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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Vegas for New Years Eve!!!

I am taking my mother and my sister, Corrie (the one from Sacramento) to Vegas for the weekend! Make that a LONG weekend as we will be leaving Friday early afternoon and not coming home until Tuesday!!

I will be playing the Binion's TOC Event on Sunday 1/1/06, which I won my way into from the tournament I won the night before I left for the WPC II cruise.

I am taking some of my winnings from the other night and plan on buying my mom a new computer while in Vegas. Mom's getting spoiled this weekend! Kind of a very, very small payback for everything she's done for me over the years. Especially when I was a single parent.

I am also taking some of my winnings for some poker/gambling and plan on having a great time! Mom, Corrie, and I will be bringing in the New Year on Freemont Street. I figured that would probably be the best place as there is no way we'd be able to get into an actual nightclub, and besides, who wants to go to a nightclub and be surrounded by a bunch of single 20-somethings? This way, we'll be close to Binions and can celebrate with a bunch of my gambling/poker friends as well!!

Hope your New Year's Eve is safe and FUN!!

Oh, and just for a few certain RGP'rs, SEE YA NEXT YEAR!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Because It's WRONG....

....I urge you to follow this link and read about the "extra" charge that the WOE at the WSOP is charging.

While I stated in the comment section that "business is business" and I gave kudos to Lupe from PokerChix on getting the signed contract with Harrah's, I still disagree with it. I still signed the petition, and I don't EVEN PLAY WOE!!!

Go to the link and read about what's being done to JUST the Ladies. IF you disagree with what Harrah's is doing, then sign the petition. If you don't disagree, then don't sign.

Just another issue that allows different opinions from different people.

So all you Ladies and Gentlemen, show your support for your fellow women poker players, if you have it.

BLOG ENTRY: http://womenspokerevents.blogspot.com/

PETITION: http://new.petitiononline.com/wsoplip/petition.html

Who, ME???

Posted on RGP:

"Arent you the same person that duped Premier for like $25k?" wrote Invisible Aces (invisibleaces@aces.com)

Um, huh??

"By duped, do you mean won or cheated? By Premier, is that a person or a thing? Sorry, don't know what you're talking about yet." wrote Tanya AKA misst74

"Premier...the player on pokerstars. Arent you the one that sole $25k
from him...i think you are." wrote Invisible Aces (invisibleaces@aces.com)

"I'm assuming you wanted to say "stole" and how does one "steal" from one on
PokerStars? How does one (as such said "Premier") get "duped" in today's day and
age? Regardless, wasn't I, but thanks for thinking of me." wrote Tanya AKA misst74

Next: Written by SdoubleOnPstars:

"Aight, my boy Tony Popejoy directed me here, because he had remembered the whole
Tanya stealing $25k from Premier thing....... Anyways the story goes as
follows....... Tanya13 on Stars or something (also had another name which I
forget), was playing one day on Stars, and had chatted with Premier. He asks me
to call her, so I do, he winds up getting on the fone, doing the same for a few
months. Tanya has a lot of problems with her bills and what not and asks Premier
for money etc etc, Premier does it, she pretends to be his "girlfriend" and
strings the kid a long, and figures she DOESN'T OWE THE MONEY BACK after Premier
"broke her trust" or something stupid. She obviously was in the wrong, and I DO
NOT know if this is the same Tanya...... or was it Tonya? Anyways, if anyone has
any information on who this Tanya person is, I will look into it and LYK if it
is the same person."

"IF it is the same person, PFFT, I wish. I would love to say that I was able to
con 25K out of some guy, however, as I have stated before, IF I was to do
something like that, you can bet your sweet ass I'd get way more than that." wrote Tanya AKA misst74

Ahhh....as my dear husband Bill says, "There's no such thing as bad publicity."

What morons.

The Dry Spell is OVER!!!

Got home from the Cabin today, Tuesday, around 3pm. Unloaded the car, checked the mail, email, and voicemail and then settled into an evening of poker.

Ahhh, poker, how I missed you so.

Played a few tourneys with no luck, then made a deposit onto PS and decided out of the blue to play the $150 NLHE event. Sure, it was 1/2 my deposit, but I figured, what the hell, why not??

So, I jumped in with 455 other players for a $68,400 prize pool. 5 hours and 8 mins later, it was finally over.

I played quite well and was chipleading or in the top three almost the whole way, until the final table. I struggled a bit there and ended up in 8-9th place with 9 people left. Kept going back and forth, up and down.

Some key hands on the final table:

I was playing a very tight game, yet selectively stealing blinds and was fluctuating between 5th and 9th place until there were 5 players left. The chip leader offered to talk a deal with us, but he wanted "15 dimes" Yeah, right. Even a chip chop count would not have given him that, so I said "No deal" and I was the short stack. LOL, he then made fun of me, but I got the last laugh when he went out in 4th. This was the first hand that got me back in the game:

Seat 1: misst74 (95208 in chips)
Seat 3: Verito (176811 in chips)
Seat 4: 4Closure (79494 in chips)
Seat 7: kilroy_11 (65053 in chips)
Seat 8: AppSt2004 (267434 in chips)

misst74: posts the ante 400
Verito: posts the ante 400
4Closure: posts the ante 400
kilroy_11: posts the ante 400
AppSt2004: posts the ante 400
kilroy_11: posts small blind 4000
AppSt2004: posts big blind 8000

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to misst74 [Js Ks]
misst74: raises 86808 to 94808 and is all-in
Verito: folds
4Closure: folds
kilroy_11: calls 60653 and is all-in
AppSt2004: folds

*** FLOP *** [4d 3d 8d]

*** TURN *** [4d 3d 8d] [8s]

*** RIVER *** [4d 3d 8d 8s] [Jh]

*** SHOW DOWN ***
kilroy_11: shows [6s 6d] (two pair, Eights and Sixes)
misst74: shows [Js Ks] (two pair, Jacks and Eights)
misst74 collected 139306 from pot

Yeah, so I sucked out on the river, what can I say?? It takes some luck to win poker tournaments.

Next hand, BIG hand, the hand that was played while the CL was trying to get us all agree to deal. I was ready to sit out, but there was one player, Verito, who wasn't responding, so when I saw Q,Q; I had to go with it.

Seat 1: misst74 (178661 in chips)
Seat 3: Verito (168011 in chips)
Seat 4: 4Closure (65094 in chips) is sitting out
Seat 8: AppSt2004 (272234 in chips)

misst74: posts the ante 400
Verito: posts the ante 400
4Closure: posts the ante 400
AppSt2004: posts the ante 400
Verito: posts small blind 4000
4Closure: posts big blind 8000

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to misst74 [Qh Qc]
AppSt2004: raises 263834 to 271834 and is all-in
misst74: calls 178261 and is all-in
Verito: folds
4Closure: folds

*** FLOP *** [2d 7d 2s]

*** TURN *** [2d 7d 2s] [Qs]

*** RIVER *** [2d 7d 2s Qs] [Th]

*** SHOW DOWN ***
AppSt2004: shows [Ah Kh] (a pair of Deuces)
misst74: shows [Qh Qc] (a full house, Queens full of Deuces)

misst74 collected 370122 from pot

A few hands later, I finished him off.

Seat 1: misst74 (411522 in chips)
Seat 3: Verito (149811 in chips)
Seat 4: 4Closure (48894 in chips)
Seat 8: AppSt2004 (73773 in chips)

misst74: posts the ante 600
Verito: posts the ante 600
4Closure: posts the ante 600
AppSt2004: posts the ante 600
Verito: posts small blind 6000
4Closure: posts big blind 12000

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to misst74 [8c 8s]
AppSt2004: raises 61173 to 73173 and is all-in
misst74: raises 61173 to 134346
Verito: folds
4Closure: folds

*** FLOP *** [Qs 5h Qd]

*** TURN *** [Qs 5h Qd] [5s]

*** RIVER *** [Qs 5h Qd 5s] [9c]

*** SHOW DOWN ***
AppSt2004: shows [Ad Kd] (two pair, Queens and Fives)
misst74: shows [8c 8s] (two pair, Queens and Eights)

misst74 collected 166746 from pot.

Verito ended up taking out 4Closure, so it was heads up with me at 410K and him at 271K. I offered a chip chop deal, HostCarlos came in the room and gave us the figures. We both agreed and then played it out for TLB. Verito ended up winning 1st when he rivered me in two critical hands, and that was all she wrote.

So. 4 months of dryness. 4 months of wondering why I couldn't win a tourney.

I will state, for the record, that my previous post regarding AIM and tournaments ended up semi true. I played all the way to the final table with no one on AIM, but then had my best friend, Fellknight, in my AIM and giving some advise during the final table. Mostly just railtarding, but certainly helping me to stay calm and not turn into a donkey.

A very good night, my best win to date and once it reaches my account, NEW computer for Bill, which then means NEW computer for me!!! (His hand me down which is about 3000 times better then the new one I just got, woot!)

My stats:

You finished in 2nd place (eliminated at hand #3457437439).

479 hands played and saw flop:
- 16 times out of 101 while in small blind (15%)
- 20 times out of 101 while in big blind (19%)
- 29 times out of 277 in other positions (10%)
- a total of 65 times out of 479 (13%)

Pots won at showdown - 16 out of 23 (69%)
Pots won without showdown - 114

She's Baaaacccckkkk!!! (About damn time, too)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Merry Christmas!!

This will be my last blog entry until later next week. Bill, Cherissa and I leave Friday AM for 4 days in a cabin up in the mountains. We were hoping for a white Christmas, but according to weather.com, it will be sunny and in the high 50's. Sigh.

However, Christmas away in a huge cabin with a hot tub still sounds good to me! We're going to get a tree when we get into town and then decorate it only using natural items. Pine cones, popcorn and cranberry strings, etc. I'm really looking forward to this family time!

I will be busy passing out gifts to clients and physicians in Kingman tomorrow, having a staff party tonight, then headed to Laughlin to play a tournament with Felicia Lee.

I hope and pray that you and your loved ones have a very Merry Christmas and like the Victoria Secret's commercials say:

May you get everything you want, and nothing you need!!

Pissing off the Ladies YET Again

Well, looks like the shit hit the fan, yet again, with my recent article published in Womens Poker Player magazine regarding WOE events.

It saddens me that it has to turn personal and so vindictive, and then they call ME a bitch for giving/stating my opinion? We are ALL entitled to our opinions, just like we are all entitled to not AGREE with a person's opinion. I never, ever singled out a particular woman. I never, ever personally attacked a particular woman.

Yet, it's OK for them to do so to me and then not be considered bitches? Is that hypocritical, or is that just me?

I haven't been to Poker Chix website in a long time, since the last time this particular shit hit the fan, and I don't want to go back. I know I'm not welcomed, and I know I'm hated over there. I have been told of some things that have been said about me though and it really saddens me.

I'm hated because I feel differently then they do. I'm hated because I have the nerve to state my opinion when it so strongly disagrees with their's. I'm hated because I come across a lot stronger and arrogant than I really am, but again, that's just how they perceive me. Most of them don't even KNOW me, but that's been happening a lot and that's what happens when you put yourself on the line by being active in the poker/forum/blogging community.

Disagree with my opinion, fine! Point out why I'm wrong, sure! Debate the issue with me, no problem!

But to call me a "fucking bitch" because of my opinion, to challenge me to play heads up to "show me" because of my opinion, to insult my family because of my opinion, then I have no choice BUT to attack back.

Listen to this carefully:

Read this VERY, very, carefully:

By posting what you Poker Chix's have posted on your forum, you have proven my opinions about MOST women to be TRUE.

Therefore, I don't need to say another single word about it, because you "ladies" are doing all the talking for me, and proving my point for me.

I have now closed the subject of WOE and will not discuss it again, save for comments on this blog entry.

2006 WSOP MissT74 Qualifiers

I have decided to grab the bull by the horn and get some satellites going for some 2006 WSOP events.

I am taking an interest list only from people who are interested in playing in satellites with other online poker players on PokerStars or FullTilt, depending on the game, for WSOP events.

I will be working on this over the next few months, with satellites to be started in March. I will mention this frequently on my blog and on my forums in order to get the word out often, and in order to get more players in.

At this point buy-ins will not be discussed as that will be dependent upon the number of interested people, however, I will be trying to keep the buy-ins within the $10-$50 range (again, all depending on the number of people wanting to play) so at this point, I am ONLY interested in hearing from people who are interested in playing.

I would like an email sent to me at tanya at pecks medical billing dot com with your real name, your PokerStars name, your FullTilt name and your common online/forum name (if different). Tell me what events you are interested in, and I will put you on that event's list.

Think of me as the "Floor" and if there's an event that you're interested in that's not listed, let me know. If you're interested in playing a single table with 10 others for $100 for a $1000 WSOP event let me know. I will be using my contacts and the people I know to see how many satellites I can get going. Whatever you want, let me know, and I will do my best to pull it together.

This will be a big project, but I am organized that way and have my own reasons for doing this, so let's get moving! We have about 2 months to get these together and get going for the WSOP. We can keep them going for months, as we have time, and we can run multiple satellites for eventes, they don't have to be a "one" time event.

The only "juice" will be what the online site charges, there's no money in it for me, I'm doing it so that I can try to win my own way into the 14 different events that I'm interested in playing this year. I will be playing the satellites on PS as well, of course, but I would so much rather play with a group of people I know and send someone I personally know to the WSOP then some schmuck on PS. : )

So here's the list I've compiled so far:

6/27/06 $1500 NLHE
6/29/06 $1500 LHE
6/30/06 $2500 NLHE/6 handed
7/6/06 $1500 LHE
7/7/06 $2500 NLHE
7/10/06 $1000 NLHE
7/14/06 $2000 NLHE
7/15/06 $3000 LHE
7/15/06 $3000 Omaha H/L
7/16/06 $2000 NLHE Shootout
7/21/06 $2000 NLHE
7/22/06 $1500 Razz
7/24/06 $1000 7 Stud H/L
7/25/06 $1500 NLHE

So again, if you're interested, if you even THINK you're interested, send me an email with the information requested above and we'll get this ball rolling!


AIM and Poker

About 4-5 months ago I started chatting with a few select people in a private AIM room. We never played together at the same table (NEVER colluded), but we would help each other out during difficult hands, give our opinions on what should be done, what move to make, etc. We considered it to be a helpful teaching tool to get us to the next level in our game, by having other poker players watch our moves, critique, and advise.

Last night I looked at my records and I can see that I have not won a MTT since August. My last cash in a tourney was back in October. Now, while others might find this as being a normal downswing, I simply can't buy that. For the last 2 years I have been able to win a MTT about once every 4-6 weeks, and cashed (however small) every week.

I find this "downswing" to be in direct correlation to my AIM group discussions. So, I thought about it and tried to find the reason on why this could be related. Sure enough, I have found it!

As you may have figured out by now, I do care what people think about me, sometimes too much for my own good. I'm working on that...however, I have found that when I am in my AIM group and when they are discussing and disecting my hands and my play, I feel intimidated and nervous by this. (More so when done by certain people vs. others...no names!!) Thus, my game has changed. I am playing "scared". Scared that I will make a move that will make them roll their eyes at me, scared that if I were to call/raise/fold a certain hand they would instantly jump on my case, etc. etc.

Lately my live game has been excellent. I have won several live tourneys in Vegas at Binions, qualified for the TOC twice in the past 3 months, won the first TOC and I play the 2nd TOC next weekend. My live game has just been off the hook recently, don't get me wrong, it could be BETTER, but I'm winning and more so then online.

So a certain player asks me, what makes your live game different from your online game? The answer would be that in live games, I'M playing MY game. I can't go to anyone for advice, I can't use anyone as a CRUTCH, I am playing on my own, and that's what I need to start doing again online if my online game is going to get back into it's groove. I have got to get my "groove" back and that means no more AIM discussion groups while playing an event.

I may be completely off base in this assumption, and who the hell knows, I may just be having a dry spell that is totally not normal for me, but if I don't experiment to see if this really is the reason why, then I'll never know.

So to my AIM posse, I will still be around online and on AIM, you just won't know where I am playing or what hands I'm holding or what the hell I'm doing. I still trust my friends to railbird me though, as I love to railbird others as well, just take no offense that I'm not telling my hands anymore. LOL.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Family Photo

It occurred to me that I've never posted this. It's about a year old, so I should really get a new one, but this is Bill, myself, and Cherissa.

One Year Anniversary

As of yesterday, 12/18/05, My blog is exactly one year old.

Amazing how far it's come, how many readers I have and how many people have been interested in reading it.

I know a lot of people misunderstand me and I probably only have myself to blame for that with all the information I put out there about myself.

When I started my blog it was upon the urging of a WPC member, and having had been a reader of several other bloggers, I figured, what the hell. Sometimes I look back and wish I had never started it. There seems to be a lot of drama that I go through, in both my personal life, my poker life, and my online life; but in truth, I'm just a poker playing wife/mother.

I started my blog for me, and for my online friends that know me, but it's become so much bigger then what it was intended for.

While I think I have no regrets, when I get the occasional negative comment or the negative feedback from people on my blog or on other forums, it gets depressing. I know it's my own fault for putting myself "out there", so then I'm left wondering how do I stop myself from caring so much about what other people think of me or how they perceive me?

I can honestly say that unless you have met me in person and hung out with me for a little bit, this blog AND my entries on other forums (especially RGP), only gives a certain view of myself. A view that doesn't seem to have been too pleasant over the past year for the most part, but what can I say? I'm an honest and down to earth person, that's just me.

So, whether you've been reading for the whole year, or just for a few days, I thank you for actually taking the time to read my ramblings. I apologize if I ever offended you personally, and I sincerely apologize for misguiding people into thinking or perceiving me as something other than what I really am.

Will I last another year blogging? Sometimes I wonder.

Sigh....Stupid Computers.

I have no idea what I did, but my previous post of "WPS St. Maarten's" is too far over to the left, thus causing this huge space on the blog.

Any ideas???

WPS St. Maarten's

WPS = World Poker Showdown

Just wanted to post this now, then will pimp it throughout the next few months so that you all can try to go to this event. It's going to be awesome if the cruise was any indication!!

Great staff, excellent dealers, wonderful people! Fun time had by ALL!!

St. Maarten's
April 29 - May 5, 2006

You can call Trina at CI Travel at 800-582-8069 in regards to room rates, reservations, air flight help, etc, tell her Tanya Peck sent you. I know that while on the ship this past week, the rates were advertised at around $139 for 3 nights, which is only about $40 a night!! That's almost the same price as Binion's in downtown slummy Vegas, WOW, what a deal!!

Full schedule can be found at http://www.worldpokershowdown.com/upcoming_stmaarteen_apr2006_poker_events.html and I will talk more about it as time goes on.

I know that ACR and possibly UB will be running satellites, so as soon as I know who's running them online, then I'll post the information so you all can try to join me for this trip!!

Final B.T.R.

WOW. Do I have a lot to report, but I don't even know where to start. I am home safely now. I traveled all day long yesterday, and was able to catch up on sleep on the 7 hours I was in the air, not to mention the 3 hours spent in airports. Let me just say that Philadephia has the absolute best airport I have ever seen. It's like a mall there, would be able to do ALL your Christmas shopping there, and then some! I was very impressed. Got home around 10pm.

OK, I left off last on Friday afternoon...

Was a day at sea so I worked the 1pm tournament, then worked as cashier, then dressed up for the formal dinner at 6pm. Got back to tourney room around 7 to register people for 8pm tourney, then was able to play in the event as well. Still did no good, didn't win a single tourney or place into the money at all during this week, bummer for me. Of course, after tournament was over we went clubbing and I ended up going to bed around 6am, there was another after party at the jacuzzi with Absyth (Absith??) brought by a dealer who had bought 6 bottles of it in St. Thomas...strange drink, I didn't like it. You have to burn sugar in it or something like that and it was pretty nasty tasty, IMO. Apparantly, they don't sell it in the states, that should tell us something. LOL.

Saturday, I woke up around 9am in order to register people for the 11am tourney, and then we added a Ladies event for 12pm, then we had the final table of the Main Event scheduled to start at 1pm. There was a farewell cocktail party at 5pm, then we all went back to the poker room to finish the final event which finally ended around 8pm. 1st place was 27K, 2nd was 19K. 2nd place finisher was a guy named Todd who had won his entry through ACR, and he brought his 4 year old son with him, Bobby, and he was SO adorable, everyone fell in love with him and he was able to watch his daddy win a lot of money, I was happy for Todd.

We then all worked together to get everything packed and closed up, tied up all loose ends, got paid, paid the dealers, etc. etc. Was finally able to break away and finish work around midnight, then went dancing until about 3am. No after party on Saturday as everything was closed, and I had to be up and off the ship by 8:30am. I woke up Sunday AM at 8am and was off the boat by 8:15am, then spent the whole day traveling and sleeping.

Today is Monday and it's back to the mundane tasks of work, I still have my sea legs and have felt like I'm still swaying all morning. Wonder how long it takes to get over that.

Still have seperate posts to make in regards to Victor and UltimateBet, and about the next World Poker Showdown, will get to that a little later.

Friday, December 16, 2005

B.T.R. #4

It's Friday afternoon, I woke up at 10am, and thought I was late to register people for the 11am tournament, so I RAN downstairs, only to find that the tourney was at 1pm not 11am, so I was safe.

Last night I didn't last too long in the tournament, I basically donked off all my chips going after flushes 3 times. Sigh. There's another event tonight that I'm playing, so here's to hoping I can cash.

After the tourney, I went clubbing, of COURSE!!! Everyone ended up coming in like Tuesday night....once the Main Event reached the Final Table. So the dance floor was filled with poker players, we owned the joint last night! After it closed (3am) we went hottubbing and everyone brought the alcohol that they have in their rooms down to the jacuzzi, there was probably about 15 of us. Great time, got into bed around 5am.

That's it for now, gotta go back to work until 5pm, then I go dress up for the formal dinner tonight, then back to work for the 8pm tournament (registering) then I'm off work, and get to play again!!

WOO HOO! Good times....Good times.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

B.T.R. #3

Tuesday night, after working so damn hard all night long, found me back at the club/bar that's been the happening spot on the ship. It's called The Dragon's Lair. Had a blast, again, of course. The poker room seemed to break down around 2am as all of a sudden, the dance floor was filled with poker players. What a great bunch of people these are, and we all had a very, very good time.

After the club closed, 3am, we weren't ready to leave yet. We were about to go up to the jacuzzi but then the word got out that the acoustic guitar player on board was downstairs in the poker room and playing for tips. So we arrived there, and as I walked in, I'm greeted by about 15 poker players singing "Sweet Caroline" to the guitar. It was awesome! I joined in with about 5 more people that were with me and we all stayed there until about 5:30am singing our asses off. I woke up the next day with my voice gone, LOL. It's gotten better so far, but I'm still talking in that sexy, raspy voice. (That's what I'm calling it!! LOL)

Yesterday, Wednesday, had us at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. I slept in until about 1-2pm, then floated around the ship until I decided to go ahead and get off to do a little shopping. Bought a gift for Bill and Cherissa and came right back on board. I was a little moody yesterday due to the comment section of my last blog, so I hung out with Neal, my favorite bartender and shot the shit with him for a few hours, then went to work.

Last night was the Main Event, not as many players as we would have liked, but I think it was still a good turn out. I had over 90K in front of me while registering, so I had the biggest, toughest dealer sitting behind me as bodyguard, lol. I ended up working until 2am due to night shift having the night off last night, and then played a little 4/8 until a group of us went hot tubbing. I did stay awake long enough to see the sun coming up in the bahamas, and then I crashed around 6am, waking up at noon.

Today we are in St. Maartens, but since I'll be here in April, I am not going to get off the ship. I heard there is a hamburger joint on the 12th deck, Johnny Rockets, you have to pay for it, but I'm on my way now for some grub!

Tonight I will register for an added event, and then will play in it myself. I plan on taking this down tonight, I had a good feeling about it yesterday when it was announced, and I'm still feeling good. I've had a few people talk to me about a few leaks that they see from me at the table, so instead of being stubborn, I'm going to listen to them and see if I can squeak out a win tonight.

Gotta run, ciao!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

B.T.R #2

Tuesday found us at sea all day long, and it was a LONG day. I started out by not waking up as early as I should, forgot to make a wake up call and was suppose to be there around 9:45am to start registering people for the 11am tourney, got there around 10. Not TOO late, but I hate being late.

After registering everyone, I then played "cashier" to the cash game players until I took a 2 hour break around 4:30pm. Then, I actually sat down for dinner with George, a poker friend/dealer. I had to rush through it though and got back to register everyone for the 8pm tourney.

I am now done for the day, and I'm tired!!!

Must mean it's time for a drink!!!! : )

Going to go close down the club again tonight. Closed it down with KrazyKanuck and his HOT girlfriend/fiancee??? and about 6 other poker players, had a blast. Crawled into bed last night (this morning?) around 5:30am.

I got injured last night. I was coming out of the women's bathroom and my foot got caught under the door. My 3rd and 4th toes were all bloody and torn up and my pantyhose was all torn up, it was pretty impressive looking and I got a lot of sympathy for it. LOL. I was taken care of by Mike and his buddy (*sorry, forgot name) they actually had bandaids and neosporin on them and they cleaned my foot up for me.

That's it for now, I have to go fight with customer service as I got booted off the internet this morning, but apparantly it didn't log me out. Will be interesting to see how much in charges I have right now at $.50/min. I will win the fight though, believe you me.

Until tomorrow!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Vegas/Bahamas Trip Report #1

I'm on the internet cafe on the cruise ship, so I'll make this short, but sweet.

Thursday: Cherissa and I went to Vegas, I played the Binion's 2am and took down first for $1100, making a $500 profit for the day, then proceeded to donk off most of it, but that's gambling. I still made sure to have enough bankroll on me for the cruise.

Friday: Cherissa and I walked the strip, got blisters, shopped with her, had some excellent mother-daughter time and had a wonderful non-gambling day in Vegas.

Saturday: Played the WBPT event (Bloggers Unite!!!) Got drunk off my ass with Scott, my Kamikaze drinking buddy and proceeded to get busted FIRST OUT by Iggy. I had never met Iggy before, so it was awesome meeting him and damn, he's probably the best looking blogger out there. (Sorry Al) OH and speaking about good looking and Al....DAMN...Eve Can Hang is a hottie!! You GO Al!!! Had a great time, got the coveted copy of Gigli from Dr. Pauly and am probably being ridiculed by him and every other damn blogger out there, but I have no links on this computer, so I'll have to wait until I return home.

Saturday Night: Got on the red eye with Eric Rosenberg and a few other poker players and switched seats so that I could sit next to Eric, and he's STILL talking about how "all I wanted to do was sleep and then SHE had to go and sit next to me" blah, blah, blah. Whiner.

Sunday: Got on the ship no problem, we held the first event last night, had 104 entrants, had cash games going on the side. Around 12 I got a small group to go dancing and drinking with me, the group grew larger as the night wore on and I crawled into bed around 5 or 6 am.

Monday/Today: Woke up around noon, we docked at a private island called CocaBay or something like that, but I have no intention on getting off the ship. Why?? Everything I have or want is on board, I'm chilling like a villian right now.

Good News: I finished "One of a Kind" the Stu Unger story by Nolan Dalla and I cried at the end, sad book.

Bad News: I forgot to pack my bathing suit. Sigh.

Updates will come every day now, I bought a block of internet time, it's all good!!

Hope you suckers are enjoying your winter while I'm getting tanned. WPS is AWESOME, the people are friendly, the action is good, everyone is having fun, it's a cruise, what more can you ask for? I will go to the WPS every single time now. Herb Van Dyke, Jimmy Sommerfield, and Warren Karp know what they're doing, I LOVE IT!!!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Vegas Trip Report

I had made a deal with Bill that I would go to Vegas this past weekend on Saturday morning, but stay home Friday night and go out to dinner and a few drinks with our best friends, the Van Pelts. On the way to dinner, he graciously offered me the opportunity to drive to Vegas that night after dinner, if I didn't drink. So that's what I did! We got home around 9:00pm and I was on the road by 9:30. Got into Vegas around 11pm and I've been noticing lately that it really only takes 1 1/2 hours to get to Vegas when a few years ago it took 2 years. Interesting because I never went above 85mph.

So when I got into Vegas I jumped into the normal late night tourneys, but did nothing worth mentioning. On Saturday, I slept in and then hung out with Fellknight watching him donk off his chips at the Binions tournament, this was, of course, after I had donked off my own chips, LOL. I also ran into Eric Rosenberg, who it turns out is on the same flight that I'm on and will be on the WPS II cruise ship as well. NICE. I like that guy, cool peeps.

We then headed over to Boulder Station and as posted on RGP: (copy and paste people, copy and paste.)

Boulder Station in Vegas. Gold. Mine.

I have stated before that the $4/$8 Omaha Hi game (with a 1/2 kill) at the
Boulder Station in Vegas is the absolute BEST game in town. Others have agreed
with me.

I went to Vegas this weekend to attempt to bribe my way into the Binion's TOC,
Fellknight had won his seat previously so he was there along with a bunch of
other Binion's regulars, although I didn't see VeeRob there this month. Anywho,
after being denied (NO clout whatsoever, I guess) I proceeded to drag Fell over
to Boulder Station to play the Omaha game, which I had told him about before.

Keeping in mind, for those that have heard me say this before, I SUCK at cash
games. I try not to play them too often, but sometimes it just can't be helped.
So, after busting out of the 8pm Saturday tourney at Binions rather early, I
hung around the 2/4 game until Fell was done and then we headed over to the
Omaha game.

I bought in for a rack ($100) and proceeded to donk it all off in 10 mins. I
then bought another rack and was done with that one in about 20 mins. I then
called for a 3rd rack, and at that time a seat opened up at Fell's table, so I
moved over there and WOW, what a difference a table change makes.

I proceeded to go on a rush that I have never, EVER, experienced in MY LIFE.
Anything I had, was good. Top 2 pair? Good. Straight with the board paired?
Good. Oh, and let's not forget the quad Aces, those are good too. I think that's
the hand that started my rush. Almost every hand was capped on every street, the
pots were about $200-$300 each, it was insane, but since I was winning, it was a
fun insane.

Cashed out 212.5 BB 3 hours later, that's $1700 from a 4/8 game. Gotta love it,
and this is from a player who admits to being a total and complete FISH at the
cash games.

What a night. : ).

(End of cut and paste)

Sunday morning I met Fell at Binions and played the 10am while he played the TOC. He ended up busting out soon enough to be able to buy into the 10am tourney as well, and I'm proud to say we both made the final table. I ended up busting out in 5th place when my 9,9 couldn't win the race against A,J and Fell ended up in 3rd place when his K,5 or K,8 suited ran into A,A after the A,A limped and never raised and the K came on the turn. What can you do? I never put the guy on a big hand either. Fucking limpers. LOL

Anywho, that's about it, ran to Fry's Electronic to get some more RAM and now I'm home until Thursday evening when Cherissa and I leave for Vegas yet again. I then leave from Vegas on Saturday night to fly to Orlando, FL and hop on the cruise ship on Sunday. I know, I know, I've mentioned this all before, I feel like I'm rambling now, so I'll just stop.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Merry Christmas!

I am SOO in the Christmas spirit now. I have a little lapse in my work schedule due to it being end of month, and I can't complete my closes until I get the last days of the month's work, so I took the morning off and wrapped all the Christmas gifts that I've already purchased.

This allowed me to see what I had left to buy, which was only for about 7 people, so I went out tonight and went shopping!

I can now say that I, Tanya, am DONE with my Christmas shopping on 12/1. NICE.

In fact, I've even already shipped out two packages! P.J. and Jennifer...they're on their way!! Lorrie, Mom, Corrie and Dad, I will ship them before I leave on the cruise.

Speaking of which, WOW, what a hectic schedule this month.

Bill and I will be going out to tie one on tommorow night, with our best friends Tammy and Willard. Mukwrm from RGP has recently been transferred out here in Kingman for 3 months for a job, and although I gave him my phone number, he STILL hasn't called. Come on Marco, call me. If you can, I'll take you out with us Friday night and show you the Kingman nightlife. (Ha ha ha ha)

I go to Vegas next weekend (planning to leave on Thursday) for the Kelly Clarkson concert with Cherissa, and I leave from there (Vegas) on Saturday night, arriving in Orlando, FL Sunday AM for the cruise that departs at 5pm.

I will then return on 12/18 (with an awesome trip report, of course!) and then the very next weekend is Christmas. We've decided to go away this year, so we rented a cabin in the White Mountain area, about a 4-5 hour drive, praying that there will be snow just so that we can have a white Christmas, since we're not used to that. We plan on getting there on Friday, which will allow us time to get a small tree, decorate it with nature's givings (pine cones decorated, popcorn and cranberry garland, etc. etc. I'm not taking a single decoration up with me.) and then go grocery shopping so I can cook a nice, homecooked, Christmas dinner. The cabin we rented has a fully stocked kitchen (dishes, etc, NOT food, lol) so I'm actually really looking forward to this little family trip.

We come home on Tuesday, then the following weekend is New Year's Eve. I've received an invitation from River Palms in Laughlin for the weekend, so we're thinking about going out there to celebrate. This way we can party, and not have to worry about driving home or anything. The River Palms is even having a "Hang Over" Brunch Buffet on Sunday, serving Bloody Mary's. NICE.

If we don't do that, then we'll just stay in town and hang out at the bowling alley, I'm sure.

Not much poker going on lately, although I did play 4 tournaments last night. For some reason, maybe because of all the goings on and everything, I'm just not interested in online poker anymore. I LOVE playing live though, and live for the weekends when I can get away to Vegas or Laughlin to play live. I seem to be doing better live then online right now, and last year it was the opposite, go figure.

I have realized though, that the reason why I haven't won a MTT since Aug/Sep. It's because of the DAMN WPT satellites on PS. I've been playing those like they're going out of style and I STILL haven't won my seat. To be quite honest, with my going on this cruise and all the traveling I've been doing lately, I've decided to NOT go to Atlantis, therefore, I will no longer be playing those satellites. Anyways, they took my time away from the CASH MTT's, and thus, not allowing me to win thousands and thousands of dollars. I have a track record of winning a MTT about once every other month, and cashing high (1-2K) every month, but the last few months have been dry.

DUH, if you DON'T play them, you CAN'T win. What a maroon I am. I think once December is over, I may be back to my online ways and hopefully can pull out a nice win. I remember this time last year, I won my way from 4 STEP one's on PartyPoker to STEP 5 and cashed in 3 of them. That made for a nice year end bonus, if you ask me.

It's also almost my one year anniversay for having this blog, WOW, where DOES the time go? It's interesting to see how many readers I've gained in the last year and I'm sure we all know the main reason is because I'm one of the rare female poker player/bloggers out there. I guess men like to look in on a woman's mind or something? Things that make you go Hmmmm. (Hey Peach, you remember that??? What a concert!)

OK, enough rambling. I have a few tasks to do tomorrow in regards to work, but more than likely I see myself taking the morning off again to wrap the gifts I bought tonight, this way I can finish shipping what needs to be shipped and be DONE with Christmas. At least until 12/23 when we leave for the cabin.

Have a good week everyone, I'll post after this weekends Vegas trip, but you're probably looking at only 3-4 more posts before the year is over. I'm just too damn busy!!

Oh yeah, and on another note, I signed another client today. This makes 6 offices, but 11 physicians. Yay, me!! (So what, so I'm proud, sue me) ; )