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Thursday, July 27, 2006

2006 WSOP Wrap Up

Well, it's all over but the crying. OK, the crying is over too, as it only takes me a few hours to get over losing, if not less.

My final event was the $1500 NLHE event on Tuesday and I was EN FUEGO!!! to start with. I dominated my first table (about 2 hours), running over them left and right and they were generally scared of me. I know, they told me. LOL

I did get CardPlayer to follow me and Bill is going to send me a few screen shots to post with bragging rights. They had me listed as #4 once and then down to #7 and then I got moved.


My image was ALL set up, why did they have to go and do that??

The new table was hard to set up an image, they had been playing with each other already and knew each other's styles, moves, etc and I just could not fit in.

The hand that crippled me was A,K. I raised preflop on the BB after one limper had come in the pot. The limper stayed and then like an idiot I checked the A, K, x flop. I was, of course, going for the check raise, but the player was not stupid and did not fall for it and a 7 fell on the turn. I bet, he minimum raised me, and I just called. The river was another 7. I checked, he bet pretty big, but not TOO big, but enough to hurt me and I decided to call to see him holding 7, 7 for quads. Oye!

My final hand had me short stacked with 10d, Jd on the button so I went for it and ran into A, Q. A Q fell on the flop and IGHN.

It was a good run, and I'm happy about my play (in general). I truly loved the Razz event and am proud that I could finish so far, even if I did bubble. Event #4 was also good with me going to 150th place out of 1060, kinda bubbling as 99 got paid in that one.

Compared to last year, I have improved. I played 9 events last year and didn't make it to the dinner break in ANY of them. I only played 4 events this year, but made it far in 2 and then made it to about the 5 1/2 hour mark in the other 2.

Also compared to last year is the amount won/lost/spent, etc. Last year I won about 30K, but spent about 35K. This year I won about (rough estimate) 5K (satellites) and spent about 10K, so the loss is not that huge although it's not something I wanted to do, obviously, LOL.

I will be taking some time off in the next few weeks, will blog if anything interesting happens online but after the WSOP experience, online poker just isn't cutting it for me. I KNOW I prefer and LOVE playing live. I am going to try to win my way to the EPT in Barcelona in September online though.

August is going to be a busy month. I have the ITH convention 8/10-8/14, then BARGE 8/15-8/20, then Costa Rica for the WPS 8/21-8/28. Will try to post updates while I'm gone, but no promises!

Apology Accepted

From Joe Sebok's blog on PokerPages.com

(Event #4, $1500 LHE)

"I have to add as a caveat that I was in quite possibly the worst mood of all time when the day started. I don't know what the hell it was that got me so irritated, but the combination of that feeling and playing limit really seemed to just rub me the wrong way. I was getting into fights and arguments with people left and right all day.

So let me be the first to apologize to all those who had the unfortunate luck of having to be seated with me today.

Also, there is something about limit that always seems to get me flapping my gums. When playing NL or PL, I never say a word, but for whatever reason I can't keep it shut when we shift gears to limit."

Hey, I'm female, I can understand bad moods. I recant my previous comments about Joe Sebok and accept the apology.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday AM

Real quick update as the Stud Tourney is starting, but I wanted to post.

Yesterday found me relaxing in the Diamond Lounge, meeting up with Alex from RGP, and just hanging out, drinking, playing the 2pm tourney at Binions, then playing 3/6 with VeeRob from RGP, then a few of us headed over to Ceasers to play the 7pm, then I headed over to the RIO and played 2 satellites.

I lost the Binions, I lost the Ceasers, but I won both satellites (chopping), so not bad. Ended up crawling into bed around 2 ro 3 am.

It's now time for Stud 8/B. Time to kick some ass!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Saturday, 7/22, RAZZ

Well, as you may have heard by now, I busted out kinda on the bubble in the WSOP Razz event. Top 40 got paid, I ended up in 44th place.

When we were down to 46-48 players, I was about 9k in chips, nothing too bad, but I wasn't trying to "get into the money", I wanted chips. I wanted a stack.

There are 3 hands to talk about.

While I am a VERY aggressive Razz player, I did slow down when we got close to the money, but I wasn't going to through away good hands that I could potentially get chips on.

So the first hand I'm dealt A, 3 underneath with 2 showing. I complete, I'm called. 4th street is another low, I believe 8, I bet, he calls. Then what do I get but brick after brick after brick and end up folding the hand on 6th street. I'm hurt, but not crippled.

2nd hand, I get A showing with 3,5 underneath, I complete and get one caller. 4th street is a 9, ok I'll call 1 time. 5th steet is another 9. Sigh. Now I'm crippled. I had about 3K left, I have to pick a hand and go with it.

The hand I choose gives me a 6 showing with 8, 4 underneath. I'm all in by 5th street and I am ahead with a 10-8, he has J-8. 6th street gives us both nothing and on the river, that DAMN river, he gets a 2 to have an 8-7 low and I get another 10 so I'm out in 44th place.

It was a great ride and I am, of course, extremely disappointed. I'm not on "tilt" or anything like that, just a little bummed and more determined then EVER to cash deep in the next event, Stud H/L on Monday.

CardPlayer only started covering me when I told them too. They did ignore me pretty much until then and only after I bitched to them and let them know that RGP was following me did they finally start. I've learned this from the past, and it's probably my own fault for not going up to them sooner, I won't make that mistake again.

Yesterday was a roller coaster and while I'm proud of my finish, I'm also upset that I couldn't wait at least 4 more players to at least give my backers back their money. I ended up selling 21 shares of myself, which I would have been able to pay back almost 100% if I just ended up "in the money". Of course, my goals have always been to never just "make it" but rather build up my stack to make it "further". However, that did set on my mind that maybe there was something I could have done to try and squeak into the money for the backers.

Today is Sunday and I will be hanging out downtown at Binion's until it's time to go to RIO for some satellites and then meet up with a few RGP'rs for some dinner and fun tonight.

Tomorrow Stud H/L....LOOK OUT WCP'rs!!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Friday 7/21/06 in Vegas

I am going to try my best to do daily blog updates from the FullTilt Suite, otherwise, I might forget everything that happens. LOL

Yesterday afternoon had me arriving in Vegas around 2:30pm, I entered the 2pm tourney at Binions, $70 buy in, 1 $40 rebuy.
Only one hand that really sticks out and that's the hand that just seemed to take me to the end where I chopped heads up for $1700.

I was holding 4s,4h in MP, 1 limper in front of me, I limp, button raises. The original limper calls, I call as well, just trying to hit a flop. The flop came 10s, 7s, 9s. The original limper checked, I checked and the button took about a full minute before he decided to move all in, the 1st guy folds and I think.

I honestly put him on one of two hands, either high pocket pair with no spade, or high face cards with 1 spade. I decided to gamble and called (Hey, I still had a rebuy) I really thought that either my spade would be good IF another spade hit, or possibly my pair would be good if another spade didn't hit. He showed 10,10 for a flopped set and a spade came on the river. Go me. LOL He gave me shit about that call for the rest of the tourney.

I then moved over to the RIO, it was about 8pm at this time and I met Alex from RGP, more of a lurker then anything, but one of my backers, so he paid up and we played a satellite together where I then continued my streak from Binions and ended up chopping heads up for $500 each. (It was a $125 satty)

By this time I had introduced Alex to shots and so we were on our way to getting toasted. We took a taxi over to Plaza and played the midnight event where I ended up chopping 4 ways for $400 or something (I forgot really, I was way past toasted at this point) each and then it was off to bed.

Yesterday (Friday) was a great day, I am 3/3 and now I just pray that my luck and great playing holds up for the "important" events. I feel good and am on my way into the room to play Razz at 2pm. Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Back To Vegas

I will be leaving tomorrow for Vegas again, playing in the following three events:

7/22 $1500 Razz
7/24 $1000 Stud H/L
7/25 $1500 NLHE

I come home home on Wednesday AM, unless I make 2nd day and/or final table of the NLHE event.

If you know you are going to be out there and want to meet, shoot me an email and I'll pass along my cell phone number.

I ended up selling 21 shares of my action for these events, and am looking forward to bringing home the money for everyone. Any last minute purchases can be made until tomorrow (Friday) morning.

I'll then be back in Vegas on 7/29-7/30 to pick up Mom and Cherissa from the airport and then I'm not back in Vegas until 8/9 for the ITH Convention, which leads directly into BARGE, which leads directly into the WPS in Costa Rica.

Yes, I am BOOKED for Costa Rica! This time I am going as a player, and not a representative of WPS as they have their own full staff there already, in the casino. It's still not too late and if you want any information regarding WPS, go to www.WorldPokerShowdown.com, I've also heard that the St. Maartens schedule for November is UP and VERY interesting. Go check it out, maybe you can make St. Maartens if not Costa Rica (Although Costa Rica is WAY cheaper, however, I'll still be at both.)

Have a great weekend and keep your eyes glued to CardPlayer, PokerWire, RGP, and ITH for any and all updates on my play! (I'm really good at getting them to give live updates on me ; )

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Those that know me know that I am the first to admit when I'm wrong.

I need to clarify more of the "Tanya for Sale" thread as some flaws have been pointed out to me.

The bottom line is that:

"Any and all winnings will be divided amongst the backers in order to repay
their original investment first, then after the original investment has been
paid back, the backers would receive 1.57% of the remaining funds for each share

Regardless of what is said about me on RGP by certain posters, I am not out to "con" my friends, or give them a bad deal, that's not my intentions AT ALL.

I am going to be playing these events, and just wanted to offset my risk a little which should be understandable to all parties involved.

UPDATE: 16 Shares Sold, 16 Shares Left.

7/19/06 UPDATE: 19 Shares Sold, I think I may stop at 25 instead of selling out at 32, get in now if you're interested.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Tanya For Sale

I am playing the following events next week:

7/22 $1500 Razz
7/24 $1000 Stud H/L
7/25 $1500 NLHE

Buying in directly for $4,000.

I will sell up to 32 shares at $125 each which will get you 1.57% of all 3 events. I will be buying in directly regardless of number of shares sold.

I've only played in one event so far, #4 (LHE) coming in 150th place out of 1060, although CardPlayer had me going out late the 2nd day, so that counts for something, right? (ha ha ha)

In satellites I've chopped 4/9 so far.

Past online results can be looked up at www.PokerDB.com

I'm home for the week, commitments and funds must be in by Thursday night, I leave for Vegas on Friday.

Email me directly at tanya@pecksmedicalbilling.com

Contrary to popular belief, I will not be drinking during said events. I plan on going deep and I plan on getting my damn bracelet. It's my turn.

EDIT: There's been some confusion.

If a profit is made then the investors would get their original investment back,
$125, plus 1.57% of the profit.

If a profit is not made then the investors would get 1.57% of the winnings.

If nothing is won, then you just gambled $125 on me.

Either way, I'm playing the events, so I'm not looking for people to fund my
events FOR me, I'm looking for people who want to do this WITH me.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

The BIG Day


The BIG Day. Two HUGE Guaranteed tourneys, one on Full Tilt, one on PokerStars. I, of course, played in both.

I busted out pretty early in the PS due to my QQ running into 1010 with a 10 on the river. (DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!!!) : )

I busted out of the Full Tilt in around 1100th place, and was feeling pretty good about the tourney. I decided to take a stand against a chip bully that was raising me all day long with crap hands (my blind) so I moved all in with K,Q. Expecting him to fold, but oh no, FT decided to give him Aces that hand. OOPS.

I am done with poker for the day and for the week. I will not be going back to the WSOP until next weekend, IF even then. I will keep you all informed when there's something to say, but other than that, I'll be taking a little time off for myself right now.

Cherissa is gone to Canada with Grandma for 2 weeks, so I'm going to keep busy with work and household chores so that I don't get bored.

See you in a few weeks, perhaps?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

San Diego, Catalina Island, and Ensenada....Again.

Yep, here I am on my 5th cruise since last August. Must be nice, eh?

The first day of the cruise, Monday, was a rough day. Had a few mental/personal issues so I decided to drink my cares away and drink I did. So Co Lemonade is my new favorite shot and after about 12 of them, it was time to get ready for dinner. So we go to the cabin (Me and Patti [PJ to family only], my sister) and while she showered and dressed, I laid down on the bed. OOPS. 6 hours later, I woke up to find out I had missed the entire first night of the cruise. Ah well, ces la vie.

Tuesday found us simply lounging on Deck 11 all day in the sun, in the shade, reading, eating, drinking, gossiping, etc. Had a nice day with my sis. Did the dinner thing, went to the art auction (BIG mistake, I always have to buy....I warned PJ not to let me go, but she didn't listen to me), then went clubbing until 2am. We heard the crew party was last night and we heard it was on the 4th deck, but we looked and looked and couldn't find the "secret entrance" so we went to bed around 3am after some room service for our "4th Meal"

Today is Wednesday and we are at Catalina Island, but we will not be getting off, just doing more of what we did yesterday. Wash, Rinse, Recycle and Repeat.

Tomorrow is Ensenada and we will be getting off the boat for the entire day. I am taking PJ to my favorite bar that I found there back in April, I'm pretty confident the bartender will remember me. : )

Enough for now, will post again if and when I think about it.

Friday, July 07, 2006

WSOP Event #4, $1,500 LHE

I typed this report up this AM for the next issue of Women's Poker Player Magazine, so you are getting the "edited" version here, but it gives some hand histories and I'm not about to type up something new just for YOU. (ha ha ha)

WSOP Limit Hold Em Tournament Report

As I write this, the WSOP is underway and currently on Event #11. However, I would like to tell you my story about Event #4, the $1,500 LHE Event that was on Thursday, June 29th.

I debated about entering the event as I hadn’t won enough satellites to qualify, and if I bought in directly it would pretty much deplete my bankroll at the time. I’m fortunate enough to be able to replenish my bankroll from both my husband’s business and my business, so that’s why I decided to go for the gusto and buy in directly, knowing that if I didn’t make the money, then I would be done playing for a few days.

I started off at table 20 along with 1059 other players. I was on fire the first half hour, and was taking notes while playing, which I will share with you. The notes may be a little sketchy and if I don’t mention suites then it means that it didn’t matter for that hand.

I was in MP (middle position) when I looked down to Q,Q. I raised and had 2 callers behind me, both the BB (Big Blind) and SB (Small Blind). The flop was 9, 9, J. Both blinds checked to me, I bet out. The SB called and the BB raised, I re-raised, the SB folded and the BB called. The turn was a 7, he checked, I bet, he called. River was a blank, he checked, I bet, he called and mucked when he saw my Ladies. 450 won.

A few hands later I was in the SB with 6,6. Button (same guy as in my Q,Q hand) had raised, I flat called, as did the BB. The flop came 6, 4, 4. BINGO!!! I bet out, the BB folded, the button called. Turn was a 4, I bet and the button raised me. I certainly can’t put him on a 4, so I re-raised and he called. The river was a K. I worried a little about him having pocket Kings, but was too involved at this point. I bet out, he called. I show my flopped boat and he shows 9, 9 as he mucks. 600 won.

Two hands later, I’m UTG (Under The Gun) and look down to Ac, 7c. I decide to play and call, all fold to the blinds who both check. The flop came Ad, Kc, xd. The both check, I bet out, SB folds and the BB calls. The turn is a club, the BB bets out, I simply call. The river is another lovely club, he checks, I bet, he folds. 375 won.

So my stack is getting up there and I, of course, start playing a little bit looser and lose a couple of pots and then go card dead for awhile. A few hands that I lost:

I was in MP with 9c Jc, there is a raise in front of me with 4 callers, me being one of them and a total of 5 players in the pot. The flop comes down 8, 10, x. There is a bet, a call, a fold, then and a raise. I re-raise, the original bettor folds and two callers. The turn is a blank, there is a check, a bet, I call, the first player check raised, the original bettor calls, I call. River is another blank, I missed my open ended straight, there is a bet with a call and I now have to fold. I lose 225 on this hand.

I lost another 175 when I called with 7d8d and received 2 diamonds on the flop, stayed until the river and no other diamond showed up, had to fold.

I lost another 150 when I called with 5d7d and the flop came 2, 2, 7. I bet, he raised, I called. Turn was a 5, I checked, he checked. (Oops!!) River is a King, I check, he bets, I feel I have to call and I do in order to see his K, J. Damn river!!!

Before the first level was over I won another pot when I called from the button with 10, J. The flop came 8, 9, x. There is a bet, a raise, I call, original bettor calls. The turn is a beautiful Q, There is a check, a bet, I raise, the first player folds, the bettor calls. The river is a 10, he checks, I bet, he calls and my 10, J kills his trips as he shows Q, Q in the hole. 625 won.

At the end of level one (blinds were 25/25) I’m looking at a stack of 1800, (We started with 1500.)

The first 30 mins of level two (blinds were 25/50) had me card dead, only playing a few hands and after 1 ½ hours of play, my stack is down to 1275.

I pick up a small pot of 250 when my KsQs wins with a Q on the river. I also win a pot with K, K even AFTER an Ace showed up on the turn, which I hated to see!! I was also able to win another small pot with 10, J when all players folded to my bet on a K, Q, 8 flop.

However, in the last hand of level two, I give back practically all the chips I won when I refused to believe the player betting had a hand and I muck when I see him with A, A. End of level two and I’m at 1225 in chips.

We go on a 20 minute break and there is a mad dash for the restrooms. Even though the RIO has added restrooms this year, the poor men still have a mile long line to stand in as the women just breeze past them through the doors into our restroom. One of the benefits of playing in a male dominated sport, no lines!! (Well, except on the weekend of the Ladies Event!)

After coming back from break into Level 3 (blinds 50/100), our table is busted down and I move over to table 142 where I meet (or shall I say “run into”?) Joe Sebok, Barry Greenstein’s son. Now, I’m sure he may be a very pleasant gentleman away from the table, but AT the table? Don’t get me started. Apparently he didn’t like the way I played and made sure I knew about it. I advised him that him being who he was, he should be a little bit more gracious and not tap on the aquarium glass. If he thinks I’m a fish, why berate me?? After a few hours being with him at the table, he seemed to relax a little bit and calmed down, but I was glad to say, “Nice Game” to him as he busted out and I continued playing.

(EDIT: For my blog ONLY: In other words, Joe Sebok was an ASSHOLE. End Edit.)

I will admit that after taking notes religiously for the first few hours, the novelty of that bothersome task was getting old and I stopped taking notes around the 3rd hour. I will let you know, however, that I went quite deep in this event, busting out about an hour after the dinner break in approximately 150th place. Unfortunately, only the top 99 finishers got paid, so I missed the money by only 51 players. However, I was extremely pleased with my play and my placing as this was the first event that I played this year and I made it further then I made in any of the nine events I played last year, so I feel I am either improving or just getting luckier!

I hope you enjoyed reading this tournament report and in the next issue I will do a complete WSOP review/wrap up, as I will be there about 30 days of the 41 days that comprise the WSOP. I have not yet qualified for the Main Event, but will be working on that feverishly both online and live as I can. I wish nothing but luck and good play to any readers who are fortunate enough to be able to make the 2006 WSOP!!

R.I.P. Grandma

Almost exactly 6 months after Grandpa passed away, Grandma left to be with him.

She passed away while I was at the RIO for the WSOP and was notified by my Mom on the cell phone at 10:30pm on Friday 6/30.

Therefore, I will not be leaving for the WSOP this afternoon as planned but instead will go down to Phoenix for the Memorial and to visit with family.

I plan on being in Vegas on Sunday after coming home to play an online tournament that I'm committed too, and will leave after I win it. (wink wink)

I then leave on Monday morning to take a 5 day cruise with my sister, Patti. I'm looking forward to that and although a part of me wishes I would be in Vegas for the WSOP, I also know that this will probably save me money and give me a good break so I don't "poker out"!!

WSOP 6/25-6/28

I spent these days at the WSOP simply playing some satellites during the day and going out to dance and party every other night (instead of EVERY night, so I am cutting down!) Plus, I knew that I wouldn't be playing any events until Thursday's LHE Event (6/29) so I felt that it was OK if I cut loose a little bit in the evenings of the first few days.

Satellites offered:
$ 65 - Winner gets 1 $500 chip and $100 cash.
$125 - Winner gets 2 $500 chips and $120 cash.
$175 - Winner gets 3 $500 chips and $120 cash.
$225 - Winner gets 4 $500 chips and $120 cash.
$325 - Winner gets 6 $500 chips and $120 cash.
$525 - Winner gets 10 $500 chips and $120 cash.

On 6/25, Sunday, I played in 5 satellites, $65, $125, $125, $175, and $175. I lost 4 of them and chopped one $175 3 ways for $500, so I was down only $165 for the day.

On 6/26, Monday, I played in 2 satellites, both $325 and lost both of them. I then bought in directly to Event #1, The Casino Employee Event. Turns out that since I work for The World Poker Showdown and since Jimmy Sommerfield was out TD and is a WSOP TD, he verified that I did in fact qualify to play, so I did. However, I didn't last too long and was out before the first break. Oops. I then decided to buy into the 2nd Chance Tourney for $540 and didn't do well in that event either. Down $1690 for the day. ICKY day, bah.

On 6/27, Tuesday, I played in 3 satellites, $175, $225, and $325. I lost the first two but did very well in the $325 (the one to do well in, if you ask me!!) and paid off the last two guys $300 and $600 respectively, so I was left with $2220 for a profit of $1495 for the day. NOT bad!! I'll take it!!

On 6/28, Wednesday, I played in 2 satellites, $325 and $525. I decided to give the $525 a go since I still had 1 $500 chip from the previous day. I was lucky enough to find a table that had a gentleman, Toc was his name, who liked me. I say lucky, because when it got down to 5 players left, I was short stacked with 2 other guys when the suggestion of a "save" came up. Toc stated that only because I was still there would he do it (he was MAJOR chip leader) and so when I busted out in 4th place, I wasn't sad because at least I knew I would get my buy in back. Whew! I also won $150 in a chopped last longer pot with Toc, so for the day I had a loss of only $200.

This now puts me to 6/29, Thursday and I had a dilemma. I had enough funds on me to either play satellites for the day and hope to win one or more, or I could take the last of my money and buy in directly into Event #4, LHE. I decided to go for the gusto and bought in. I did this knowing that if I lost and didn't make any money, then I would simply have to stop playing for a few days as I waited for some checks from a few clients (both Bill's and mine).

Event #4 Tournament Report coming up!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

WSOP TR 6/22-7/5/06

Get ready for a LONG read. I know I promised to give daily updates, or at least try, but it turns out the laptop I took doesn't work or I don't know how to work it, or whatever...so needless to say, I've had no opportunity of posting to the blog, but will try to find a way SOMEHOW to never leave for so long and NOT have a report for you all.

OK, here goes:

Thursday 6/22 through Sunday 6/25

I finished up with all my work early so headed to Vegas. On my way, I swear I saw some funny lights in the sky, but will wait to see if anyone else has said anything or will say anything before I do. (I was a witness to the Phoenix Lights and I believe!!) OK, so I get to Vegas in time for the 8pm tourney at Binion's. Of course, the first few days I'm in Vegas I plan on doing some partying as the WSOP doesn't start until Sunday/Monday. I think I ended up final table in this event, I say "I think" as I know that I made 3 final tables out of 6 tourneys that I played over the next few days at Binion's. I either bubbled in this one in 7th, with top 6 getting paid or I came in 5th for $160 or something like that.

Damn, notes would be a good thing to have, huh?

Anywho, played the midnight at Plaza, nothing there...went back to Binions for the 2am and I know I made the final table in this one as I didn't get through until after 5am, so I proceeded to share a meal with a new friend I made, Martin, and then headed to bed. Woke up in time for the 10am tourney and started drinking again to wake up the body.

I made another friend who introduced me to a convention that was in town called, and I kid you not, The Drunkard Convention. These people are MY people, I truly belong. They have a website, www.TheDrunkard.com with a magazine and all. On this day I was properly introduced to Southern Comfort and I know why Al Can't Hang loves it so much. That shit is GOOD. So after busting out early in the 2pm Binion's tourney, I headed over to the convention where I proceeded to volunteer for a game called "Name That Shot". 10 shots and 15 mins later, me and my new friend (Damn, what was his name???) headed over to Binions to play the 8pm. The alcohol finally caught up with me and at 8:20pm, I said Goodbye and simply left. I was asleep (passed out?) by 8:30pm.

Woke up on Sunday and felt kind of bleh, so decided to not drink that day and played the 2pm Binions, then headed over to the Rio to check out the satellites that were running.

For the whole time I was in Vegas, I probably played 10 satellites. I won/chopped about 4 of them, if memory serves. I did keep notes, but am too damn lazy to go look them up, in fact, I think I should just quit for right now and start a new post tomorrow so I don't cheat my readers.

I will pick up tomorrow where I left off.....