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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Holiday Weekend Report

Has anyone else noticed that there hasn't been much poker on my blog lately? I think I need to get back to the roots of the blog and start posting some tourney blogs more often. My apologies to those who are looking for poker content, but getting personal bullshit instead.

Anywho, for those that do care in reading about my life....

Sunday afternoon Cherissa and I headed for Laughlin. We arrived around noon and headed straight for the outlet mall there for some clothes shopping for summer/next year for Cherissa. She wears uniforms at her school, so the basic premise was clothes for the summer as the girl has some serious plans this summer and will hardly be home, thus, new clothes are in order.

We shopped for a few hours, had some lunch, then headed over to Riverside to check in and so that I could play a little poker before the Boyz II Men concert.

I sat down in a $2-$6 LHE game (which I HATE, but it's Laughlin, what else can you find?) I started talking to the guys around me, told them I was going to be going to the B2M concert and one guy told me, "Oh, there over there at that table behind me playing NLHE". I looked and sure enough, both Nate and Shawn were at the NLHE table.

"I'd like to play with Boyz II Men please"
"You're in luck, we have one seat open"

So, I headed over to the table and the seat that was available was to the left of Nate. (OMG!!) So I sat down, played and chatted with them non chalantly for a good hour before I let them know that I knew who they were. Told them that I was looking forward to their concert and that they still have fans even if it is 2006, so they needed to keep their website updated as it hasn't been since 2005.

They promised to check into that. (ha ha ha)

Anywho, after playing and joking with them for another hour or so, I felt comfortable enough to ask them to say Hi to Cherissa during the concert. I just knew that that would blow her away, they said they would see what they could do.

By this time, it's time to leave, they left about 30 mins before I did, but then I headed to the room to tell Cherissa the news, and she about blew a gasket. It was all very cool and exciting.

During the concert, Shawn came up to Cherissa and asked her her name, then asked her age, and then they asked about 2 other girls their names and ages and made a point of saying how appreciative they were that they still had fans, even NEW fans from a different age era and how cool that was. I say kudos to the parents, because these kids would never have heard of B2M if it wasn't their stupid Moms/Dads still playing 1990's music in the car. LOL

During one song, they passed out roses, and Cherissa got one from each of the guys. Here's some pics from the concert:

This is Nathan aka Nate, he's the one that was seated to my right in the poker game, great sense of humour, we laughed a lot together. He liked to make fun of Sean's poker game, because Shawn didn't have one. LOL. Nathan played pretty well.

This is Shawn. No poker player is he, but he was very nice and he's the one who remembered to come up to Cherissa, so that's an extra niceness bonus IMO.

This is Wayne. He's the lead singer, or at least was back in the 90's. Michael, the deep voice one, is gone now, so it's only these three now, but Wayne is still very into the music and you can see it in his face and demeanor as he performs. Way cool.

This is a good one that I got of all 3 of them. (Not counting the guys head in front of me, but it was the best I could do.)

At this point, my camera battery died and dummy me left the back up one in the room. Sigh.

After the concert, I went back to play some poker and so did Nate. However, they were due to leave around 12:30am to head for Vegas and he could only play for a little bit and ended up not playing at all as he was waiting for a NLHE seat and none became available for him. I chatted with him a little bit from my 4/8 seat while he waited.

I ended up leaving after about 45 mins, very tired and went to bed around midnight. VERY early night for me, very weird too.

Monday AM, Cherissa and I woke up, headed back to the mall for lunch, a movie, some more shopping, another movie, and more shopping. We then headed home and spent 3 hours cleaning out her room and her closet in order to fit all her new clothes in.

I love my daughter to death. I live for her. For anyone else to think otherwise or to imply otherwise, simply does NOT know me or even TRY to know me, as anyone would 1/2 a brain would know how much I care/love/live for Cherissa. (Gary Carson is an asshole btw, LOL).

Anyways, we're onto a new week now, it's end of month again so I may not have much time to play poker but I promise to start including more poker in my blog and will focus on trying very hard to include some tourney reports as I did in the past.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Well it's time again for another 3 day weekend thanks to Memorial Day. I plan on going to Laughlin with Cherissa on Sunday and stay over to Monday because...OK, now sit down for this....

Boyz II Men will be performing IN LAUGHLIN!!!

WOO HOO!! I LOVE them! And to think that they are so "old" and "not cool" now that they have to perform in Laughlin? Where is this world coming to?

I was going to make Bill go with me (and he was DREADING it) but then it turns out that Cherissa DOES know who they are, and loves their songs and there is no age restriction, so we are outta here!

We have to wait until Sunday though because she has a pool party to go to on Saturday. There is officially only TWO days left of school and then it's summer break. The girl is busy this summer. Cherissa will be going to a 1 week summer camp while I go on a 7 day cruise with her aunt, my sister Patti (PJ), then she comes home on a Saturday night to fly off the next morning to Canada with Grandma for two whole weeks. Then her aunt in California (Jennifer, whom I rarely speak about, in fact, I don't think I've ever mentioned her on my blog) wants to have her for a little bit, and I'm sure Aunt Corrie and Aunt Lorrie will want her for a little bit too. Then we spend a week in Greer, Arizona (White Mountains) as a family in August.

BUSY summer ahead of us, both for her, and then for me with the WSOP, ITH 2nd Annual Convention, and BARGE. Looking forward to it!

As you can tell, I have nothing much to write about, I guess I should talk a little about poker so here goes:

Played in the $150 on PS last night, was chip leader for a nice portion of the event and then crashed and burned in 47th place for $297 after deciding to move all in with KhQh (de), however.....he had AK, oops. I was short stacked at that point, so I don't really feel I have a choice but a Q on the flop would have been nice!

I haven't been playing much poker lately, haven't really felt like it. I've been in kind of a funk lately. Due mostly to my work/job, I feel like I'm getting so burned out and I would love nothing more then to quit, but know that I can't due to finances. It's basically like I'm stuck because I make really good money and to leave it would be to really cut my family's income, so I feel stuck...that I can't leave, EVER. It's depressing sometimes.

I do, however, have coals in the fire and I have some plans building in my mind, so we'll see what I can do about that depressing and "stuck" feeling in the next 6 months.

OK, enough rambling for now. I'm just basically trying to kill time before I have to pick up Cherissa from her last play performance and RGP is boring tonight. LOL

WAIT!! A few pics from my NEW camera!! (I LOVE it!!!)

A picture of Oscar just taken today after the visit with the groomers.

A picture of my "ride". A 2005 Hyundai Tucson, the "little brother" of the Santa Fe. I bought it in 2/2005 when it had only been out for 2 months, Hyundai introduced this make/model in 12/2004. I feel like I'm ready for another new car now though, but I'll probably wait another year. I'm the type of person who will ALWAYS have a new car. I figure that's one reward I can give myself for always working so damn hard. ; )

My baby girl from last night, fresh from the shower. Notice she's wearing an America's Card Room tshirt that I picked up for her in St. Maartin's (Thanks, Phil!)

OK, that's enough from me for now, but I have two questions that maybe an experienced blogger can help me with. Feel free to email me at tanya@pecksmedicalbilling.com so that my comments page doesn't turn into a HELP page. LOL

1. Every time I put a website address on my blog, or email address, it doesn't automatically "link" it for me, how can I do that?

2. How can I link to a page by using a word instead of the actual long link?

Thanks all!

It's TIME again!!!

Texas Holdem Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 7330476

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Wicked Witch of the West

MY child! What a STAR!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Laughlin Trip Report

So Bill and I get into Laughlin around 4pm, check into Harrah's and I gamble a little bit downstairs while he stays upstairs and naps/reads a book. I lost quite a bit, but wouldn't tell him how much, but was lucky enough to win it all back before going back upstairs to change for the concert.

I had a little problem when we checked in, turns out I reserved the rooms for Wed and Thurs night NOT Thurs and Fri night, and due to an AA convention in town, there wasn't a room to be found anywhere for Friday night, so I thought we would have to come home early. UNTIL I used one of my connections. Thanks Dan!

So we headed over to to the outdoor ampitheatre where BB King was going to perform and it was a pretty good show. I only recognized one of his songs, but his guitar playing and his band were pretty jazzy and soulful and I loved it. Had a great time.

We headed back inside for some dinner after the show and I guess the day caught up with me along with a few drinks (really, I only had about 5-6...I think) and right after dinner we went back upstairs and crashed. I fell asleep in about 4 mins which is really odd for me.

Friday we wake up and went out to breakfast and then I made Bill go shopping with me at the Outlet Mall across the street from Colorado Belle. Got a bunch of new clothes and found quite a few bargains. Also found a really cheap bookstore so we have tons of new books to read now. Went back to the hotel and Bill took a nap while I gambled a little bit more. We then had a wonderful dinner at The Lodge at River Palms, where we ended up staying Friday night.

After dinner we went to see United 93, which I found depressing but full of tension. Bill found it boring, said since he knew how it ended he wasn't that into it. I liked it, even shed a few tears too. Once we got back to the hotel we decided to hang out at the bar and listened to the local band. I actually really liked them but was quite bummed when they finished at 12:30am. The night was still young IMO!! However, not in Laughlin...so headed to bed and that was that.

Woke up Saturday AM, had breakfast and then headed home. I played some online poker for the rest of the weekend, but didn't win anything worth mentioning YET AGAIN. Sigh, this poker thing can really be a bummer. I can go months without winning something "big" and get all depressed and question my abilities, then I'll hit a big one and be happy and confident for a few more months and repeat the cycle.

Cherissa is performing in the Wizard of Oz today, she is the Wicked Witch. I will be posting some pictures, as I got a wonderful digital camera for mother's day from Bill that just arrived this weekend. Bill has already taught me how to use it and how to take the pictures off the camera and onto my computer, so you all are in trouble now!! Pictures galore will be coming at ya!! LOL Get ready.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

B.B. King in da House!!

Before my St. Maartin's trip I received an invite from Harrah's in Laughlin for 2 free nights and 2 tickets to see B.B. King. Well, since I know that Bill LOVES him (Bill even got to interview him AND played "Lucille" back in his college hay-days in Flagstaff)I booked it and we leave this afternoon.

We see B.B. King tonight and then tomorrow night we'll have a movie/dinner/dancing date which we so rarely do and will be home on Saturday, OR we might get bored and come home early on Friday. However, we'll be staying if I have anything to say about it, LOL.

Nothing else to report. I played on BoDog last night, they run $50/$4 satellites to a $2500 guaranteed WSOP event, I ended up in 5th last night. Had a few bad beats, but no bad calls, I was happy with how I played but just got unlucky a few times. That DAMN river!!!

The next MissT74 WSOP Qualifier has been announced, if you're interested, email me but don't expect a response until Saturday!


Date: Sunday, 5/21/06
Time: 3:00pm EST
Game: NLHE
Cost: $75.00
Transfer: $65.00 to misst74 on PokerStars
Players: min 14, max 27
Prize: $1000 to $2000 WSOP event, depending on entrants.

Laughlin trip report upon my return!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Can the Week Get Worse??

DAMN....I think I just jinxed myself. KNOCK ON WOOD!!!

Sunday PM: I spent about $300 playing poker and not winning a damn thing. Bad day overall, I couldn't even come close to qualifying for anything, blah blah blah. Bad poker day. Then I had to go to bed without my cough syrup so had coughing fits ALL NIGHT LONG.

Monday AM: I wake up to flu like symptoms, aching all over, joint pain, head all woozy, discombobulated feeling, a little diarrhea (TMI??) etc. All this AFTER I was up all night long with my dry, non productive cough. So I sleep on the couch until about 3pm then I head over to the Urgent Care Center. Turns out I don't have the flu but am suffering from withdrawal symptoms from my cough syrup (with codeine) that I ran out of on Saturday night. This was the reason for my coughing fits on Sunday night and my body protesting on Monday. So, I got back on the cough syrup but am in the process of tapering my dosage down so that if and when my cough finally goes away, I won't go through withdrawals. Nice! I also had a chest xray and everything looks normal, no pneumonia, bronchitis, valley fever, or TB. No explanations for my cough that I've had for over 4 months....sigh.

Monday PM: Boy that Doctor was RIGHT! I felt GREAT after getting my dose of syrup/codeine in me. Ended up working late into the night to make up for the work I didn't do while I was "lounging" on the couch.

Today: Oye!! I am a giant screwup. I accidentally changed the message on the statements that go out for one of my clients to read "You have been sent to an outside collection agency, please call them" and I FORGOT to change it back to "Please remit payment or you MAY be turned to an outside collection agency" before they were sent out on Friday. So I got phone call after phone call of irate patients (can you blame them??) all I could do was apologize and I'm sending out a corrected statment to everyone (a $500 mistake) tomorrow with an apology on it. Sigh.

I sure hope the week gets better!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

BoDog Review

I had downloaded and played on BoDog many, many months ago. Deposited $50, lost it in the cash games quickly and then uninstalled it. Today, however, I was reading RGP and saw some posts regarding their WSOP satellites and the HUGE overlays that they have. So I decided to re-download it and check it out for myself.

They have several different ways of qualifying, the two that I played today were a $65 and a $125. Both events guaranteed a seat and both events had an overlay. The $125 event had 44 entrants and I ended up busting out in 14th place. I was severely shortstacked in the $65 event, which had 101 entries, but fought and clawed my way back up to final table.

I am currently playing right now, there are 9 players left, and only 1st gets the $12,500 prize package, so I am, obviously, playing for FIRST!!

I'll edit this entry once it's over, but as far as my review goes, I'm liking the site. I'm ending in the events pretty far down and I think it will/would be easier to win a seat on BoDog vs. PS or other sites that have hundreds and hundreds of players in each event. I can DO THIS!! Of course, I don't expect to win my seat on the very first day of my attempts on BoDog, but that certainly would be a story to tell if I did. LOL. The only negative thing about BoDog is that you can ONLY win one seat, other sites are giving the cash value if you win more then one, but not BoDog. Which is a bummer, especially if I win one and find it "easy". ; )

Still 9 left and I am in 8th position, I need to double up a few times!! ; )


Well, that was WAY too quick. I decided to push with Qh9h on the button, SB called pretty damn quickly and he showed 10,10. I got no Q and IGHN. 9th place. Still not too shabby for it being my first day playing on BoDog. I shall try, try again and see what I can do on this site!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Oscar is our Australian Shephard furry family member. We adopted him from the local shelter when he looked like this:

We've had him now maybe close to two years and this is him now playing with our other furry family member, Mohave (Mohave is the one laying down if you can't tell, LOL):

I decided to post a blog about him as today he had another "episode".

Oscar has Epilepsy. We found this out when he had been with us for about 4 months. Our vet had put him on medication and after realizing that the meds totally changed who he is and his personality, we made the decision to take him off the meds.

He has a seizure about once every 3 months and my heart breaks every time. It's no secret in our family that Oscar is "Bill's Dog" and that I'm honestly scared of him when he has food (DON'T go near him!!!) but I still love him.

Have you ever, EVER seen a pet actually look scared?

Everytime Oscar has a seizure he has a pure human scared look on his face that just rocks me to my core.

He had a bad one today, it lasted for some time, and then just when we thought it was over, he lapsed into another one. I hate to see someone I love in pain, especially when you can actually SEE it on his face.

My poor Oscar.

However, life is good despite an illness and here's a few more great shots taken by Bill of Oscar and Mohave playing together.

And one of my favorites: (By the way, can you tell I've figured out how to really post pics on my blog???)

A Brief Interlude....

I need a little break from my work today sooooo:

Ten Things you probably don't know about me:

1. I will share a lollipop with anyone, but will not share an ice cream cone. The idea of sharing any kind of "milk" product grosses me out.

2. I am a registered Thespian.

3. I was caught shoplifting when I was about 12 years old.

4. I pick my toenails until they bleed. My pedicurist (is that a word??) hates me for it.

5. I lied to two men about being a virgin. They both fell for it.

6. I never carry cash on me, except for when on vacation.

7. I always point out errors in my favour to the bank teller, grocery checker, waiters, etc.

8. I am a reality TV show junkie.

9. It takes me 40-60 minutes to fall asleep, and I only sleep 4-5 hours a night.

10. I WAS Princes Leia when I was younger. (Star Wars Freak)

Can you tell I'm bored? OK, back to work now....


I have found out that I can never use the word "fell" as it leads people to believe I am speaking of Fellknight in a double entendre kind of way, which is starting to get very annoying and offensive.

So let me re-phrase #5:

5. I lied to two men about being a virgin. They both believed me.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I'm HOME!!

After a long 26 hour trip back through Charlotte, Houston, and Phoenix, I finally made it back to Las Vegas where I then drove the 2 hours home and am already unpacked even!!

Tonight is a family night, we'll be going out to dinner, watching American Idol and Unan1mous tonight and just hanging out to catch up on the past two weeks.

For the next couple of days I'll be working hard to get everything caught up from when I was gone, but it's not looking to bad already. I have an awesome manager and crew!!!

Will post final thoughts and updates on the WPS trip in a few days.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday #2 Update

I just realized I haven't updated the blog since Wednesday, how awful of me.

Anywho, today is Sunday and where to begin....

First of all, after a rip roaring start to the week, the 2nd half has just been plain awful. I can't cash in a tournament or in a cash game to save my soul. However, I plan on winning today or tomorrow, so I'm not stressing too much. : )

On Thursday we ran the super satellites into the main event. After a few of us busted out we had this insane idea to do a single table satty with unlimited $200 rebuys. Only 10 players played and by the time it was all over, there were 2 $2600 seats produced and $1K to 3rd. I got stuck in it for about $800 until I finally got the hell out of there!!! Crazy stuff.

Friday started the Main Event, turned out we got 51 players, which is a lot better then what was in the Main Event on the cruise. A nice turn out and 35K going to first. It ran for two days with the winner taking it down last night around 1:30am.

A guy named Rick Fox ended up going heads up with some famous hockey player, Richard something-or-another from the Montreal team. Turns out that's the only way some hockey fans here on the island knew that Montreal was knocked out of the finals by seeing him here. His team lost and he hopped on a plane to be with the WPS, how cool is that??

The WPS events are so much different then your "typical" tournaments. They are ran very well, excellent structures, with a focus on having fun. I can play in every single WPS event and not be sad!!! LOL

I've done some dancing, well I say some, but I've been out almost every night. Finally stepped into the ocean one night on the way home from the club, 4am and the water was fantastic!! I also finally hung out at the pool one day, the one with the swim up bar of course! Got a little sun, but nothing too bad at all. Having a great time just hanging out, being relaxed and laid back.

I start my travels home on Tuesday, but will try to post at least once more before I do leave. It will take me almost 24 hours to get home and I'm not looking forward to that!! Bleh!! The things we do to have fun though!

Take care and happy Sunday to all.....

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wednesday Update

Here it is, Wednesday afternoon and it is POURING rain. Major "freak" storm with tons of rain coming down hard. I'm trying to hang out in the hotel lobby until it stops long enough to walk across the street without getting soaked.

For those that have been following the link I gave previously that is giving live updates, then you already know the news. Tanya, the donkey, cashed/final tabled again. WOOT!!

The game was PLO, $300/$30 with unlimited rebuys, which kind of scared me and I actually debated about playing until 10 mins before it started. I ended up in it for $1200, but was lucky enough to catch some cards, outplay a few times, and ended up in 4th for $3085 or $3045, something like that. So I basically profited about $1800 from it. NOT BAD as I was just praying at dinner break to make the money so that I can at least recoup SOME of my $1200, LOL.

Today's event is $500/$50 NLHE with 3000 starting chips and 40 min levels. Should be a good turn out and I'm excited to play and see if I can cash again.

Nothing else much going on except KrazyKanuck (Jim Worth) and his girlfriend Monica showed up on Monday with another couple friend of their's from LA, another player who final tabled the PLO event at the WSOP last year. We went out dancing on Monday night, had a great time, of COURSE.

There's talk of a field trip with a group of people to Platinum, which is the local strip club, apparantly they import their girls from Russia and Scandanavia. Um, I'm thinking of skipping that field trip at this time. LOL

OH and I had the extreme pleasure of meeting a gentleman from London, who is here on vacation, not necessarily for the WPS. He came to the casino, to the poker room specifically to meet me as he states that he reads my blog from work every day. WOW, talk about an honour for me. It's amazing sometimes to me how many people actually read my ramblings. His comment: "Thanks for entertaining us."

Well, someone's got to do it!!!

More to come later....thanks for reading!!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Monday Update/Report


That is the link to live tournament updates.

Yes folks, I got extremely lucky, sucked out a few times and ended up taking first place last night for $4425, although we took some off the top for 10th place and then the dealers. However, I just realized that I really didn't leave anything much for the dealers, so I'll give to them today.

I was drinking Sex on the Beach's liberally and will admit to possibly being a little intoxicated while playing. (surprise, surprise)

Great time so far, I still have a FULL week left. Exciting.

Today's event is PLHE with 1 optional rebuy. Good Luck me!!

Of course there's so much more to say, but do I really want to be sitting here on the computer/internet telling you all the stories about the hands I sucked out on, the hands I dominated, etc. etc. Noooooooo.

I will say though that I won my first hand with a ONE outer, I had never done that, THAT I KNOW, until last night. 77 vs QQ, Fellknight told me he folded A7, and the 7 came on the RIVER to save my ASS and lead me to victory. Fellknight came in 4th place by the way.

OK, enough for now, check that link for updates later today for the tourney today. I will post more later.