took measurements which seem to have sit well with the online poker community (except for with JJ's friends, of course).

A few questions, did PS ever say anything in regards to Noah's admission and how does the general online poker community feel about PS not doing anything while PP took the actions it did?

I admit to being surprised and impressed by PP stance, but now that I know about PS and how they didn't do anything, I feel a little leery about PS and PS is my ALL TIME favorite site.

What say you??

PS Response:

Thank you for your Email. While the two cases do share a degree of similarity, they are not identical.

In the PartyPoker case, the account was created by JJProdigy ostensibly for his grandmother, but was in fact never used by the grandmother. It was used exclusively by JJProdigy on a regular basis in more than this one event. It was therefore a second account of JJProdigy's created with the sole purpose to play multiple entries in tournaments.

In the Exclusive/El Capitano case, the two accounts were clearly owned and used by two different individuals. El Capitano was not a front for Exclusive to use, but was in fact Marcel Luske's real account, played by Exclusive on that one occasion.

At the time of the Exclusive/El Capitano incident, the rules on PokerStars were unclear as to whether this was a violation of the rules. While we take the integrity of our games very seriously, we also could not take lightly the decision to confiscate a player's money when there was no clear rule forbidding his action.

As a result of the El Capitano/Exclusive incident, our rules regarding such matters were strengthened and clarified. The new rule is our tournament rule #21, which you may read here: http://www.pokerstars.com/tournamentsrules.html

Had the Exclusive incident occurred under these new rules, I am certain that the outcome would have been the same -- Exclusive would have been disqualified, his winnings confiscated, and the rest of the field moved up.

Had the JJProdigy incident occurred on PokerStars, we would have disqualified JJProdigy under both our old rules and the new rules that grew out of the El Capitano incident. JJProdigy's possession and use of two accounts would have been a violation of our rules at all times.

PokerStars will not tolerate cheating of this nature, and we take our obligation to ensure a fair game for all very seriously. We appreciate your concerns, and we thank you for your kind words regarding PokerStars.

Best Regards,
JeffPokerStars Support Supervisor

Sunday at PartyPoker

Due to the recent changes that have been done on PartyPoker and the talk about it on RGP, and their reaction to the JJProdigy scandal, I decided to re-install PP and give them a go again.

I bought directly into a MINI STEP 2 and won another STEP 2, then won a STEP 3, then dropped back down to STEP 2, and that's waiting for me. I bought into 2 STEP 1's and won 2 STEP 1's, I feel like I'll be revolving in these STEPS for a bit, I am going to go back and read my posts from when I ran good in the STEPS some point last year, tighten up my game and try to win today.

I also bought into a $20 40K guaranteed tournament, 2556 entrants and ended up busting out about 356th place when my all in move with 9,9 was called with A,9 and an A came on the flop.

The best result of the night was a $30 NLHE MTT I entered. 956 entrants, and I was in the top 10 in chips from about 1/2 way down the field until about 30 left, then I was about average. I felt really comfortable yesterday, and felt that I could win an MTT, I was in a good mood, things felt good.

Presto (5,5) was dealt to me UTG and with the blinds at 4000/8000 and with me at about 100K, I decided to push. Everyone folded, just as planned, except when it got to the BB. He had around 140K and decided to risk his tourney life by calling with Q,6. Now, keep in mind, they WERE soooooted. My luck ran out as the flop came 6,6,K and IGHN in 16th place. Chat went a little crazy after that hand, someone told me that's what I get for overplaying my 5's, I replied, maybe so but how about overplaying Q,6? He replied "True", then the guy who called with Q,6 said the stupidest thing I've ever heard online: "That was an I don't care call."

Um, yeah. Right. You've been playing in this tournament for over 4 hours, there are 16 people left and you're going to NOT care if you hurt your stack severely at that point with a Q, 6?? Makes NO sense to me. If you put me on a bluff and think you're Q,6 is good, then say so, but to say "I didn't care at that point" good lord, why are you playing in tournaments??

Oh well, gave me a $224 win, so I'll try to parlay that into something this week.

Change of Plans

Check out www.LetsBuyPokerStars.com it's been updated!!

In regards to the MissT74 2006 WSOP Qualifiers:

Instead of having satellites for a specific event, the satellites will be ran for buy in amounts for WSOP events, and the winner will get to choose the event of his/her choice, for that dollar/buy in amount, that the winner would like to play in.

The winner will be bought into the WSOP by myself, with receipts and proof being given, as to insure that the winner is actually using the winnings for what it's intended for, which is a WSOP event.

Before I can make a schedule of dates and times, I need to make sure that I have enough players for each event. Therefore, from the list below, you are to email me the events/amounts you would like to be put on the list for and once it's full, it will be closed, and another interest list for that event/amount will be started. Please keep in mind that if we do not get enough players for a particular buy in amount or game type, then that event will either be cancelled or other options will be discussed with the players on that particular list.

$1,000 WSOP Event (NLHE):
a. 20 people @ $50.00
b. 40 people @ $25.00
c. 50 people @ $20.00

$1,000 WSOP Event (7 Card Stud H/L):
a. 20 people @ $50.00
b. 40 people @ $25.00
c. 50 people @ $20.00

$1,500 WSOP Event (NLHE):
a. 20 people @ $75.00
b. 40 people @ $37.50
c. 50 people @ $30.00

$2,000 WSOP Event (NLHE):
a. 20 people @ $100.00
b. 40 people @ $50.00
c. 50 people @ $40.00

$2,500 WSOP Event (NLHE):
a. 20 people @ $125.00
b. 40 people @ $62.50
c. 50 people @ $50.00

$2,500 WSOP Event (6 Handed NLHE):
a. 20 people @ $125.00
b. 40 people @ $62.50
c. 50 people @ $50.00

$3,000 WSOP Event (NLHE):
a. 20 people @ $150.00
b. 40 people @ $75.00
c. 50 people @ $60.00

$3,000 WSOP Event (Omaha H/L):
a. 20 people @ $150.00
b. 40 people @ $75.00
c. 50 people @ $60.00

Lists are on a first come, first serve basis with another list starting as soon as the first one is filled and closed out. Once an event is filled, a choice of dates and times will be given and the majority will rule. If that date or time is not good for you then you can forfeit your place in line to the next person on the next list. This does present a logistical problem, but I don't think it will be that big of a problem, at least not at this point, time will certainly tell.

You can enter as many events as you like, you can request being put on a 2nd list for an event in case a 2nd event goes for a specific buy in amount tournament. You can enter them all. It all depends on you and how many you want to play in, in order to try and win a WSOP seat. I, personally, will probably play in almost all of them, at least once, to try for a shot at a WSOP seat.

You will be responsible for the juice that the site, more then likely PokerStars, will charge us. I have sent an email to Henry at PokerStars, who has helped me set up private events in the past and once our negotiations are done then I will let you know how the buying in and juice charges will work, etc. At this point, let's just concentrate on getting the games ready to go so that when it's decided how PS will help us, then we'll be good to go and ready to roll!

I will need your full cooperation in this in order to run these events and I ask that all communication be done via email to me at this address and together we can help send some of our "friends" (YOU!) to the WSOP!

So on a final note, after reading this email very carefully, please send me a list of the events that you want to play in, now that you know the buy in amounts. Keep in mind that if you win, you get to choose the WSOP event you wish to play in, and in fact, if you won a $3,000 seat and wanted to split that between 2 $1,500 events, that would be OK too, I'm flexible!! (insert your own dumb joke here).

Disclaimer: If Harrah's changes it's policy and starts to charge a juice on TOP of the entry fee, that will be the sole responsibility of the winner. As it is now, Harrah's simply charges the buy in amount and then takes the juice out as a percentage from the prize pool. I don't see them changing this, but wanted to make it known that if they did change it, I am NOT paying your juice for you. : )

Help spread the word!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Online Scandal

WOW is the online poker community buzzing about the BIGGEST scandal to hit, or what??

JJProdigy, a very well known online player, was recently ousted for cheating in the 2/12/06 PartyPoker $500K Guaranteed tournament for playing two accounts during the event.

The user name "JJProdigy" busted out approximately in 2000th place, but a player named "ABlackCar" went on to win the event and $140,000.

One of JJProdigy's "friends", gbmantis, went online to a public forum, www.PocketFives.com and congratulated JJ on his win. Some other readers took the liberty of looking at the winners list and noticed that "ABlackCar" won, not "JJProdigy" so putting two and two together, realized that he was playing under a different name.

JJ then went on to say that ABlackCar was his Grandma's account and after he busted out, Grandma got tired and so he graciously stepped in, took over for her, and went on to win the event under her name.

Having more then one account is against PartyPoker's rules and once the word got out, emails were sent to support, investigations were performed and JJProdigy was stripped of his $140K win, along with $40K of funds that was in his account, and all other players in the event moved up one spot. Both accounts were closed and banned and JJ is now threatning legal action for his $40K, although he admitted his wrong doing today on PocketFives.com and admits that the $140K should be taken from him, he still wants "some" of it and feels he deserves a part of the 140K. (rolling eyes)

OK, here's my take on this:

What a moron.

Not for having two accounts and playing under multiple names, because let's face it, we all know that most of the "big" online names do this. Think back to the PokerStars LeaderBoard Point Race when there would be teams of players playing under one name to try and win the monster bet that was going on.

But I call him a moron for not only telling one or two friends about it while playing, but by telling about 30 people, while he was playing, that ABlackCar was him.

I can think of exactly ONE online friend that I would tell, but other then family and a few offline friends, I wouldn't tell a soul.

Now, I don't have multiple accounts, and never have. In fact, due to my stint with PantherPoker, I KNOW how easy it is for the online sites to determine if multiple accounts are being created, IP addresess, etc. So I've always been too scared to try to cheat in this matter, IF I was going to cheat at all, that is.

The Morality Issue:

This is where some of my readers and I may disagree. I feel I have ethics and morals, but I do not feel that what he actually did was that big of a deal. The reason why I feel that is because I feel that this happens ALL the time. I feel that there are always players playing multiple names in "Big" events, and I feel that the online sites really can't do much about it so how can they possibly try to control it?

It's almost along the lines of using AIM while playing, is it ethically OK? Is it morally OK? The consensus is that it's "OK" as long as you're not using AIM to collude together against other players, but to use AIM as a "coaching" tool is OK (especially according to Lee Jones of PokerStars) because there is no way for online sites to control it, therefore they cannot ban it.

Now, while I don't think what he did was that big of a deal (mainly because I believe others do it as well) I do know that it is a form of cheating and because he got caught, he must pay the piper. I am SHOCKED as hell that PartyPoker has taken the actions that they have taken because, let's face it, their customer service SUCKS. PokerStars would have banned both accounts and taken the money 1 day later, it took PartyPoker almost a full week. However, kudos to them for taking this action.

Will this prevent other online players from playing multiple accounts? I don't think so.

Will this prevent other online players from playing multiple accounts and telling their "friends" their playing multiple accounts? You betcha.

Bottom line is: If JJProdigy had not been so proud and "boastful" of his win, he never would have been caught.

Hey XaQ_Morphy, this is a perfect DonkeyManifesto entry if you ask me. It's like the guy who robs a bank and then goes back into the bank 1 hour later, wearing the same mask and trying to make a deposit.

Play SMART people!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

WPS Qualifiers Up and RUNNING!!!

You want some of this, trust ME.

WPS ( www.WorldPokerShowdown.com ) qualifiers are up and running on ACR (
www.AmericasCardRoom.com )

Check it out:

Stage 1: Runs 3 times a day @ 3:10pm, 7:10pm, and 9:40pm EST, where 1 in every 9
players will advance to Stage 2. The cost is only $12/$1. They usually get
anywhere from 25-60 players.

Stage 2: Runs every Sunday @ 9:10pm ($100/$8), where 1 in every 20 players wins
a vacation package. Usually 15-40 players.

The package includes $750 for airfare, $750 for hotel, and $500 for spending.
The package does NOT include an entry into the WPS showdown because get this:

If you win a vacation package, then ACR figures you're good enough to win them
some money in the main event so they BACK you for the WPS Main Event
($2500/$100). If you win, ACR gets 50% of your winnings, so in essence, you'll
be getting backed just like the "big boys" do, but the vacation would be free!!

HUGE overlay, as you can see with the numbers, so jump on this!!!

Any questions?

OH yeah, but WAIT! There's more!! Act now and recieve a special bonus code to
enter upon your downloading of the ACR software. Enter 11PlayNow74 and awesome
things will happen to you!!!!

Now, if you've already downloaded ACR and have an account there, or if you don't
want to enter the bonus code that is FINE and DANDY with me, I just want some of
you fools to win your way to St. Maartens so we can party together!

OK. I'm done now. tyvm.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

FINAL NOTICE: MissT74 2006 WSOP Qualifiers


I am still accepting names for the interest list for all events as previously
discussed, but only until Sunday. If interested send email to tanya at pecks
medical billing dot com with your real name, PS name and FTP name.

In case you missed it, here's the scoop:

I have decided to grab the bull by the horn and get some satellites going for some 2006 WSOP events.

I am taking an interest list only from people who are interested in playing in satellites with other online poker players on PokerStars or FullTilt, depending on the game, for WSOP events.

I will be working on this over the next few months, with satellites to be started in March. I will mention this frequently on my blog and on my forums in order to get the word out often, and in order to get more players in.

At this point buy-ins will not be discussed as that will be dependent upon the number of interested people, however, I will be trying to keep the buy-ins within the $10-$50 range (again, all depending on the number of people wanting to play) so at this point, I am ONLY interested in hearing from people who are interested in playing.

I would like an email sent to me at tanya at pecks medical billing dot com with your real name, your PokerStars name, your FullTilt name and your common online/forum name (if different). Tell me what events you are interested in, and I will put you on that event's list.

Think of me as the "Floor" and if there's an event that you're interested in that's not listed, let me know. If you're interested in playing a single table with 10 others for $100 for a $1000 WSOP event let me know. I will be using my contacts and the people I know to see how many satellites I can get going. Whatever you want, let me know, and I will do my best to pull it together.

This will be a big project, but I am organized that way and have my own reasons for doing this, so let's get moving! We have about 2 months to get these together and get going for the WSOP. We can keep them going for months, as we have time, and we can run multiple satellites for eventes, they don't have to be a "one" time event.

The only "juice" will be what the online site charges, there's no money in it for me, I'm doing it so that I can try to win my own way into the 14 different events that I'm interested in playing this year. I will be playing the satellites on PS as well, of course, but I would so much rather play with a group of people I know and send someone I personally know to the WSOP then some schmuck on PS. : )

So here's the list I've compiled so far:

6/27/06 $1500 NLHE
6/29/06 $1500 LHE
6/30/06 $2500 NLHE/6 handed
7/6/06 $1500 LHE
7/7/06 $2500 NLHE
7/10/06 $1000 NLHE
7/14/06 $2000 NLHE
7/15/06 $3000 LHE
7/15/06 $3000 Omaha H/L
7/16/06 $2000 NLHE Shootout
7/21/06 $2000 NLHE
7/22/06 $1500 Razz
7/24/06 $1000 7 Stud H/L
7/25/06 $1500 NLHE

So again, if you're interested, if you even THINK you're interested, send me an email with the information requested above and we'll get this ball rolling!


The Smo's Bro's Who??

The Smothers Brothers. Raise your hand if you've heard of them. OK, now keep your hands up if you've actually ever seen them perform (TV, live, whatever).

My hand would have been down on the second sentence before last night.

For Valentine's Day I surprised Bill with a "kidnapping", we left home around noon and went to Laughlin for the night. We stayed at Riverside and I was able to get front row seats to The Smothers Brothers, dinner at the Prime Rib room, and a suite overlooking the river. ALL comped, what a deal!

We had a blast, I was truly, truly impressed with The SB's and I wanted to meet them SO bad, they're like 75 years old now and they were just hilarious and an awesome show to see. I highly recommend either seeing them somewhere (probably a small venue somewhere) or listening to their old records, or watching their old shows, or whatever. This show was so much better then Penn & Teller..it was like night and day.

So after the show we went for dinner, an excellent meal, then headed over to the Kareoke (sp?) bar where we drank and I sang until about midnight, then headed over to the dance club where I danced until about 2 am, then we headed to bed drunk. We had a lovely time and it was a great Valentines Day. I received a gold necklace from Bill that has hanging, shimmering "disco balls" on it, you'd have to see it to appreciate it, but it's gorgeous, I love it!


I haven't really been keeping up with my blog too much lately, but I've truly been so busy with work as I have taken a step back in, vs. stepping out like I had been planning on. I think I might have stepped out a little bit too soon, so I felt that I needed to take a step back in and therefore, have been really working a lot longer days, 14 hours...working on the weekends that I'm actually home, and just trying to get the business in a place where I feel I can take that step back again. The goal was originally 1/1/06, then it was moved back to 3/1/06, and now I feel I need to move it back again, possibly to 5/1/06, but I'm still traveling and playing some poker while I'm in the process, so I don't feel too bad about it.


It's 100% official about Mom moving to Kingman now, we signed the lease today and gave all deposits for utilities, rent, movers, etc. So she'll be coming down this weekend to start the moving process. She should be in her new home (and it is a brand new home, it's gorgeous!) and ready to work for me by 3/6, when I get back home from Atlantic City (ATLARGE) and then we'll be able to move forward from there!


I was in Las Vegas last weekend, nothing really to report there except the fact that it really does pay to play quarters on the Crazy 4 Poker Table Game. I played the 7pm Ceasars tournament with RazzO on Sunday, for his birthday, and he was able to walk away with a $1100 chop, so I was tickled for him. Good to be able to see him again.


I will be working on my MissT74 WSOP Qualifier Satellies in the next two weeks and plan on releasing the schedule the first part of March, and the events should start mid-March. Keep your eyes open for an email from me, and if you have no idea what I'm talking about, then see my previous post here: http://misst74.blogspot.com/2005/12/2006-wsop-misst74-qualifiers.html


I still haven't done anything about my affiliating or links or crap like that, just really haven't been motivated or "eager" enough, I guess. Once I am, I'll take care of that and release the information to all you dying0-to-know people. (rolling eyes).


OK, that's pretty much it for now, I'll try to update more frequently but unless I do something worth noting in the next 5 days in poker, then I'm pretty much just concentrating on getting some tasks done by Sunday night, so I'll be working 14-15 hour days for the rest of the week (including the weekend). Busy, busy!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


As posted on Dr. Pauly's blog: www.taopoker.blogspot.com

"Twenty years ago, the kids from a tiny suburban neighborhood rallied around their sick classmate Ferris Bueller. That was 1986 when Abe Frauman was the Sausage King of Chicago. Today, I'm trying to rally all the bloggers to help me Save BG.

If you don't know, Boy Genius aka BG (www.gamblingblues.com) has a tear in his colon and had surgery on Monday. He's going to be out of work for the rest of the month. When he gets out of the hospital, he's gonna have a ton of medical bills. That's where I'm asking you to help out.

I'm asking you to please donate $20 to BG.

Where do I send BG the money?

GamblingBlues = Full Tilt
HeyKidsItsBG = Poker Stars

If you have an online poker account, please transfer $20 to one of BG's online poker accounts. If you don't have an online poker account and still want to help, then please shoot me an email (taopauly@aol.com) and I can tell you about alternative options.

And you don't have to give $20. That is just a suggested amount. Feel free to donate as much as you want. But if I can get 100 bloggers and readers donate $20, then that's $2,000 less that BG has to spend in medical bills.

BG is not just a good friend, he's one of my favorite writers and bloggers. Yeah, one of our own is sick. I'm asking every blogger to help out in some way. Donate what you can and please spread the word about the Save BG fund.

If you have not done your one good deed of the year, here's your chance to do something altruistic. I kinda feel helpless, but this is the least I can do to help. So help spread the love and show BG how you appreciate him and donate to the Save BG fund!

Feel better soon BG!!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Vegas

So I headed to Las Vegas this past weekend on Friday, first stopping in Bullhead City to meet with one of my clients, then decided to stop and play in Laughlin for a little bit. I donked off some money before finally finding a video poker machine that was H. O. T. I was dealt 4 of a kind twice, hit 4 of a kind a total of 7 times, and cashed out ahead for the evening (so far) of $800, then took off for Vegas via Searchlight, Nevada.

On my way there, I got a phone call from Fellknight, it turned out his flight was late, so he would be getting into Vegas with his friend (Girlfriend? I never could tell....)Nina, around 11:30pm, so I offered to pick them up. This would give me a few hours to kill, so I stopped at the Railroad Pass Casino, which Felicia has mentioned in her blogs, and I've never played there before.

I jumped in a $2/$4 game with 2 other people, yep, only 2, they could never get the game going so after 2 drinks and $40, I left the poker room and just hung out in there little bar area that had a one man band. Along with 5 other locals, I danced until it was time to leave. Great people there, I had a good time.

Picked up Fellknight and Nina at the airport, but it was more like 12:30am as their flight was double late, so I took a little nap in the airport while waiting. Then, when I dropped them off at their hotel, there was a problem with a 2nd room, so we were there for almost 45 mins-1 hour thus giving us no time to go dancing/clubbing that night, so we just went and played some nickel slots and got drunk. I bid adieu around 4am and went to bed.

Saturday we met up at the Caesars poker room and played the 10 or 11am tourney, I forgot what time it started. Anyways, great structure at Caesars, I highly recommend it. The event cost $60 (?) with a $50 (?) Rebuy, and a total of 4500 chips was given to you with the rebuy. 40 min levels and deep stacks, GREAT event.

I started off very tight, my first hand played was with pocket 6's, called a minimum raise and got lucky with a flop that included a 6. The 2nd hand, I had J,J, a woman in EP raised 5x the BB, so I just called. Flop came K high with 2 clubs, we both checked, turn was a club, we both checked, river was another club giving me the J high flush. She bet 1/2 pot, I could only call and she showed 8,8c. Another big hand was when I was dealt Q,Q on the button. EP raised, I reraised, SB called, raiser called. Flop came with a Q and they both paid me off all the way down with one showing A,Q and the other showing 10,10. Went to first break with about 9K in chips, but was up to about 12K at one point, then lost a hand before break on the river card.

After break, I went back in and about 30 mins into that level I was dealt 8,8. MP raised to 1200, blinds were at 100/200 with 25 ante. I decided to call to see the flop as I felt I had the chips, and could warrent the call in my mind, the BB also called. The flop came 8, J, 3. BB checked, MP bet 3K. I had 4650 left, so moved all in after some drama time. The BB folded after some clock time and the MP had to call for only 1650 more, and said "A set is good" while turning over A,A. The BB said, "Sorry dude, I had A,K, you're down to 1 out". The dealer decided to give him that ONE Ace on the turn, and IGHN. This, in my memory, is my first hand that I've ever lost to a one outer, that I know about. It hurt. It hurts bad. So I decided to go play some video poker and have a drink (or two).

I played some Let It Ride with no positive results and then gathered with Fellknight, Nina, my friends Lonnie and his friend Beverly for dinner at the Flamingo, then got back to Caesars in time for the 7pm tourney. Fellknight and Nina went walking on the strip, it was her first time in Vegas. Lonnie and Beverly went to play craps. Nothing to report in this tournament at all except that there was a calling station to my right in the form of an asian woman and as I should know by now, you can't bluff a calling station. K,3? Good!! J,8? Good!! Sigh, it was horrible, I was out in the 2nd level and went back to my perch at the bar next to the sportsbook.

As posted on RGP this AM, this is what happened the rest of the night:

Razzo, Fellknight and Tanya Take Over Vegas

What a combination of RGP minds that got together on Saturday night in Vegas.

My version of what I'm sure will be ALL LIES from the boys.

Fellknight was in town with one of his friends from Canada (a GIRL!!) and was
showing her the sights of Vegas during the evening, so I found a perch at the
bar next to the sportsbook at Caesars Palace. Got a call from Razzo, and told
him to come on down so we could share a drink and meet in person.

Razzo showed up and we sat at that bar for about 2-3 hours (??), I introduced
him to Apple Martinis and we proceeded to gab the hours away. Felknight showed
up around 11pm and all 4 of us headed over to my favorite dance club, the
outside bar in between Harrah's and Imperial Palace.

We proceeded to get inebriated and I, as always, danced my ass off. When we got
there, there was actually a very long line to get in, and a cover charge I
believe, which is completely stupid and makes no sense, as it's an outdoor dance
club, so we were able to simply hang around one of the planters about 20 yards
from the entrance and could barely hear ourselves talk as the music is that

We created our own party and even got about 6-8 other people to join us and we
all hung out by the planter, sending the boys into Harrah's for the drinks, and
dancing the night away. The police ended up making us leave about 15 mins before
the club closed, said there was "No Loitering", from my memory it's about the
same time the police told us to leave last time so I think they let you stay and
hang out until the club is about to close, I think I just might do that in the
future, and forget about the club with the packed dance floor.

Razzo and Fellknight talked a lot about who knows what, and I just danced around
them. Had a great time and after the club closed, we decided to go donk off some
money in the 2/4 game at Flamingo's. That was a blast and a half by itself. The
poker room woke up a little bit when we entered, and I was able to get 1/2 the
table to do shot for shot, as normal. Razzo left while I was out on a smoke
break and never said goodbye (Brat, I'm mad at you for that!!) and then
Fellknight started falling asleep at the table so I advised him to leave, while
I continued playing for another hour or so and then crashed myself. I could have
gone for a few more hours, but the game broke up and I decided just to leave as
the table was an awesome group of people, and I have no idea why they broke the
table as we had 6-7 players and we were all fine where we were!

So, that's my Saturday night Vegas trip report, rest of the weekend to come

It was great meeting Razzo in person, and I think he ROCKS!! If you ever have a
chance to meet him, do it. He's been in poker for over 10 1/2 years and knows
everyone and knows Vegas, was great to talk to about poker, and just an all
around GREAT guy, andI won't go on about how handsome he is too (IMO) as then he
might get an inflated ego. wink wink.

Good times, good times.

Sunday: I woke up around 10am and had a few errands to run, then picked up Cherissa at the airport (She had gone to Phoenix with my Mom for the weekend, since Mom had come up on Friday before I left to check out some homes in Kingman, it is definate...my mommy is moving to Kingman!! So Mom put her on the plane to Vegas, I picked her up and we drove home together) Got home in time to watch the Superbowl and then went to bed around 10pm in order to wake up early today to get my month end done in time for a meeting with a client tomorrow. Busy 2 days ahead of me, but once done I can take a few days off to play some poker. See you then.